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  1. This show is well acted and I'm watching the series because it features Eugene, but I'd have to agree with the concern about the violence inflicted upon, and by adults and other children upon the victims in this story. The repeated cruelty towards the orphan child, who'd made good on her own despite tremendous odds, at the hands of a group morally bankrupt millionaires, and their horrible spawn is devastating to see. I keep waiting for the good guys to get some justice and am treated to the same sort of "snuff film" replays of these horrendous crimes against humanity in every segment. Other th
  2. I don't know if I'll be watching this movie, as the subject matter just tears me up every time that I read about another young person ending their own life feeling that there is no one to turn and that it's just not worth it. We only go around once, you know? The two senior actresses in this film are always so good though that I feel almost compelled to see it. It's the few weeks after, however, when you can't get the characters out of your own head that scares me. The reason that I prefer Korean dramas over movies is that the "good guy" generally wins in the end and there are lessons learned.
  3. This is my second go round with Hong Soo ah and her new look, and it's still sort of odd for me to hear her voice coming out of this face. I must say that the surgeons did an amazing job of not only making her still beautiful, in a different way, and that she still comes off as likable whether she's playing good or evil characters. I do miss her old look though. I've always thought that she was both unique and gorgeous, and so full of comedic energy. I wonder if she still plays baseball?
  4. I agree 100% with everything that you've observed regarding the first two episodes. Episode One left me lifted, knowing that Eugene's character had her hackles up, and was ready to fight tooth and nail to bring these people down. Anything, and everything, went completely to hell in episode two. The parents, and their horrible spawn are not at all redeemable, at this point. And this is before the eventual tragedy that we know the tutor will face. I'm still here for Eugene, but it's going to be a painful ride to the top of that penthouse.
  5. Eugene running across the table and kicking that fool's teeth out was reminiscent of 'Geum Jandi' planting that much deserved spinning back kick on 'Goo Jun-pyo's' face in Boys Over Flowers. It was like her announcing to that room full of creeps, "GAME ON!!!" I've never seen Eugene being so fierce, Take no prisoners, Oh Yoon Hee!
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