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An Sohee 안소희

Guest Yoyo

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I completely forgot to check Kpopstarz for pictures on Sohee's Fansigning event.
Here is a photo slide with 48 pictures: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/84643/20140320/sohee-fansign-event-vdl-march-20-2014-photos.htm
I don't have time to post them all right now ^^;

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^ Same here lol, I always forget to check the site since I just go to Nate for all the press photos. Anyways, here are the ones from Kpopstarz

8WdkJik.jpg D4qnguA.jpg

WDkqu9o.jpg arMBeOu.jpg OayuyA1.jpg iy9Ea2f.jpg F7BSpST.jpg Ld4hwZh.jpg hg7GyIv.jpg Yc3VHy2.jpg lZtDMfG.jpg lFwq6WT.jpg 6SfH44v.jpg 6LZnX8P.jpg CX2Kcg9.jpg yvY7AF8.jpg cmCfUsW.jpg DzFmmcf.jpg 9q7QZfD.jpg uGbdRSZ.jpg VZnBSRm.jpg TcpiQGn.jpg xQCxQlm.jpg 37g34e8.jpg 0GKpPEY.jpg yGMJAMt.jpg gNINLNV.jpg cmVuDGT.jpg lqKPBoX.jpg K2Olh7E.jpg K2XnS6o.jpg 9jnFEP2.jpg e62chym.jpg 8WdkJik.jpg oMBQ8JK.jpg RmKv55K.jpg G0QRIFi.jpg KrLQgSi.jpg VllPQnX.jpg aSPfaiw.jpg gECaDt0.jpg D4qnguA.jpg mh3AmIB.jpg iUa6iBC.jpg 4qbjQHa.jpg xO8VUXq.jpg

source: kpopstarz

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Spring has started and BH Entertainment recently had eight of their actors and actresses participate in a pictorial shoot. The one that was recently released had the actors and actresses in solo shots. I shouldn't put my hopes up, but I'm highly excited for more of those to come and of course with our Sohee in it this time! I'm hoping to see some group shots and interactions with Sohee soon.

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Since Sohee's hasn't had any role in a drama or movie under BH Ent. it wouldn't be surprising if they wouldn't post a photo of her yet.
On the other hand she IS one of their actresses now and it would be nice if they had like an "official" BH photo of her so.. yeah I'm honestly excited as well xD
Keep crossing fingers!

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Okay, after calming down (WTF, TOP? CHOSEN AS ONE OF THE SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH?) I did some research (well replaying the damn video over and over again) and it seems like Reebok is still contracted with Sohee or maybe they resigned her along with TOP(?). It looks like TOP and Sohee are modeling for the newest collection from the Reebok Classic line called Ex-o Fit.
I've been hoping and hoping and hoping that Sohee would model a pictorial with some hot idol star or would shoot a CF with them... I guess they've heard me up there. LOL.

source: reebok

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OMG so amazing! I really didn't see this coming! Together with TOP especially!! WonderBang fans will jump with joy :D

Sohee's look is very sophisticated! Her hair being that smooth looks very mature! I can't wait to see more about this! I love how Sohee's not letting us wait a long time for news after the last event! I'm so happy that there is a new thing to look forward to already ^^

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T.O.P and Sohee model as a couple for Reebok in 'Hello NY' preview

Big Bang's T.O.P and Sohee got together with a couple look as the endorsement models for Reebok.
The two idols wore white-and-black looks for their Reebok photo shoot during filming for the premiere of the fashion show 'Hello NY'. The pair look chic and classy modeling the simple, white Reebok sneakers.
Check out more in the clip above, and stay tuned for the premiere of OnStyle's 'Hello NY' on April 4!source: allkpop, onstyle

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Big Bang's TOP and former Wonder Girls' member Sohee in Reebok photoshoot

Big Bang’s TOP and former Wonder Girls’ Sohee had a photo shoot for Reebok sports wear.
On the preview for cable channel OnStyle’s “Hello NY” program, footage of TOP and Sohee in a photo shoot was revealed and was announced that it will be airing on the 4th of April.
They were dressed in a couple look, in which the colors they wore were simply black and white, giving them a clean fashion appearance.
Do you think they make a cute couple?
source: osen, koreaboo

