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  1. Geum Jandi continuing to stick up for the underdog! https://www.koreaboo.com/news/goo-hye-sun-ansan-archer-olympics-anti-feminist-hairstyle-support/
  2. Isn't that enough? A lot less talented and less refined people have remained popular despite being less talented and largely lacking in social graces. But actress Song brings beauty, talent, and character into the mix. I don't follow her career closely (I've seen just three of her dramas), but people who are as extraordinary physically attractive as Song Hye Kyo are rare in this world and will become popular just for that reason alone. With SHK, you get a well-rounded and likable person (from what I've heard) to go along with the mix. But even if it were down merely to her beauty and charms, t
  3. The only reason that I tuned in to watch The Penthouse, in the first place, was because it featured Eugene among it's main players. The opening episode of season one ended with a spectacular flying kick, by the character of Oh Yoon Hee to the face of one of the criminal abusers of her daughter and her declaration that this was not over and she would see her daughter gaining her way into the prestigious, but horrible institution where bullying, assault, and occasionally, murder appear to included in the curriculum. I felt it was a great start and settled myself into watching a drama where certa
  4. The not recognizing close relatives is mostly a K-Drama plot device just as it is in the case that male characters will pretend that they are not find many of these extraordinarily pretty female characters attractive. This goes against the laws of nature. Even babies can tell who the prettiest people are and each of us carries unmistakable physical looks or traits carried on through our bloodlines. Even with our features masked, our movements and inborn tendencies will betray our origins. I often find myself frustrated by these unrealistic plot devices, but know well that they are part in parc
  5. Reasons for why I'm done with this drama: 1) The bad guys keep winning. 2) There is no way to resurrect the dead or bring any justice to those from number one (above.) 3) They killed Eugene!
  6. This may of interest. She's seems very happy and and proud to share some of her works here. Goo Hye Sun's channel on YouTube features many chances to see what she's up to these days and show support by visiting her site. Be sure that you use the closed captions button as some are fully subbed. This one is:
  7. I wouldn't think so. We just need for our girl come back into the fold and make a drama, or something with mass appeal for people to have something to talk about. A YouTube channel is nice, but we all got to like her through her screen works, of which there have been none in years.
  8. Oh Yoon Hee is neither the murderer nor is she dead. You don't make Eugene the killer, and you don't kill off the star with another season to go.
  9. For me, Eugene has always been both a great actress and one of the most beautiful people in dramaland. Great beauty is more often than not followed by an undercurrent of toxic jealousy. Had her acting talent ever been suspect by those doing the casting, she would have been relegated to minor roles, or out of the business long ago. She doesn't need acting as her only go to as we all well know. She is a person of various talents. The extraordinary beauty and charm is just the cherry on top of the sundae.
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