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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest litoxshortaii

im currently watching/still need to finish (as of 2/2/08): Bad Family Dae Jang Geum (it's soo long!) Goong S (kind of boring...) ive finished watching (from fave to least fave): Full House Let's Go to School Sang Doo Spring Waltz My Girl Goong A Love to Kill Delightful Girl Choon Hyang Love Story in Harvard Stairway to Heaven My Name is Kim Sam Soon Winter Sonata Autumn Tale

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Guest ladymac

I think there WAS a thread for this before the big crash......but I don't think anyone has made one since :unsure:

On tv I'm watching 'This love I have to kill' w/BI and it's got really interesting directing! BI is *$^#$^# amazingly hot and is better in acting than his co-stars!!!

On DVD I'm watching Stairs to Heaven (and you said YOU were slow!? hahahaa) - I'm on episode #16 of that and of course it's absolutely awesome!!! :):)

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Guest Traytor

Old Dramas that I'm rewatching or never got a chance to watch

18 vs 29

Bool Sae

Attic Cat

New dramas I'm watching right now:

Autumn Shower (just finished)

Ee Jook Sah

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Guest kalinda

I watch Ijuksa on tue/Wed (on my pc) as well ... busy days for downloading, first time ever I watch a drama almost at the same time as it shows in Korea, with no sub. (only helped by synopsis) but still soo look forward to to watching every eps.

I also watch Piano - Go Soo, very old drama, I think... got only eps 5, kinda boring, but I will still watch it till the end! ... Not long ago, watched All In, love it ... as well as GreenRose, like it!

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haha... i think everyone's here is watching IJUKSA (well, almost). that thread grows super fast every day~

i try to keep up w/ the newer dramas, sometimes i don't even finish some of them (like Wedding, Secret Lovers-- got kinda boring). currently i'm watching:


Lovers in Prague

Seo Dong Yo

Sweet Spy

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Guest Jamieâ„¢

I don't watch dramas on soompi, so yeah IJUKSA is off my list lol I like to buy them after they're like dubbed and stuff..

right now I'm watching Lovers in Paris cause its showing on t.v.

I'm probably weird.. but Kim Jung Eun's acting scares me.. lol

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I just watched..

1. SOon Jung... I rewatched..first time I watched it, i hated Lee Yo Won.. second time I watched it, I thot she was great! Such a heartwarming story, and she had great Chemistry with Ryu Jin.

2. Lovers In Prague.. watched till episode 14. Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Joo Hyuk such a sweet pair.. but sadly, story isn't good enuf for me.

3. This love I want to Kill... I enjoyed the first episode.. but episode 2 onwards killed it for me... a complete let down.

4. 1% of anything. Just started this.

5. Resurection... WOW WOW WOW!! made a PANIC FAN out of me :D

6. Wedding.. tried the first episode and it was BYE BYE for me..

7. Save the last dance.. had a good sob session with this one. But story was too cliche for my own good.

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Guest Brooklyn

Just finished super rookie (it's fun to watch and not much emotional or intellectual demands from me)

i enjoyed watching eric in it that i frantically downloaded boolsae after.

now on ep 18 of boolsae, i'm liking it but i would have liked this drama much more if I have seen this

before MNIKSS. MNIKSS spoiled me for other dramas I guess...still watching fave eps every so often...

IJUKSA, just watched ep 1, have yet to dl the next eps

the pacing is kinda slow for me...

methinks it was overly art directed...

stopped at ep 4 of ireland...can't go on despite my love for Hyun Bin...

stopped at ep 8 of F70, heard this is really a good drama but i'm so slow

in downloading this and i've read the synopsis of the last ep.

didn't like the ending one bit so my enthusiasn was kinda dampened...

i didn't like the last eps of boolsae too (i've scanned thru it) but i'm gonna finish this, i swear...

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