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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest Bunberrie

Currently watching The Princess' Man and Protect The Boss. I'm also watching Unstoppable Highkick on the side.

I'm going to watch Flower Boy Ramen Shop and Man of Honor afterwards.

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Guest Misaheun

I'm watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Vampire Prosecutor pretty religiously. The latter when the former is too frustrating.

I lost interest in Protect The Boss. I'm on episode 12. I like it, I'm just not in the mood. I started watching Bad Guy, but only because I like Kim Jae Uck. I wish I could kind cuts of just his parts, because I'm otherwise not interested. With PTB and BG, I know how they end. That's also why I'm not too keen.

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Guest SujiChan

Right now I'm watching...

Vampire Prosecutor

Protect The Boss

Tree With Deep Roots

Miss Ripley

I'm considering re-watching Sung Kyung Kwan Scandal and I have Poseidon and a few others waiting to be watched. I just finished Iris.

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Right now watching flower boy ramen shop, It's pretty funny if you get past the lame cliches.

A must watch Korean drama that you can't live without watching atleast once is BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS!! yeah just rewatched the whole drama with my mom and it was awesome the second time too. My mom showed her betrayal by going over to Kim hyun joongs side from Bae yong joon LOL.

And another must watch is definitely one of the most adored fav You're Beautiful.

Oh and you have to watch jumong to get an experience of Korean periodical drama.. with Hong gil long which is light hearted with a little dark secrets through out the whole drama. And another must watch comedic periodical drama is sungkyungkwan scandal, my mom also watched this and was head over heels for her geol oh or should I say yoo ah in and her undying love for song joon ki.

Well there are other must watches but these are the top ones I recommend for now.. oh and queen seon duk, It's a tumultuous journey thatll make you pissed as Hell and cry like there's no tomorrow.

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