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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread

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IU's fan twitter has lots of pic of her Dec 3rd concert, especially @onlyIUcn @4seasonswithIU account.   4seasonwithIU also translated most of the talk segment on IU's concert. Check ou

  IU is derived from the phrase "I and You", symbolizing that we can become one through music. Fans are called Uaena. U from the English word "You", Ae is Sin

Today the Mv for "Through the Night" has been released! This is a pre-release for IU's comeback! The song is very beautiful and the Mv is really pretty as well... it's so good T___T Make sure to activ

Less than 8 hours to IU comeback 

Would Jieun explain this inquiry?





She's summarizing IU is.....





In my perception 

Someone who's often says "i don't care"

When in fact she does really "care";)

In Uaena World

Someone Whose  bring happiness 

And a peace of mind.

Have very good and bliss Days Uaenas, happy waiting and listening our healers.



I'll be there for sure


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Aah She is well and shines :blush:

After half night weeping over Love poem seeing her cheerful gesture such dope :joy:

IUyang have blazt joy and full energized meet Uaena:wub:






Well, Peanut is my

enlightenment inspiring strips/comic but  fuss budging Lucy  literally is not My no.0 liking :D


Theses just examples how she make a fuss over the things lol...




Pssst she's too bossy :lol:



Here the real unbothered boss

My sources of laugh

Sir peppermint patty:P




What an hair of experiment:sweat_smile:

Bluish, Grey's,blondei.out of sudden purple grey ash shade. 




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This matter is out of my imagination.


I am so sorry to some fans who's get caught,  they're has courage to do live streaming and take a risk for the actions , it little bit shock, when the fans who's lives in another continent couldn't afford to go to concert  feelings blessed to them who's to do live stream. Wish this scene would end in peace and nobody  will hurt.

I knew this all involved an intellectual copyright matter so it's  bit complicated but wish IU company could give the person a wise judgment.


Another consent from fans who's life far away but love IU

I put your post here fam.


I am so sorry for them.


Have peace and big heart Uaena.


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8 hours ago, Yana Mujay said:


I'm sad for that poor Uaena that got caught but we have to understand why Kakao M is taking such a harsh action too. This is not unique to Kakao M but any company that involve in creation of Intellectual Property will take similar action to anyone who leak their unrelease product. This is to prevent their competitor from ripping their unrelease product and releasing it as thier own before them. We do not know who is on the other end listening to the live stream. Kakao M have to protect IU's work from being used before IU officially release her album.



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