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Found 2 results

  1. Name: 박서준 / Park Seo Joon or Park Seo Jun [pronunciation] Birth name: 박용규 / Park Yong Gyu Date of Birth: 16th December 1988 Star Sign: Sagittarius Height / weight: 185 cm/ 69 kg Blood type: AB Skills: fencing, horseback riding, hapkido, aikido Alma mater: Seoul Institute of Arts (acting major) Family: parents and 2 younger brothers Favorite sports: baseball and football Close celebity friends: Choi Woo Shik (actor), Park Hyung Sik (idol/actor), Taehyung aka V (idol/BTS), Peakboy (composer/singer) [Wooga squad members]; Hyolin (idol/singer), Kim Ji Soo (singer) and Song Heung Min (football player) Pets: one dog named Simba (Bichon Frise breed) Talent Agency: Awesome ENT. Fanclub name: PARK's office 2012: KBS2 'Dream High 2' (as Si Woo), KBS2 'Shut Up Family' (as Cha Seo Joon). 2013: MBC 'I Summon You Gold' (Park Hyun Tae), MBC Drama Festival 'Sleeping Witch' (as Kim Him Chan), SBS 'One Warm Word' (as Song Min Soo). 2014: tvN ‘Witch’s Romance' (as Yoon Dong Ha), MBC 'Mama' (as older Han Geu-roo) [cameo] 2015: MBC 'Kill Me Heal Me' (as Oh Ri On), MBC 'She Was Pretty' (as Ji Sung Joon) 2016: KBS2 'Hwarang: The Beginning' (as Sun Woo Rang) 2017: KBS2 'Third-rate My Way' or 'Fight, My Way' (as Go Dong Man) 2018: tvN 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim' (as Lee Young Joon) 2020: JTBC 'Itaewon Class' (as Park Sae Roy) [in production] 2011: 'The Perfect Game' (as Chil Goo) 2015: 'The Chronicles of Evil' (as Cha Dong Jae); 'The Beauty Inside' (as Woo Jin) 2017: 'Midnight Runners' (as Hwang Ki Joon); 'Real' (as man in bodyguard uniform) [cameo] 2018: 'Be with you' (as adult Ji Ho) [cameo] 2019: 'The Divine Fury' (as Park Yong Hoo); 'Parasite' (as Min Hyuk) [cameo] 2020: 'Dream' (as Yoon Hong Dae) [pre-production] 2013-2015: KBS 'Music Bank' host/MC with SISTAR's Bora 2014: SBS 'Running Man' guest (episodes 184, 198), SBS Drama Awards host 2015: SBS 'Running Man' guest (episodes 246, 263) 2016: SBS 'Running Man' guest (episode 295); 2 Days & 1 Night season 3 guest (episode 154, 155); Hwarang Special (KBS) 2017: SBS 'Running Man' guest (episode 362) 2018: tvN 'Youn's Kitchen season 2' cast member 2011: Bang Yong Guk feat. Yang Yo Seob - 'I Remember' [debut] 2014: The One - 'One Two Three Four‘; Park Seo Joon - ‘Come Into My Heart’ OST/MV 2017: Kim Ji Soo - 'Dream All Day'; Park Seo Joon - ‘Our Tears’ OST/MV 2012: 'New Dreaming' - KBS 'Dream High 2' OST (duet with JB) 2014: 'Come Into My Heart' <내 맘에 들어와> - tvN 'Witch Romance' OST 2015: 'Letting You Go' <너를 보낸다> - MBC 'Kill Me Heal Me' OST; 'Long Way' <먼 길> - MBC 'She Was Pretty' OST 2017: 'Our Tears' <서로의 눈물이 되어> - KBS 'Hwarang: The Beginning OST' 2013: Olleh KT, Love Earth Public Service Ads; 2014: Unionbay (clothing brand); 2015: EVISU (clothing brand), Good Feel (sanitary products); 2015-2016: BASSO homme (menswear), North Cape (sportswear); 2016: Sperry (US shoes brand), Esquire (Korea shoes brand); 2017: The Oozoo (premium cosmetic brand), &UPCAFE (ready-made coffee brand), Greek Yogurt (food), Jill Stuart Sport (sportswear), Tommy Hilfiger (luxury clothing brand), Chilsung Cider (drink); 2018: Bibigo (food), Ryo (shampoo), Gong Cha (drink), KB Kookmin Card (credit card), Montblanc (luxury accessories), Woongjin Rental (household appliances), Hite Jinro Chamisul soju (alcoholic drink), KT 5G (cellular data), Hotels Combined (services), Max (alcoholic drink), Laneige (skincare), Ziozia (menswear), Domino's Pizza (food), Shinsaegae Duty Free (department store), JillStuart Sport (sportswear); 2019: Bibigo (food), Domino's Pizza (food), KB Kookmin Card (credit card), Montblanc (luxury accessories), Ziozia (menswear), KT 5G (cellular data), Shinsaegae Duty Free (department store), TirTir (skincare), Condition Drink (healthcare), JillStuart Sport (sportswear), Cellreturn LED Mask (premium skincare electronic mask), LG Household & Health Care, Seoul Milk (drink), Dr.Jart+ Taiwan (skincare), Bench Philippines (menswear); 2012: Vogue GIRL 2013: Fast, ELLE, Geek, Singles, Esquire, Ize 2014: GRAZIA, Vogue Korea, ELLE, High Cut, InStyle, The Celebrity, bnt International, Marie Claire 2015: Vogue GIRL, ELLE, ONE, Singles, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, High Cut, MARVLE, Cine21 2016: InStyle, Hanryu Pia Japan, Arena, High Cut, ELLE, GQ, Vogue Korea, High Cut (for Hwarang promotion) 2017: Harper's BAZAAR, GRAZIA, Prime Japan, W Korea, M Magazine, High Cut, Arena Homme+, Marisol Japan 2018: Esquire, CJ E&M Japan, High Cut 2019: Vogue Korea, DAZED, Vogue Taiwan, Esquire, Harper's BAZAAR, Star1, Cine21 2013: 6th Korea Drama Awards: 'Best New Actor' (drama 'I Summon You Gold!') 2014: 7th Herald Donga Lifestyle Awards: 'Best Style of The Year' 2014: SBS Drama Awards: 'New Star Award' (drama 'One Warm Word') 2015: 36th Blue Dragon Awards: 'Popular Star Award' (movie 'The Chronicles of Evil') 2015: Fashionista