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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread


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There's time i need this kind prised for our the one and only quirky Jieun:P


Because She Is a STYLE :wub:

And "Blueming" is refreshing MV each of her acting cracks me up, from the trance  dancing machine, the wardrobe distress to ETspeedy cycle U omo  lol...can we have drama with this kind theme..lol.

Adding up how funny she's throwing packages flew pass the gate and got direct

outpouring respond is amazing comical humour :lol:

How i love her comical acting

The real dork


Oh may...Jieunaa :D

Best Hilarious MV.

Have very good days Uaena

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Whenever Jieun told story about YIN  shortly we knew they've special bonding :wub:

And congratulations for Blueming surely love poem will blooming harvesting bunch awards in comings.

Lala..blueuu. .nanana...bloom..


Have a peace and inspiring days Uaena..


(Oh my..does you remember your homework uaena?B) a new fanchant..lol)


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So it's the proved behind Yoo In na Melon ice bar party story?;)



The proud Jieuni

What's lovely and care  Yoo Innanim


How deeply touching friendship to warmth Uaena hearts :cry:




Of course they're  too

IU TEAM fam!


Excited tomorrow concert up date.




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