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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread


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My TL full of Chat shire 4th anniversary  reminder, and what breaks my heart is dwlrma ig update :bawling:

The ways Jieuni say goodbye is thouching, it's sad yet so lovely.






One of Jieunie masterpieces in her 23, she is depth person, how jieun read other story put it down in beautiful poem and lyrics transform them become heartfelt Song , could reach and open many hearts is genIUs gifted.

Jieunaa , i cried for your losing yet i wanna you fast passing trough all these pain, keeping her in heart wrapped it in golden memory, 

Be strong girl:tears:


Life is one the most precious gift.

Everyone  is suffering one way or another 

Please give Us strength  to treasure our life.


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Queen of melodious healer

She brought a magic in each of her songs,  flowing in aesthetics lyrics rythem and cord lift up our souls brightening our days

Nevertheless IU is leejieundary


Shaken by the ticketing battles :glasses:

The power of quen soloist  IU!



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Definitely She's been missed by many-_-

Waiting 5 days feelings like forever :cry:


Excited IUyang would drop the teasers of her album in few day before her first concert.:innocent:

Proud of IU , she is soloists yet holds such power to inspiring fans to visit her country.



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What's the exact feelings in waiting and been showering with IU new content up date?

IU tv whereas made as giggle, frowned, laughed and shake our head.(JMW is so...:relieved:please behaved Sajangnim, Our Jieuni is talkative person her unstoppable lectures is no ways  give you bored time while outside there Millions Uaenas waiting to hear her Voice:sweat_smile:)



The teaser of the song

The lyrics is so IUism the kind lyrics would drift Us in various interpretation , however  could put Us sleep in same dream, perhaps in the end we can  unearthed the universal meaning of the Song.likewise  Jieuni brought  another magic creativity to inspire  or to roasted depends to how the listener mind to accept .  

Jieunaa  love and Success for IU comeback, will  waiting IU Conquer the Charts soon

Bless U.

Have very good days and happy waiting November to come Uaenas.


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