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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest sannouna

good question

actually i'm watching

1- city hunter : a very good drama with a sweet couple. i love it

2- lie to me : the bedinning was pretty good but actually it dropped

3- the greatest love : a sweet drama

4- miss ripley : a little bit disappointing

5- athena : still waching

6- can u hear my heart : still on episode 17

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Guest helenz

Iam watching the following series....

The Greatest Love.......so touching, best drama. ;):wub:

Lie To Me .... blush.gif

City Hunter.... ;)

Can You Hear My Heart.....sad drama. :(

Drunken To Love you.... :D

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Guest xanthep

Still new to watching dramas...

Started with Playful Kiss because I'd already watched the anime version (loved the settings, clothes and acting - but found the chemistry a bit off between Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min for some reason - LOVE them both though *so bias*)

Currently interchanging between Secret Garden and Dream High.

Secret Garden won out over Dream High in keeping me entertained, so I'll probably be finishing that first.

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I'm just finished "49 Days" ..Lee Yo woon is kind of great and georgeous actress..she is so talented..:rolleyes:

and now I currently watching "You are my destiny " I like Yoona and Park jae Jung :blink:

I have couple dramas line up >>>>> Lie to me, New Tales of Gisaeng, and Greatest Love..

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Guest ghettoelectroVIP

Currently I just finished 49 Days - it's a good and meaningful one although the ending might not satisfy everyone, but it really made sense and ended the show well for me.

Now I'm watching Miss Ripley - it's quite a dark drama though but it's real scary how Lee Da Hae's character is doing all those things :o

And then I am planning to watch Best Love and City Hunter - I heard these 2 are good, especially the latter? Haha not just for the eye candy, of course!

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Can You Hear My Heart - Still loving it even though it kind of slow down in ep25 and 26. Going to miss it like crazy when it's over.

You Fallen For Me - Watching it with 0 expectations. Ep1 is slow but watchable and i'm curious about what will happen in ep2.

I kind of like ep2.

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Guest himang34

Just finished watching Greatest Love!

Love the drama, the cast, the song, the storyline.. basically everything about it.

Moving on to watch 49 days or city hunter ~~

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Guest purepinay08__

City Hunter - Love LMH but honestly a very good drama! has everything that ur looking for( drama, action, thrill, comedy, and romance)!

Drunken to Love You - funny Tai drama and love Rainie :)

Lie to Me - just started watching this one while waiting for new episode of CITY HUNTER!!!

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Guest monkeyshinobi

City Hunter


Hana Kimi (japan)

Romance Town (kinda stopped after a while but i'll get back to it after i catch up w/ other dramas first XD)

Lie To Me (also stopped for a bit, gotta get back to this soon)

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