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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest diefan


WGM  'WooJung Couple also known as  C.C as in Campus Couple"

start watching 'Can you Hear my Heart' just finished epi 1 looking forward for more episodes.

last week, I started watching 'baby-faced beauty' i'm in epi 4 now.

I stopped watching 'Manny' watched epi 1 didn't like though I was bored.


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Guest Zom.B

I'm currently watching Lie To Me♥

I was a little skeptical about watching it at first but since I love Yoon Eun Hye's acting,

I figured I might give it a try-- And I'm glad I did! I love it!

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Guest chan_sensei

I am currently watching:

- City hunter (Lee Min Ho) I looove action drama, completely hooked to it. Usually, I cannot watch drama/video I have already watched but I could watch the first episode hundreds times!

- Miss Ripley (Micky Yoochun)

- Lie to me

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Guest zahieyjunki

finished 49Days. so far drama that i watched till the end.

currently - Lie To Me & Ripley's.

Ouh yes also City Hunter. out of these 3 dramas, City Hunter probably the next drama that i will watch till the end.

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Guest JaneElliot

The Greatest Love (I've watched 8 episodes)

The Duo (watched 23 episodes)

New Gisaeng Story (watched 32)

Miss Ripley (watched 2)

And I'm actually watching a jdroma for the first time in years! SPEC, the spinoff of Keizoku, and it's awesome! (I'm on ep 7).

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Guest Zom.B

To add onto the post I made earlier:

I am now watching City Hunter and I'm so in love with it right now and it's only been 4 episodes.

It has the action-packed adventure romance light comedy I was really looking for in a drama.

ahhh, plus Lee Min Ho is such a good actor. Watchign this drama completely threw away the

Gu Jun Pyo and Jeon Jin Ho images from his previous dramas. I'm a really big fan of his acting

so this drama REALLY takes the cake for me.

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Guest kook

Just finished - 49 Days *cried a river* TT________TT

Watching now

- Lie to me: really really like it

- City Hunter: Handsome MINHO & Beautiful Minyoung >33

- Miss Ripley: my LOVE Parkyoochun


-Heartstrings: can't wait my YONG2 >33

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Well... I'm currently watching:

- The Greatest Love  최고의 사랑 ♥

- Athena  아테나: 전쟁 의 여신 ♥

- Lie to me  달콤한 스캔들

- City Hunter  시티헌터

- City Hall  시티홀 ♥

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I'm currently watching:

Can you Hear My Heart- My favorite drama that has aired in 2011 so far. Rather than losing interest as it progresses, I fall deeper in love with it every week.

Romance Town- My favorite May drama. It's an easy to watch quirky slice of life drama. Not a whole lot happens, but there is a quiet charm about it.

Miss Ripley- Very contrived. I'm tempted to drop it. It was the May drama I was looking forward to the most, but it ended up being the most disappointing one.

I Need Romance- Loved the first episode. Found it refreshing.

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Guest Mychocoheart

Just finished watching 49 days twice : loved it but it made me cry buckets.

I'm watching,

Can you hear my heart: Really enjoying it

Best love/Greatest love: My favourite May drama!

Baby Faced Beauty: Cute


City hunter: Hot and cute

Lie To Me: Meh, I think I might drop this one

Considering watching Miss Ripley but I need sleep at some point.


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