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An Sohee 안소희

Guest Yoyo

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The Sohee and TOP interview got blocked, so I searched for another link. I'm re-posting it here in case anyone didn't watch it yet!

I love this interview! So much cuteness! Haha TOP's reaction when Sohee said she watched IRIS, lol~ I want to see more of them together!! Also, Sohee looks so beautiful. She's simply gorgeous. I can't wait to see that Cf. I miss her so much... I love when they show Ng of the Cf recording, when her shirt went up because of the wind, hehe. She has such a perfect body, honestly!!
Well well, I'm still waiting for any kind of acting project. But I'm patient, after all it's not like I didn't wait for like 6-7 years already? lol. Ah well we did have Happy Rose Day last year, maybe it's right moment to re-watch it and get my Sohee dose XD

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^ The video above got already blocked as well o.O How lame of them.. lol. It's always good to instantly download new stuff x3

I uploaded the clip to mediafire. Hopefully it will stay up there a bit longer.

EDIT: Removed download link because I posted a link to the HD file in a post below~

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^ Eeep! Thank you! They seem to have blocked every video of the interview :-w

The interview was cute and now I can't wait to see the CF itself. Also, I'd be worried if she skipped breakfast instead of dinner. Stuffing too much during dinner is actually bad since we don't usually burn that much food energy at night.

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I just saw that MBC uploaded the segment themselves


Maybe they had Youtube block all the vids uploaded by other people so fans would only come to their own video? I think this would make sense.

Reebok Korea is still idle.. no updates on anything :(
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Sohee and T.O.P show off their chemistry in an interview with 'Section TV'

New 'Reebok' modeling couple, Sohee and T.O.P met up with MBC's 'Section TV' to update fans on what they've been up to and how they maintained their figure.

During this cute interview session, Sohee made T.O.P blush by talking about his role in 'Iris' and saying her first impressions of him was that he was very charismatic and cool. T.O.P threw the same answer back when he was asked about his own impressions of Sohee.

Credit: allkpop
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Guest Yoyo

I was on vacation for about ten days in Seoul and my apologies for not being able to update the thread often. But I'm glad it's still being during after my hiatus! Anyways, I kind of wanted to update all the Sohee-ness I've been seeing in Seoul and the things I did that's related to her.
So first things first... I visited the ABC mart lol, and like I've mentioned before... There weren't many new pictures but here are the ones I saw.

What was different about the ABC mart is that it has plenty of different brand shoes in it, but the only ones that are really advertised are the Reebok ones that Sohee and TOP are endorsing at the moment. There was also this huge banner at the escalators but I couldn't take a nice picture lol. 
I had a layover at Japan, and bought these really popular white chocolate from the gift shops. (I didn't take a picture lol.) I originally bought it for myself, but after a day of staying there, I really wanted to give it to Sohee instead and hope that she'd enjoy it as an early birthday gift from a fan all the way in Canada.
My first time of going to BH Entertainment was kinda challenging but thankfully there was a nice girl who helped me out. Lol, unfortunately Sohee was not at the agency (well I kinda guessed she wouldn't be.) but the staff was nice enough to accept the gift and would give it to her on my behalf.
I stayed at a hostel near the Hongdae area, and there was this really popular macarons store that had huge lines. Since Sohee's birthday was coming up, I decided to buy her a large gift box... I mean, it'll be the only time I can give it to her, and it felt a lot more different from going directly to her agency then to just send by mail (lol, and I've never bought her food before.) Lol, so the macarons make it my second gift to her.

This time, the office was not replying so I went back downstairs and the sweet ajhusshi security guard brought me back up and rechecked the office to make sure that no one was there. While he was checking around, I took a few pictures of how Sohee's new agency looks like. (Since we all know how JYP looks like, I wanna show fans how BH Entertainment looks like.)

It was a small office and obviously not as grand as JYP Entertainment, but it was pretty and cozy. The inside had a lot of computers lol, so I guess it's not a place where the actors and actresses come to practice or anything lol. Maybe a place to come and collect their scripts and etc?
Anyways, I was a little too late on my last day on Seoul so the ajhusshi said he'd give it to a BH Entertainment staff for me to give to Sohee on my behalf lol. I asked him if he met a lot of fans like me, and he told me I was the first from Canada. The majority are Japanese but I guess it's for Lee Byunghun's fans hahaha. Hopefully Sohee receives the sweets I bought her soon ^^

I also shopped at VDL, which is where I saw this huge poster of Sohee on the outside of their store. They literally play the video of her from VDL everywhere.

