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Guest Yoyo

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Guest M&M's

Was this really just started yesterday?

i thought she debuted as an actor a while ago.

Well anyway i liked her in that movie i Like It Hot.

i hope she has a lot of other great movies too.

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^She did debuted as an actress a while ago.

but since no one made a thread for her so I did ^^

I like it hot movie of hers, took everyone by surprise the scenes of her and she didn't get the part through connection. I'll post up the link of her audition when I find it ^^

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So Hee’s Acting Career to Be Given a Push at 2008 PIFFF

September 24, 2008 by coolsmurf

JYP Entertainment will be represented at the 2008 Pusan Int’l Film Festival (PIFF) with

Park Jin Young

, Wonder Girls and

former G.O.D member Park Joon Hyung

which begins on 2nd October. JYP Entertainment is hoping to use the opportunity to introduce some of their members to the film industry.

A PIFF rep expressed, “


, So Hee and

Park Joon Hyung

will step out on the red carpet together and are expected to participate in a variety of events.” So Hee has dreams of becoming an actress and therefore she will be formally introduced to people in the film industry at an event called the “Star Summit Asia.” The other Wonder Girls members are expected to attend this event.


Kim Hye Sung

received a plaque today as one of the ambassadors for the 2nd Seoul Int’l Family Film Festival (SIFFF). So Hee is the other ambassador but she couldn’t receive hers as she is currently touring the States with the Wonder Girls. But they played a pre-recorded message.


credit: wonderkid (translation) & wonder girls' wonderland

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there's the video of So Hee in the clip of ambassador for the 2nd SIFF


So Hee Cameos on MBC Sitcom “That Person Is Coming”

October 1, 2008 by coolsmurf

On Episode 8 of MBC’s new sitcom “That Person Is Coming” which will be shown on 15th October, Wonder Girls member So Hee will appear as the first love of the main character

Lee Jae Young

(Jung Jae Yong).

Jae Young asks his twin sister Jae Suk (Ha Yun Joo) to set up a ’sogeting’ (set-up date) with Wonder Girls’ So Hee because she’s his ideal type. But Jae Suk goes on to arrange a ’sogeting’ for him with her friend Mal Hee (Ahn So Hee) instead who looks like So Hee instead (So Hee doesn’t play herself).

“So Hee, who goes originally just for amusement and a measily 500 won (~50 US cents), falls for Jae Young’s appearance in one look, and though the two feel all this love, it becomes a love that they can’t keep,” explains PD Kwon Seok. “In the name ‘So’ Hee, we just replaced it with ‘Mal’ Hee.”

On 30th September, So Hee filmed with Ha Yun Joo, Jung Jae Yong, and others at the IlSan MBC Dream Center. Lately, she has become the center of huge popularity with the release of Wonder Girls’ fourth project. A crowd appeared in front of the filming location, all wanting to see the Wonder Girls member.


actor, Jung Jae Yong,

has also expressed his interest and affection for the Wonder Girls and So H ee through his “Jae Young’s Pure 19″ show several times. He couldn’t hide his happiness at having So Hee play his partner.

Episode 8 airs on 15th October through MBC at 7.45pm (KST).

credit: star news + Kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com + coolsmurf@wondergirls wonderland

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Here's the clip of So Hee playing Mal Hee on the sit com "that person is coming"

I get exciting whenever she appears http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DAM3oIS0wM credits to booloveswondergirls

take a note that she pronounce So Hui (real name) and not So Hee. She was really cute

with her round beatiful eyes nodding. I wished I could see So Hee like that on the episode more in real. She's sooo cute!!

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Guest `starry.night


That Person Is Coming Sitcom Episode 7


Part One Part Two

Translator: Grace

Editor: Joan

Timer: Joan

QCer1: Joan

Encoder: Joan

QCer2: Han

Uploader: Joan

Raw Provider: Grace


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^thank you so much Wonder Subbers ^^

Ahn So Hee @ Seoul International Family Film Festival 081022

Ahn So Hee and

Kim Hye Sung

were appointed joint ambassadors of the 2nd Seoul International Family Film Festival a month ago. Well, they finally fulfilled their duties today, appearing at the opening of the festival.

for pictures visit wondergirls.wordpress.com :)

unlike the ambassador red carp?, she wore black tights and red dress. her hair is down.

And she's smiling a lot :)

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see pictures of So Hee here at the 29th blue dragon film awards red carpet.

in my opinion. they should have stick to her cute and 17 years old girl. thought the black really looks good on her. the hair & make up is a bit old towards her other than that I love how she kept smiling compare to the other times.

credit: coolsmurf@ wonderland

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Guest mandalaywith

hi :rolleyes:

KBS Morning NewsTime Entertainment-29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Report Vod


lastweek thursday i'm attentted 29th blue dragon film awards support to my like actress Han Yeseul, Kim Ha Neul.

i'm this vod in 2 time come.omg~ : :blink::)

This vod in Ahn So Hee come.

vod credit- http://blog.daum.net/mandalaywith @ soompi

Vod in update in youtube.go to watch here.


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