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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest buuuuu

Currently Watching:


-Lie to Me

-Baby-Faced Beauty

-Romance Town

-The Greatest Love

There are too many dramas airing with actors/actresses I like right now!

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Guest Yunohmygawd

Right now i am watching

-Hello my teacher

-Boys over flowers

-The greatest love

i have a few others on hold too however. and i do know i am watching some pretty old dramas but they're pretty good,especially 'Hello my teacher'. Gong hyo jin is amazing and one of my favorite actresses ,hence the reason i started watching 'The greatest love' as well. Not regretting that at all!

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Guest -quiescent

Was watching Baby Faced Beauty and quickly lost interest after the 5th episode.

But now I'm watching Can You Hear My Heart? And I'm LOVING IT!

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Lie To Me- Strict self rule: Where goes Yoon Eun Hye, there too go I... :wub:

Manny- Stopped by to see what "The Iceman" (Suh Ji-suk) and "lil' Shinbi" (Jung Da Bin) were up to and stayed for "Janice" (Byun Jung Soo) :D

Smile Donghae- for "Anna Laker" (Do Ji Won) and "Bongi" (Oh Ji Eun) :rolleyes:

My Love, My Family- A fascinatiing group of couples and the incomparable Lee Pilmo. :)

Sandglass- Some scenes are hard to look at, but the young (or the present-day ;) ) Ko Hyun Jung never is... :phew:

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Guest patji

Lie to Me

Baby Faced Beauty

City Hunter

Romance Town

Greatest Love

*Ranked in the order of most gimme-episodes-gorramit to casually viewing.

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Guest TayHottie

I'm watching City Hunter!

I totally love it <3

I really like their characters, the actor and actress, Lee Minho and Park Minyoung acting very well!

I'm very impressed about this show :D

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City Hunter. as of current, my only one. Friggin awesome.

Downloading Secret Garden in HD, planning to watch them after I have some more free time. The train's too big to ignore! and i already love the side story of Oscar and the director. (Had watched first 8 eps already)

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Guest RiceBunnii

Finished 49 Days - Was sooooo sadd T________T

So now I'm getting over it with

-Lie To Me

-City Hunter

-Romance Town

-Baby Faced Beauty

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Guest Yangie12

Can You Heart My Heart?

Lie To Me

I am so hooked on these two dramas. You just cannot ignore Kim Jae Won & Nam Goong Min together. About to start with City Hunter as well, but will wait until more episodes are out.

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