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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Mary Stayed out at Night ep. 8 (Marry me Mary) because of Moon Geun young!!!!!! \(^___^)/

i wonder how can some of you watch 2 or more dramas at the same time. it should be pretty hard... i would have definitely mixed up the story...

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Guest sanarif

Currently watching All that glitters/Twinkle Twinkle & also known as Sparkling.

Nice drama & getting addicted to it....

Love all the Kim Hyun Joo & kim Suk Hoon scenes in the drama

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Guest Turtle5141

I just finished watching athena and royal family. I'm about to start white christmas. Random question, does anyone know the drama about these sisters (three or four of them) and I think the middle sister is married and what happens is her husband cheats on his wife when his ex shows up to a gathering with his co workers. They get drunk and have an affair. After the affair he tells the woman that it was a mistake but she convinces him that no one else has to know and they don't need to stop. Later the wife finds out and they get a divorce but then she finds out she's pregnant with a girl. She has the baby and becomes a single mother with her ex husband still in her life but she falls for this other guy who has a son about her daughter's age but her ex husband wants to get back with her. I was never able to finish it and I don't know the name. Does anyone know which drama I'm talking about? I'm sorry for posting all this but I can't put up a new thread.

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49 Days...I was intrigued by the plot from the beginning, but now I am absolutely hooked. There are so many great things to say about this drama! Great acting from the cast, excellent music to go with the appropriate scenes, solid plot that doesn't drag as much as other dramas. Seriously. I am in love.

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Guest jaequeen

Lie to Me! 

btw does anyone know where this is from?

 *quoted image*

lie to me have two story.. one from english, its old story, i think...

and the latest one from korea the main lead yoo eun hye and i forgot the man lead name...

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Guest retsuno

On-going dramas: 49 days and the greatest love/best love

And I'm also watching Pasta while waiting for new episodes of those two dramas. :lol:

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Guest iamhelloerick

Currently Watching:

My girlfrind is a Gumiho(YouTube)

Personal Preference(YouTube)

Secret Garden(CD)

My Girl(Every Tuesday on Animax)

Princess Prosecutor(Every Wednesday at Animax)

Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance(Every Thursday at Animax)

Oh, My Lady(Every Friday at Animax)

Finished Watching:

Delightful Girl Choon Yang

Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss

My Princess

Youre Beautiful

Boys Over Flowers

The first Shop of Coffee Prince

My Lovely Sam Soon

Witch Amusement/ Witch Yoo Hee

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Guest cutedorkable

Currently watching;

1. Midas

2. 49 Days

I really don't know how people watch their dramas on youtube, or let alone STREAMING it live.

Download HQ quality! It is so much more enjoyable ^^

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