I bought the VDL cushion foundation that Sohee is currently advertising, half to support Sohee and the other half because I really wanted to try it. I'm a pretty pale Vietnamese girl, but lol, I ended up being the darkest color..... The other three shades was for a brightening effect(?) But whatever lol. The foundation actually works magic! At first I thought it was lying about the lasting for twenty four hours... But it actually did! It wasn't my intention to really test out that part because having make up on my face for that long is really gross, but I happened to knock out completely after drinking with friends...... LOL. But yeah, when I woke up (besides my face turning oily) the foundation didn't turn cakey at all and that really impressed me. Lol, I bought a back up!

Well there goes my full Seoul trip that was Sohee related hahahas. Kind of boring, I know.

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^ Wow it's so awesome that you were able to check out Sohee's agency! I can't believe people could actually get in there and bring stuff for the actors!
I hope to come to Korea as well some time and check all the current stuff Sohee is doing :3
Thanks for sharing the pictures! And it's really nice of you to buy presents for Sohee ^^
Did you by any chance ask the ajeosshi where Sohee was while you were there? If that's really just an office then I think they might handle PR and personell stuff etc there but it's maybe not really the location were their actors go at all.. or maybe I'm wrong :P

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Guest Yoyo

^ LOL, actually. The first time, they only met me outside the door.... The second time it's because the ahjusshi felt bad for me that's why he went to do a double check to see if there's anyone there. Which was how I got to take a few pictures without him seeing.
I forgot to mention that there was a four day holiday going on, so the majority of the offices were all closed... I kinda tested my luck since it was an entertainment company and all, but I guess they also follow all the holidays...
Well no, I don't think he's familiar with her, since I kept saying An Sohee and he kept saying 'Ah... Ah...' but I think he was only doing that to move on. Lol, but he was an old man so it was understandable.
Actually no, I actually think that's all to BH Entertainment. Now that I think about it... I don't think actors and actresses practice or anything in a big room like singers and all. There were a few more rooms down another hall, but he never checked it because all the lights were turned off. So maybe that's where they go(?) lol, but other than that, it was nice to be able to see the inside of our Sohee's current agency.

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^ I think you're pretty brave to go there all by yourself and just knock on their door and see what happens xD I think if I would have found the agency I would just have stood outside a bit, taken a photo and left again xD
Did you take a photo from what the building looks like? I don't think anyone shared a pic of how it looks like before.
Hmm that's weird that this man didn't know Sohee. Maybe she's still to new or something.
I wonder if Sohee has more free-time these days. Being an actor doesn't give you such a stressful schedule as being an idol in a singer group it seems.

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Guest alifiazahra

sohee was mentioned in Get It Beauty Kpop Girl Group Makeup

@alifiazahra: Which country are you from? I can't even imagine why someone would block an image hosting site >.> Well, I post all the important pics in my wordpress account so they should be visible to you, right? (like the large VDL pics of Sohee)
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^ At the end of this video they say single eyelid is becoming very popular because they can make nice looks with it. I think that's so funny since so many girls got double eyelid surgery but now they can't return it anymore hahaha XD
I'm proud of Sohee that she stayed true to her natural single eyelids through all these years while people did critizise her for not looking as pretty because of her eyes! Feels so good that the tables are turning now and her look is seen as beneficial :D

alifiazahra: I would use a different site than imgur but other sites like photobucket have such a shitty traffic limit that the pics get this error messages so quickly when they got posted in a thread with many visitors x( Imgur doesn't have this limit that's why we like using it.. This really sucks for you though! Hopefully they rethink their decision about blocking the site!

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Sohee and T.O.P romantically lock eyes in their 'Reebok' CF

Big Bang's T.O.P and Sohee's 'Reebok' CF has finally been released!

As hinted by the previous still cut, T.O.P and Sohee experienced a sexy and mysterious encounter in the CF for 'Reebok's 'Freestyle' and 'Ex-O-Fit' sneakers. The two idol-turned-actors, who are both known for their stoic nature, gave each other a charismatic look that spoke a thousand words and the black-and-white filter added to the romantic vibe.

A 'Reebok' rep stated, "As top celebrity fashionistas, Sohee and T.O.P expressed 'Reebok's 'Freestyle' and 'Ex-O-Fit's sensual style well and we anticipate that people will take a lot of interest in this 'Reebok Classic' TV CF."

Check out the too-hot-to-handle CF above!

Credit: Allkpop
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