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An Sohee 안소희

Guest Yoyo

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Sohee was mentioned in @star1's star styling column, which can be found here.

Thankfully, a fan translated the interview with the person who mentioned Sohee's great fashion. The fan also translated a news article on Sohee's appearance in Ha Yeon Soo's BH family selca and also mentioned that the word 'wanpan' has been attached to Sohee's name quite often lately. Basically, the items that Sohee endorses or wears becomes a hot issue.
source: @chicng_

I feel like within a span of a month or two, I've been getting more news of Sohee then I have been getting within the year of 2013. So proud of her, and happy that she's in good hands. I'm not quite sure why, but when I revisited Ha Yeon Soo's official Facebook, the picture she uploaded was taken down. I guess it's because of all the media attention the photo received. 
Now I'm just excited for Reebok to release Sohee and TOP's pictorial. More news of Sohee's indie film, and hoping that more companies will sign on Sohee as an endorsement model. 

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There are more articles written of Sohee's appearance with Ha Yeon Soo and Bae Soo Bin on Nate. Sohee also made it to the top ten most viewed social articles(?) Her picture was at the top corner of Nate, and usually only the celebrities with hot issues gets featured there. Majority of the articles popping up was praising her beauty while mingling with actors.

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^There's an overwhelming number of articles written based on that photo alone since search results give out more than 20 pages of listed articles :-O . " 소희 회식 포착" was also the hot topic keyword on Naver for yesterday. Ha Yeon Soo took the photo down? I hope it won't cause reluctance in sharing similar pictures like that after this.

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Yay new pics! I 1,5 hours the Hello NY show will air. So looking forward to it.
Btw that photo of Sohee's CF shooting was originally posted by Dearjune on Twitter. I hate how Chicsohee always posts pics on her tumblr without giving credit >.>

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^ Really? S/he's been giving credit with fan photos lately and s/he also credits in her sources from blogs... Guess s/he didn't think they didn't to give credit to the second one cause it was floating around Twitter as well.
Lol, I like chicsohee at Tumblr. It's just so hard to find a dedicated Wonder Girls blog lately. Although her blog is more Sohee dedicated, it's still nice to see the other girls on it as well. Nowadays it's hard to find a nice Tumblr blog that's updated often.
Anyways, I hope OnStyle uploads the cut on their Youtube channel. Apparently the segment with Sohee and T.O.P is only for ten minutes.... Sigh.

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140404 Hello NY 1화 탑cut

Sohee reveals a still cut of her and Big Bang's T.O.P for 'Reebok'TOP-Sohee_1396623210_af_org.jpg

Sohee and Big Bang's T.O.P, the new modeling couple for 'Reebok,' have taken part in a new CF for 'EX-O-FIT' and 'Freestyle' shoes.

The still cut from the set of their TV CF was shared on Sohee's official Facebook page, showing the two passing each other in very elegant and matching outfits of white and black.  The two give off a very high class vibe with their good looks and the charisma that practically jumps off the screen.

Stay tuned for the full CF - if you can handle it!


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Wait that's really it? Those 5 seconds? o____O
I expected a bit more from that even though we knew it's just gonna be 10 minutes in total. Still >.> I just hope we get new official Reebok pics soon to make up for that disappointment ^^"

And Yoyo, I like ChicSohee's blog, too, but I have noticed quite often that he/she doesn't give a source and tells where he/she found the pictures. Which is kinda mean towards the original poster I think. But maybe they just forgot to do that in some posts.. Idk.

Btw, here's a new fancam of the VDL fansigning. It's quite long and close-up. That's the best video I've seen of this event so far!

Credit to SGenieful @ Youtube
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There's an article or two that has just popped up about Sohee. Apparently a trainer on a variety show praised Sohee's body, and her long limbs being an attraction to westerners lol. http://tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1396919357680991002

And here I was hoping for info of Sohee's casting or something.

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Health Trainer: “Sohee was Born with a Western Body Type”
Well known health trainer, Kim Bo Kyun, has complimented Sohee‘s body. On the April 8 broadcast of KBS2TV‘s “Yeo Yoo Man Man,” the show featured the topic of women’s health and diet with guests Lee Pani and Ock Hee. Although famous for guiding the fitness of celebrities such as Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye, and Lee Hwi Jae, Kim Bo Kyun had high praise for Sohee’s body.

In regards to Sohee’s body, the health trainer commented, “I had the opportunity to briefly help Sohee’s body fitness. As her arms and legs are both long, she also had high hips. She really has a western body type. Although Sohee exercised every day, there are body characteristics in which she was born with.”

The high praises for Sohee’s body type is no surprise as the singer turned actress had continuously heard high remarks towards her long and lean body since her debut in Wonder Girls.
source: soompi

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What does this health trainer mean by "western body type"? I always viewed Sohee as a typical Asian beauty and now an Asian body trainer says her body looks western.. I guess he only refers to her long legs? I think Sohee's slim body is more typical Asian but of course that could be a stereotype as well :P

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LOL, for some reason... The way he described her body type being western was quite odd to me. If anything, her body is more model material. Lol, how does a western body type even look like.......................

Anyways, VDL uploaded some pictures of Sohee from the VDL fan signing event to advertise their products.






source: vdl facebook

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Lol Idk but I think it's really funny how they just placed some of their products on random photos from the fansigning. I guess they didn't take more pictures of Sohee at the shooting..
If they really want to advertise their products they should release more full shots and not only those small ads here and there on their website. I really hope Sohee will endorse more of their products in the future! Guess she really increased their profits big time when they keep posting photos of her like this :D

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