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  1. [INFO] 200226 #NCT127 has announced North American dates for their 2nd tour “Neo City the Awards”! • 06/05 - New York • 06/10 - Atlanta • 06/15 - Chicago • 06/18 - San Jose • 06/19 - Los Angeles • 06/21 - Seattle
  2. [INFO] 200226 #NCT127 will be embarking on their 2020 North American tour, “Neo City The Awards”. Upcoming shows: • June 5th - New York City • June 10th - Atlanta • June 15th - Chicago • June 19th - Los Angeles *More cities to be announced.
  3. (About Asteroid) “They asked me if I wanted to sing in English or Korean. I thought since I sing English often, so I should try something new. I recorded for so long, about 3-4 hours. I kept correcting my pronunciation. Luckily, people said it came out OK!” yangyang: are u surprised that the song with senior imlay wasn't a rap but a vocal? when I was told "sing it" I wondered if the vocal part would be short and answered, "I'm ok" wow, it's the first time in my life, even I haven't sung (as a vocal) in wayv “Now I’m on the way home (the dorm) to wait for Winwin Hyung to play games! Today Lucas isn’t here, he can’t play with us... He went to do SuperM...” Comment: Are you going to cook yourself? YY: Cook myself... No, that won't do. If I cook myself, I might get diarrhea. I'll end up losing 5 kg tomorrow. yangyang's different voices "i realise my singing and rapping voices are totally different. when i sing - it's so weird to say this myself - i've heard i have a baby voice when i sing but not when i rap. when i rap it's like this ᵇᵘᵗ ʷʰᵉⁿ ᶦ ˢᶦⁿᵍ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ! and the funniest thing is, i sound different when i sing in english and chinese. if you listen to love talk you'll know. even i feel like i can't recognise my own voice “Next time if there’s time I’ll go live more. I just wanted to give everyone a little update! Be careful, wash your hands more often, wear your mask, be mindful of your hygiene. I’ll be careful too :] Byebye~”
  4. LISA IG Story A video of Lisa from "Knowing Bother" was shown on a Korean drama "When the weather is fine". IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE WITH AIS 5G (LISA)
  5. LISA IG Story A video of Lisa from "Knowing Bother" was shown on a Korean drama "When the weather is fine". IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE WITH AIS 5G (LISA)
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    SEUNGYOON Twitter Update
  7. SEUNGYOON Twitter Update
  10. 200225 NCT_OFFICIAL_JP Twitter Update <#NEOCITYinJAPAN> bonus polaroids Haechan who pulled & brought Taeil over and Yuta before the concert started #NCT127 #TAEIL #HAECHAN #YUTA Translated by hcmyfullsun
  11. 200225 ReVeluv-Baby Fun Room update - Happy Birthday Seulgi & Wendy
  12. Neo Zone Chart Closed 1. Boom(1.07M) 2. Day Dream(934.1K) 3. Sit Down(868.6K) 4. White Night(823.9K) 5. Love Me Now(807.9K) 6. Love Song(794.5K) 7. Pandora’s Box(719.6K) 8. Elevator(708.6K) 9. Not Alone(708K) 10. MAD DOG(702.6K) 11. DCT(528.1K)
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