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February 13, 2017

Ahn Sohee Opens Her Very Own Instagram Account

Source: Soompi by E. Kang 

Ahn Sohee

Another Korean celebrity to follow on Instagram!

Actress and former Wonder Girls member Ahn Sohee recently opened her very own account on the popular photo-sharing social media platform on February 13.

As she has not had an official social media account of her own since her debut, many fans were delighted at the prospect, leaving comments such as “Finally Ahn Sohee has opened an Instagram account,” “I’m so overwhelmed with emotions,” and “I will proclaim today as the anniversary of when Ahn Sohee started Instagram.”

In less than two days since her account opened, Ahn Sohee already has over 25,000 followers on this account, with only two caption-less photos.

Meanwhile, her latest film “Single Rider” will premiere in South Korea on February 22.

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February 26, 2017

[Herald Interview] Ahn So-hee observes, listens and empathizes

K-pop sensation-turned-actress is a student of human behavior, quietly observant of people and their often erratic emotions

Soft-spoken Ahn So-hee seemed to put a great amount of thought into her answers before vocalizing them. 

One of her hobbies is simply to “observe people” as she herself isn’t “very outgoing or talkative,” Ahn said at an interview Wednesday at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

“People say that observing others, (and) seeing and feeling lots of things will help me even more in my future acting,” said the budding actress, who stars in the recent film “A Single Rider” alongside Lee Byung-hun and Gong Hyo-jin, who described Ahn as “surprisingly adult” in interviews. 

The singer-turned-actress is most familiar to K-pop fans as the rosy-cheeked youngest member of the disbanded group Wonder Girls. She skyrocketed to idol status in 2007 with the group’s first addictive smash-hit song “Tell Me,” but even during her K-pop activities, Ahn showed an interest in acting.

In 2008, she made her film debut with a role as a high school student intent on getting her boyfriend to kiss her in the sexy comedy “Hellcats.” Four years ago, Ahn announced her departure from Wonder Girls to pursue a full-time acting career.

Actress Ahn So-hee poses for a photo before an interview Wednesday at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. (The Korea Herald/Park Hyun-koo)

Her ability to listen has translated into a capacity for empathy, she said. “When I read a script, I think, ‘Yes, that’s how some people might feel.’ I think it’s helped me understand and accept others.” 

Ahn remarked that “A Single Rider” zooms in on what may seem like the characters’ unconventional emotional reactions to life’s events. The lead, played by actor Lee, is a forlorn stockbroker who has lost his wealth and become disconnected from his family. But rather than rage and yell, the character watches from afar, silently tortured. 

“I could relate to that. I think I would be hesitant in the same situation,” said Ahn. “Some people need time to process events and gather their thoughts.”

Ahn is steadily compiling a filmography starting with roles she feels she can handle. Last year, she portrayed a harangued college baseball team manager in the internationally acclaimed zombie thriller “Train to Busan.” 

Actress Ahn So-hee poses for a photo before an interview Wednesday at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. (The Korea Herald/Park Hyun-koo)

In “A Single Rider,” Ahn plays the young backpacker Ji-na who wanders around Australia alone on a working holiday. 

The role strongly reminded her of her stint in the US in 2009, when she toured the country with fellow Wonder Girls members to promote the retro pop track “Nobody,” which eventually became the first Korean song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

“I could relate to that struggle of trying so hard to do well. More than anything, I could relate to the loneliness of being alone in a foreign continent,” she said.

In an effort to communicate directly with her audience, Ahn recently started a social media account.

“I want to talk about my projects and the types of music and films I like,” she said. Ever careful, however, the actress is not yet ready to share the intimate details of her everyday life.

“For now, I’d like to share my tastes rather than my daily activities.”

“A Single Rider” opened in theaters Wednesday.

By Rumy Doo (doo@heraldcorp.com)

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February 27, 2017

[INTERVIEW] 'My lonely life in US helped me portray my character' 

By Kim Jae-heun The Korea Times


Idol singer-turned-actress Ahn Sohee poses at a cafe in Samcheongdong, Seoul, last Thursday, before the interview with the Korea Times. / Courtesy of Warner Brothers Korea

Idol singer-turned-actress Ahn Sohee has returned to the big screen with the new film "Single Rider" (2017) starring Lee Byung-hun and Kong Hyo-jin.

Critics and audiences praised her acting in this film, comparing it to her role as high school student Jin-hee in last year's box office hit "Train to Busan" (2016).

This time, she plays Ji-na, a young backpacker who has traveled to Australia on a working holiday and meets Jae-hoon (played by Lee) there.

Sohee explained it was easy for her to get into her solitary character as she experienced living abroad in the U.S. during her time with the K-pop band Wonder Girls to pursue her career there.

"Many people predicted it would be difficult for me to understand the character Ji-na, an ordinary teenage girl, while I lived an extraordinary life as an idol singer," Sohee said to The Korea Times. "But we share a commonness in that Ji-na spent two years in Australia alone and I left my family and friends to pursue my dream in the U.S. performing with a K-pop group.

