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  1. I am happy to have Goo Hye Sun complete as many works of art, writings, and music as she can possibly produce, but nothing, for me, compares with seeing her of the small screen. I met, and fell in love with her person, through her through acting in dramas. I miss this Goo Hye Sun the most and wish that she would return to us as an actress. The drama world is not the same without her on the small screen. I hope and pray that she will return to us soon...
  2. Hong Soo Ah not winning an award for her role as the wicked Sena is highway robbery! I was proud of her for her work in the drama and hope that it will lead to greater heights in the future. She's paid a huge price to become successful and deserves all the praise that's headed her way...
  3. A baby sister for Rohee! I hope that we get to see her, and her mom, dad and big sister really soon.
  4. It was my thought also, @geumtrangdi, that GHS could be accepting all of these challenges in order make herself stronger for her next project. As with many others (although our princess seems to always get hit the hardest), GHS has had to deal with maniacal frothing and absurdly mean attacks from "antis" which has led to her going underground at times. She is much stronger now, and enjoys the unfailing devotion of her husband, those in her personal world, and, of course, her loyal fans, who love and believe in her. Whatever the outcome, I hope that she remains positive. We'll be ready for her whenever she returns, at whatever she does.
  5. GHS is overcoming her fears and limitations by meeting them head on. Just as many of her famous characters have...
  6. Yoon Ji and Lani need to have their own show!
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