Awards: 'Best Male Fashionista in TV' (drama 'She Was Pretty') 2015: One Night Surprise Awards: 'Watch Out He's Gonna Make Your Heart Beat' award 2015: MBC Drama Awards: 'Excellence Award-actor in a miniseries', 'Top 10 Stars' award, 'Popularity' award (drama 'Kill Me Heal Me', 'She Was Pretty'), 'Best couple' award with Ji Sung (drama 'Kill Me Heal Me') 2017: 54th Grand Bell Awards, 37th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards: 'Best New Actor', 6th Korea Film Actors Association Awards: 'Popular Star Award' (movie 'Midnight Runner') 2017: 2nd Asia Artist Awards: 'Fabulous Award', 'Best Star Award', 31st KBS Drama: 'Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries', 'Netizen Award -- Male', 'Best couple' award with Kim Ji Won (drama 'Fight for My Way') 2018: 9th Korea Film Reporters Association Film Awards: 'Best New Actor' (movie 'Midnight Runner') 2018: KBS WORLD Global Fan Awards: 'Best couple' award with Kim Ji Won (drama 'Fight for My Way') 2018: Seoul International Drama Awards: Best Actor for Hallyu Dramas, Excellence Award for Hallyu Dramas (drama 'Fight for My Way') 2018: 6th APAN Star Award: Excellent Actor Award in Miniseries (drama 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim') 2018: 8th Korean Tourism Awards: 'Special Merit Awards' 2018: Cosmo Beauty Awards: 'Annual Shining Beauty Idol' 2019: 13th Asian Film Awards: 'Rising Star Awards' Instagram: bn_sj2013 Weibo: seojunp YouTube: Record PARK's DAUM Fancafe: PARK's office Twitter: BN_SJ2013 (no longer active) 29 Aug 2015: Park Seo Joon's Solo Fan Meet in Tokyo 13 Dec 2015: Park Seo Joon's 2015 1st Fan Meet in Seoul 2 Apr 2016: Park Seo Joon's Fan Meet in Hong Kong 26 Apr 2016: Park Seo Joon's Fan Meet in Japan 30 Sep 2017: Park Seo Joon's "Guess Who?" Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Hong Kong 14 Oct 2017: Park Seo Joon's "Guess Who?" Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Japan 21 Oct 2017: Park Seo Joon's "Guess Who?" Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Taiwan 4 Nov 2017: Park Seo Joon's "Guess Who?" Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore 18 Nov 2017: Park Seo Joon's "Guess Who?" Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Thailand 9 Dec 2017: Just Park Seo Joon Fan Meeting in Seoul 28 Sep 2019: Bench Philippines Fan Meeting in Manila Original thread starter: odeng. Thank you so much ilwoo_aein and Cecentre for previous updates! Please, contact serenilmauve for any necessary updates. Design made by serenilmauve. Please read the Soompi Forum Rules before posting!
  2. JTBC Drama Itaewon Class Original title: 이태원 클라쓰 Network: JTBC Genre: Drama Episodes: 16 Airdate: February 2020 Airtime: Fri & Sat @ 23:00 KST Story: “Itaewon Class” is based on a popular Daum webtoon of the same name and tells the story of a group of stubborn, brave young people who rise up in an unfair world. Their world is the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul, where they open a food business. Park Seo Joon will be playing the character Park Sae Roy, who doesn’t give one inch in the face of injustice and is quick to jump to action. He is still harboring anger after the death of his father, the CEO of a large food company, when he takes to Itaewon to pursue his dream. Park Seo Joon said, “Park Sae Roy is a simple man who upholds his views and always works hard. There was some pressure [in taking this role] because he’s a favorite among fans of the original webtoon, but that also means he’s a great character, so I wanted to give it a shot. I’m expecting the various characters of ‘Itaewon Class’ and their various pursuits and growth to be something that viewers can deeply relate to. I’ll work hard to prepare so that this drama can be remembered as a good one.” Actress Kim Da Mi plays Jo Yi Seo, a highly intelligent sociopath. She’s famous as a social media star and blogger, and has an angel-like countenance offset with an un-angel-like personality. Though she and Park Sae Roy get off on the wrong foot, they eventually work together in Itaewon. Rounding out the main cast is Yoo Jae Myung in the role of Jang Dae Hee, the merciless CEO of a corporate food company. He’s a self-made chaebol who entered the food industry fueled by memories of childhood poverty and hunger. When he once again faces Park Sae Roy, who was involved in an accident with his son, the fortress of his life begins to crack. Cr: soompi Cast: Park Seo Joon Kim Da Mi Yoo Jae Myung Kwon Nara Ahn Bo Hyun Kim Hye Eun 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Don't post any requests for subs!Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. 01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the orginal subbers and doesn't have copyrights like SOOMPI TV, Viki, Dramafever, Kdrama.com or Crunchyroll) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
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