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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread


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Anything born in the spring dies in the fall but "LOVE" is not seasonal 




Jieuni and her poetic senses 

The ways she decodes humans emotions,whereas  something abstract become profound and left deeper impression,  her music can tug the listener heartstrings to enjoying her songs regardless  what our languages are.





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Omo...what's She exact colors of her hair?:blush:




All seems good on her...awww Jieunaaa..can't wait meet you..




Counting the days while we would meet IU :heart:

Happy waiting Uaenas.

Let's live happy and peace life, put aside all the scepticism and hatred. Time when all arguments become useless what we need is understanding, broad mind and respect.


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How Jieuni set a kind thrilled to IU comeback is quirks sharp idea.

She is made Uaenas in between excited in waiting yet putting our mind at ease.B)



Witty Sharp  Jieun:wub:

So each days become happy waiting day Uaenas:joy:

And likewise Jieuni and her aesthetic brain.

Ahead the time.




How i love people with beautiful soul  and mind:heart:


Have nice peaceful day Uaenas

Thankful person is always has bright sides to be thankful upon all circumstance 

A complain person even life in paradise will  complain .

Be grateful .

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Put here to soothe outspoken soul who's gone to others world.

You should life in heaven

You're will be in our memory 


Condolences and prayers for Peach Jinri family,fans and friends.





To support our dearest Jieun

stay strong we are love U and always with you.



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I could hardly thinking someone who's in deep losing and super busy to arrangging all the planned events like Jieun, has been  spare her time to writing a thoughtful letter for us.:tears:









Our precious Jieun way to considerate to  leave the company to handle the things to just called business, She is our gem who's treating Uaena like Fams not just a fans.  

Jieuna let's meet Uaenas from korea to Indonesia, two month span to singing and to healing together.

Uaenas need you and we promise You can lean on Us.

As much we missed your New album comeback 

As deeper we understand  how  hard for you to overcome a recent event.

Be stronger 


Life is one the precious gift.

Let's life fullest, we die once we live everyday lives.


See you soon...



 Missed  U


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