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TOP and Sohee wear a couple look for pictorial filming 'superior visuals'


1. [+748, -97] I feel like Sohee will do really well even after leaving the Wonder Girls
2. [+499, -40] Oh oh... Reminds me of the past days
3. [+415, -85] Honestly, they don't match each other but they are individually charming!! ㅎㅎㅎ
4. [+60, -6] The two who took over 2008 by storm... I want to go back to the days of Bang Girls (TN: lolol) 
5. [+57, -11] Wonder Girls and Big Bang... the best idol groups of my life.
6. [+56, -4] Makes me miss the old days.. They were also Music Core MCs together!
7. [+47, -5] A pictorial with Sohee and G-Dragon would be legendary
8. [+46, -5] I miss Bang Girl
9. [+40, -1] Reminds me of the days when Wonder Girls and Big Bang were both the hottest groups ㅎㅎ Must've been a while since TOP and Sohee saw each other ㅎㅎㅎ
10. [+39, -5] TVXQ, Big Bang, and the Wonder Girls were legends. 
source: osen, netizenbuzz

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Another article, 

T.O.P and Sohee Shoot Couple-Look Pictorial for Reebok

BIGBANG’s T.O.P and Sohee, formerly of the Wonder Girls, recently did a pictorial shoot together.
The two appeared on a preview video for the first episode of cable network Onstyle’s “Hello NY,” which airs on April 4 at 10:00 PM KST.
The video showed Reebok models T.O.P and Sohee shooting a pictorial together. Both were similarly styled, crisp white tops, black bottoms and matching white high-top sneakers. T.O.P’s statuesque good looks and Sohee’s slick center part hairstyle and well-defined features presented a chic, elegant image.
This certainly isn’t the first time that T.O.P and Sohee are working together. They hosted “Music Core” together in 2008, along with Sunye. BIGBANG and Wonder Girls have also collaborated several times for joint stages.
The episode will broadcast on April 4 at 10:00 PM KST on Onstyle.
source: soompi

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Guest bonjour tristesse.

I don't mean to sound biased but I kind of agree with that one netizen's comment on how Sohee might do better now that she's not a part of Wonder Girls anymore. It's not that I don't think she was doing bad when she was still in JYP, I just think BHE is doing much better in marketing Sohee, taking her previous idol status to their advantage by marketing her as much as they can.
On the side note, asdfghjkla my WonderBang feels! Oh God, I loved TOP and Sohee when they were still hosting Music Core and I didn't think I'd see them again! I love it, love love love how they're endorsing for Reebok (just the fact that Sohee is still endorsing for Reebok makes me happy). I've a feeling they'll do well in marketing so it's probably not going to be the last time they'll do a photoshoot together for the shoe company (or am I hoping too much? lol). Wish they didn't gel her hair so much though, she would have looked so pretty if her hair was naturally curled or something. 

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Frankly speaking, I agree completely with the first comment. Sticking to JYP Entertainment is like continuing to stay on the Titanic when you know it's going to sink. Sohee chose a good company to manage her.
After Sunye's marriage, the only activity Sohee had when she was in JYP Entertainment was that one drama special, her reebok endorsement, and 8seconds. That was pretty much all she did for 2013...
But when she signed with BH Entertainment, within a month... They've already announced that she'll be filming for an indie movie, and sign on various endorsements. Makes me all the happier that Reebok also kept her (I mean seriously, 200% boost in sales... I'd keep her too.)
The only thing that I wish BH Entertainment have is a schedule for their artists so fans would know what events/appearances they'll be making.

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I'm also genuinely happy that Sohee is still endorsing for Reebok! Somehow her past photoshootings with them always turned out awesome!

I also found more photos from the VDL fansigning (I know there are alot of pics already). These are by datanews.co.kr



And bigger versions of the Yonhap pictures by http://www.yeongnam.com


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