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  1. I have the same problem. It used to work for me, but no longer does. It's just as well, though, because I really don't feel like trying to educate those twits. Their minds are both closed and empty. None of them know GHS like we do. It's just a bunch of people being swayed by the smear campaign set up by her husband's management. They cannot be reasoned with and I suspect that many are paid to steer public opinion in their favor. Hye Sun's fans have no vested interest other than to support both her and the truth, which will eventually come to light once the proceeding go to court...
  2. To make things clear, I was paraphrasing, from memory, what I remembered about the list of rules found here, at Soompi. If you dare to read the comments, they are mostly attacks on Hye Sun. The parts I mentioned are the ones that stood out to me. I can't imagine that she was referring to her husband's treatment of anyone else, but herself. He shared their home with her and their pets. I can't imagine anyone else who might have been in the line of fire. https://www.soompi.com/article/1349937wpp/ku-hye-sun-list-rules-ahn-jae-hyun-follow-during-marriage
  3. The thing that I wonder about the most, which has been completely glossed over by the AJH fan-girls and and those attacking GHS as being manipulative, over-bearing and all of the other nonsense that has been flung her way, is the fact that she found it necessary, after several months of marriage, to draw up that contract outlining what she expected from her husband. Along with her "unreasonable" demands, as his life partner and mate, she included that he was to: Pick up after himself, help with the household chores, clean his cat's litter box (once a week), not come home stinking drunk, AND: Not to come home in a violent mindset that included: pushing, slapping, and swearing. Does anyone think that is ever okay for a man to beat his wife, for any reason? Is this something that is to be expected by a woman in her marriage? The only reason that she would have included all of these rules is if they were actually taking place. So she's crazy because she doesn't wish to be his live in maid and occasional punching bag. Am I missing something here?
  4. A bird must fly, and a fish must swim, and an artist must create. Goo Hye Sun will return. Mark my words!
  5. Right you are @mel22. Our Goo Hye Sun is a wonderful combination of talent, sparkle, wisdom, and energy. She is enormously well-liked, and respected within the Korean entertainment industry and has never had to depend upon attaching herself to anyone else's star in order to become successful. To the contrary, it has usually been her luster that others working on the same projects have received a spark to enhance their own ambitions and careers. Witness most of the cast of Boys Over Flowers, who talented on their own as they may be, were relative unknowns before meeting Geum Jandi in the person of this one of a kind talent. She has always been honest, forthright, and unflinchingly loyal to her friends and obligations. This is reflected in her numerous charitable deeds, her love of her family, friends, and her menagerie of furry companions. Could any one us imagine GHS ever being guilty of using, abandoning, and befouling the memory of someone, or something that she has taken to her heart in the way that he who shall remain nameless has so callously done? His loses are just beginning to add up. They will be severe and long lasting. Never once, under the most disheartening circumstance did we ever see our "farm girl" Yang Gukwha roll over and become defeated by the blues meanies, and, like her famous characters, GHS will once again prevail in the end. She is made of sterner stuff than that. "Hell hath no fury", indeed...
  6. Sadly, this tragic story very much mirrors one that I recently read which was actor Tony Curtis' autobiography. Curtis, a marginal actor known more for his looks than his artistic abilities, married a well-known, talented Hollywood actress, Janet Leigh (the couple are the parents of Jamie Leigh Curtis), who gave him the opportunity to land bigger roles and receive unlimited press as half of a celebrity couple. There was never any question as to which one was the talent, but the teen magazines, and fan magazines quickly had millions of fan girls gushing over the young actor, who was soon bedding his way through Hollywood, partying from east to west, while his wife stayed back raising their two daughters and cutting back on her career in order to build and keep their home. In his book, the spin, of course, took a different direction. Here, we have Goo Hye Sun, by far the talent of the family, sacrificing herself, assisting her husband at every turn, even agreeing to have their home life put on the screen while her husband appears to play the role of the doting, over-the-moon for his wife, partner. Was it all just an act? We can certain that it was not on Hye Sun's end. Why? We've had about a decade and a half to get to know her. We, here at Soompi, have spent many years getting to know and admire her as both a special person and an extra special talent. We've become incensed and defensive as the green-eyed monster of jealousy, that is rampant, and unabating in the world of K-Drama, has repeatedly attacked her ever since her biggest role (as Geum Jandi in Boys Over Flowers) put her in the cross-hairs of fangirls who could not stand the fact that our beloved princess stood in such close proximity to their "oppas." Never mind the fact that this very proximity of them to this wonderful talent is what made each of them into household names to begin with. A simple query of her co-workers, directors, friends, staffers, and pretty nearly every person who has come into contact with her would reveal near unanimous results exulting her character and person. I wonder if the same can be said of her wandering husband?
  7. I am happy to have Goo Hye Sun complete as many works of art, writings, and music as she can possibly produce, but nothing, for me, compares with seeing her of the small screen. I met, and fell in love with her person, through her through acting in dramas. I miss this Goo Hye Sun the most and wish that she would return to us as an actress. The drama world is not the same without her on the small screen. I hope and pray that she will return to us soon...
  8. Hong Soo Ah not winning an award for her role as the wicked Sena is highway robbery! I was proud of her for her work in the drama and hope that it will lead to greater heights in the future. She's paid a huge price to become successful and deserves all the praise that's headed her way...
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