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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread


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GB IU:wub:




IU' love ,poem


It's not superstitious, this might  a signal the energy of nature's  welcome IU comeback.:glasses:

And what's was with 3 hours upload and deleted dwlrm concert a while a go...:D

Pdnim..prank..? or teaser for IU concert???


Can't wait IU comeback teaser.

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Got puzzled by IU tv up date:mellow:

Like. OH..the shower?

And  laughed so hard. Lee Jiegeum interview Man Wol sajangnim:P




Oh..no..Jieun being quirks witty is wanted :astonished:



Great idea awesome execution..

And all acting awards should goes to...Lee Jieun the actor :kiss_wink:


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The hottest  pictures in my TL;)

The emotionless pose who's might drawn uaenas to fall on Jieun again..and again..:joy:







The charm of Jieun expressionless is depth...you cannot guess what inside her you just drawning with her deep gaze and stare...pulling you in the circle unknown feelings even she look like wanna to kill you now and there yet you're just allows her to do so because deep in your heart you trust Ji eun, her  warmthheart somehow will safe and hugs you all along.(oh..may..this feeling is came again..:bawling:that's the exact feelings when we watching Jian in MA right?)

..missed U:tears:



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Congratulations IUyang:astonished:

Happy met genius musician in IU

Grateful met depth trustworthy actor in Lee jie un

Wishing you will shines brightly within 2 lucky name for long long time.

God bless Leejieundary IU






Two events in a day, 10 October :wub:


Jieunaa...drop a little teasers  please..:blush:

Missed U

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IU confidence is such promise, seems She put all her heart, musicality and imagination to satisfied all Korea and the world as well:wub:

Be ready Uaenas

Clear your thoughts,ears and your hearts to welcoming the GenIUs musician our melodius healers 


Don't worry and don't be a shy when you falls for IU again:blush:

Psst you're not alone..:love:



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