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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest ytong03

I want to get back to the kdrama scene (just finished Dream High a while ago), and I'm thinking about either Miss Ripley or City Hunter.

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Guest chibi_kawaii

Currently watching City Hunter, Lie To Me, Can You Hear My Heart, 49 Days, Miss Ripley

49 Days - story line is touching and sweet

City Hunter - every episode is fast moving and I cannot afford miss even one!

Lie To Me - started off really good and caught my attention but slowly losing its beat....

Can You Hear My Heart - I still love this drama very much ;D Although at times it's confusing but overall i still rate it as good~!

Miss Ripley - so far so good....amazed with lee da hae's acting and how she brought herself really well into synchronising with the character

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Guest Athaya

New Gisaeng Story - becouse I love it. I mean Sa Ran and Ah Damo  lol 

City Hunter - This time Lee Min Hoo show everything! 

Lie To Me - YEH loong time no see ! 

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Guest chiblimoon

CityHunter , because of LeeMinHo :wub:  do I need to say more hahhaah

LieToMe,  drama is ok, sometimes a bit confusing :wacko:  ... but I will watch it till the end... wanna know how it ends haha

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Guest serpentsandsirens

I just started watching My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon yesterday and I'm really liking it so far! The subtitles are kind of terrible (I have no idea where my local rental store copies these from?) but the generous amount of appearances by Hyun Bin more than make up for it. :wub:

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Guest witch_0074

currently watching the greatest love or best love, baby faced beauty & lie to me....

the greatest love is really worth to be watch...

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Greatest Love- love Dokko Jin

Twinkle/All That Glitters - Am obsessed with this!! Realistic story. Love it! Reminds me so much of All About Eve. Great chemistry between the leads.

Lie To Me- it went downhill from episode 11. Lead actor has two type of characters?

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Guest mariannerebucan

You Are So beautiful / He's Beautiful

Marry Stayed All Night / Marry Me Mary

And I'm totally head over heels with Jang Geun Suk

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City Hunter!!! My love for Lee Minho has increased by ten-fold. His chemistry with Park Minyoung is so spazz worthy.. <3 Probably going to start Greatest Love soon! The screencaps and .gifs make me want to watch it sooooo much :)

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Guest mikimeun

yooon euh hye's LIE TO ME

mickey oppa's MISS RIPLEY


but other than Kdrama are rainie yang's DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU/ LOVE YOU

horikita maki's Umareru

& Asuko March ^_^ love love asuko :wub:

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Guest lumina_louella

i'm watching for the nth time...

dramas like:

playful kiss

mary stayed out all night

boys over flowers


i never get tired of watching them all over again..

so many cute scenes!

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