"I was able to put myself in Ji-na's shoes ― how lonely she'd have felt living overseas. I felt pity and sadness for her."

Sohee debuted as a member of JYP Entertainment's popular K-pop girl group in 2007 and rose to stardom with the band's megahit "Tell Me" that year. However, the singer left the band in 2013 when her contract expired, and went on to pursue an acting career with BH Entertainment headed by her co-star Lee. Now, Sohee is signed with KeyEast Entertainment.

"Single Rider" is about fund manager Kang Jae-hoon who faces bankruptcy and travels to Australia to visit his wife Soo-jin (played by Kong) and son Jin-woo. However, he realizes his wife is in an intimate relationship with her neighbor Kris and is taken aback by overlapping misfortunes. Kang only watches his wife from a distance.

Q. It has been eight months since you last appeared on the screen in "Train to Busan." How do you feel?

A. It is still amazing when I watch the final version of the movie. We all worked hard in Australia, all actors and crew. And I am happy the movie came out well.

Q. Did you worry about your considerable part in the film?

A. I was thrilled to work with Lee and Kong and I was worried and nervous at the same time. I also spent much time talking with the director and went over my lines several times. One day, we would go over the whole script together and the next day we would focus on one scene and the next day we only talked about my character Ji-na.

Q. What advice did the director give you?

A. She told me the script begins from her own experience. The story is based on her life as an employee at an advertising agency and her thoughts after she resigned. She told me the story of Ji-na is about her friend too.

Q. Do you know how you were cast in this movie?

A. I read an interview of the director. She said she wrote the script about Ji-na thinking about me for the role of Sohee. I was surprised when I read it and thought I really have to do my best and take responsibility for my role.

Q. What was the hardest scene for you?

A. The scene where I ask for help from Jae-hoon on the beach was the most important one because my character's story begins there. I shot the scene on the second or third day and it took me several takes to receive an okay sign from the director. Lee does not appear at one sequence, but he stood behind the camera so I could get immersed better. He advised me to shout out for help with sincerity so that he would actually turn back to look at her.

Then, I really shouted to Lee for help with desperation and hoped that I passed this sequence.

Q. Your fans from Wonder Girls find that you appear awkward with different roles on the screen as you were much loved for your cute but chic image in the band.

A. I think people feel a separation between Sohee of Wonder Girls and Sohee as an actress as I am better known for the former. I do not want to erase that image but I want to show different sides of myself in many roles through the films. I can compare it to painting over different colors and that process has to be natural.

Q. You left Wonder Girls in 2013 and became a full-time actress. Did you have to leave the band?

A. I wanted to focus on one sector. I loved being on the stage and working in an act so I prioritized Wonder Girls when pursuing my singing career. But after we returned from the U.S. and had a year hiatus, I thought it was time to move on to focus on acting.

It was all planned from long ago. When I auditioned for JYP, I told the agency I wanted to dance, I want to sing and I want to act. After participating in my first commercial film "Hellcats," I knew I had to become an actress. But I was busy with Wonder Girls then, so when my contract with JYP expired, I left the group with the blessings of the other members.

Q. What other roles do you wish to portray in future films?

A. I want to play as many characters as possible. I still lack a career here. Maybe I want to play a role in an action film. 


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March 3, 2018


Ahn So Hee Talks About The Scene She’s Proudest Of As An Actress + Working With Lee Byung Hun


Source: Soompi by S. Park




Actress and former Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee talked about her on-set experiences on the March 3 broadcast of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything.”


During the show’s signature introductory game, in which the cast members try to guess fun facts about the guest, Ahn So Hee asked the members to guess which scene she was proudest of as an actress. After many incorrect answers from the cast, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul finally guessed correctly, “Acting as a dead body.”


Ahn So Hee explained, “Most corpse scenes are filmed using dummies, but because we shot the film ‘Single Rider’ in Australia and there wasn’t a lot of time, I personally acted as the dead body.”


After briefly summarizing the film, she showed the cast a photo of her acting as a partially-buried corpse after an accident. Kang Ho Dong looked at the photo and exclaimed, “That’s not CGI?”




Ahn So Hee also shared what it was like to work with Lee Byung Hun. She reported that after monitoring her acting as a dead body, the star personally came over to her and advised her using his own acting experience. Ahn So Hee thanked Lee Byung Hun for his help and also described him as the “mood maker” on set.


“He was more talkative than I expected,” said the singer-turned-actress, describing him as different from what she had envisioned. “He says that his humor is so high-quality that we can’t understand it, but he really isn’t funny. There’s a generational gap in our sense of humor.”


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Back in September, Sohee appeared on a JTBC show called "방구석1열" along with the director of Train to Busan. it seems to be a show about movies and this episode is about Train to Busan. Here is the preview:



There is a playlist with videos of the episode, watch here! Sohee appears in all of these cuts and she talks in some of them, she talked about her role. and the director also said that he was a fan of Sohee since her idol days LOL. Sohee looks great in white and she seems comfortable here, the atmosphere is nice, she gave reactions and smiled a lot, she's really cute. it's nice to see her again, hopefully she can have more acting projects and appear on shows from time to time.


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