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  1. My first drama (discovered while channel-surfing) was 'Which Star Are You From?', starring Jeong Ryeo-won. After that, I was hooked! The next one was Eugene's 'Really Really Like You' (aka 'Love Truly' co-starring Lee Minki.) That is the one that sunk the hook, back in late 2006. Running at the the same time was the classic daily drama 'Pure in Heart' (aka 'Pure 19') starring Goo Hye Sun. I've seen every drama starring both of these actresses and the rabbit hole has grown longer and with many, many divergent tunnels. I generally follow the careers of the the players that I like, and this introduces me to more and more, and they just keep on coming. Thanks to KBS broadcasting, in Los Angeles, for getting me stated!
  2. Congrats, to Yoon Ji and family! Thank you for the announcement. I logged in today specifically looking for news of this. Thank you, @larus
  3. Thank you@larus. The first time I read it, I thought that the baby was a girl, but wasn't sure after reading it again. I like the idea of a sister and friend for Lani to pass her knowledge onto, just like she does for her mom. I wish that we had a supermom show like they do for the men. I'd love to see Yoon Ji's children meeting up with Eugene's two girls and the little ones currently on the show. I really miss seeing Yoon Ji in dramas though. It looks like she is going to be really busy for quite some time, though.
  4. I actually can't really tell from this translation whether the baby has been born, or what the gender is, but it's nice to see the family smiling and to know that the birth seems to be moving along without complications.
  5. Goo Hye Sun is a part of that golden age of Korean actresses that includes the likes of herself, Kong Hyo Jin, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Bo Young, Lee Yuri, and so many others (as mentioned by @gelisiacarras, in the above blog.) Outside of the controversy (which may hurt her because production companies have shown a huge tendency to bend to public sentiment) with Goo Hye Sun's ability to shape-shift and play such a variety of roles would seem unlikely she would lose her leading lady status. A proven entity, she has shown throughout her career that she is quite capable of carrying any production she appears in. Despite the repeated, organized, and contrived efforts, by a jaded minority bent upon submarining her career (for various reasons: jealousy, avarice, low self-esteem, etc.), she remains quite popular and is seen in an admirable light by her contemporaries, friends, and within the industry. I cannot imagine a huge talent like hers dying on the vine or taking a backseat at this relatively young age or even later on down the road. Her beauty, talent, and reputation demand that she remain the focal point of productions, unless she chooses to move down the list in order to change her image or further challenge her craft. She hasn't played any dark characters or femme fatales yet and she certainly has the goods to pull it off. In just six episodes of her aborted drama, You Are Too Much, we got a glimpse of her stepping outside of her usual role hinting at a possible move, for her, into deeper waters. In my estimation, there is no role that could be offered to her that is beyond her scope. Surely the industry knows this. If it is her wish to return to acting. I predict that she will be back in a big way...
  6. I wonder if her classmates, in London, have any idea what a huge talent that she is? I'm sure they'll be finding out in a hurry by spending time with her. I could just hear them talking, "Hey, I just Googled that Korean woman in our class and....!"
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