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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread


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Warmth hearts IU..

Protect her Uaenas:wub:

She's the one's should be protected whenever in huge crowd yet she seems didn't like when the guards becomes harsh or pushed the fansB)

Thoughtfully IUyang we loved:heart:




So it'll be good when the fan's could give Jieun a comfortable spaces to greet and to walking freely.

respect and considerat is one should fans over to their Idol to make them feel safe and happy in crowded moments.

Welcome home Jieunaa.



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Find two scenes might  had deep impact to define the meaning of sweet longing ending.

Lives well and leaves well

So did Us leave in deep tears as well :joy:


Dreams is over..

I was dream weavers 

Now I'm reborn

So my friends you need  just to carry on...

It's reality and it's story of life.

Some goes far beyond

Some closest within reached..

May we meet in another sweet dream:wub:

Have very nice sleeping.




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14 minutes ago, Yana Mujay said:


How strange,everyone had different idea about which side the gate to paradise was to be found on.

When in fact we holds all the keys in our own hands..


Enjoy the simple things in life 

Be grateful for each moments in our live ...


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Missed U-_-


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