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  2. I love that the Official MV OST has only scenes from the drama. I am kinda sad with the Official MV of Thinking of You coz less clips from the drama as more than half of the video is showing the real singer. It's not that I hate to see the singer or what but I still prefer it should just be focus on the drama.
  3. @tlireal in going to ihwa mural village. My starting point is changdeokgung palace, i took bus 162, on the 3rd stop which is korea national open university i get off and near the bus stop is an alley going there. or u can walk at the end of the street turn left and when u see mini stop store turn right. at the end u will see wooden stairs leading to the painting where they sit and imitate the girl and man in the painting. From there, few walks and you will find the stairs leading to the scene where jh propose to sh. i 'll give u the exact address later.
  4. Another trustworthy article. Hancinema is a reliable source unlike korean drama portal. It is said no actress is rumoured yet. William Schwartz got the name of the agency wrong lol. If YSH gets other poor performances, he will say adios to BS sooner than expected, bestie or not. https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-yoo-seung-ho-considers-appearing-in-superstar-miss-lee-129891.html [HanCinema's News] Yoo Seung-ho Considers Appearing in "Superstar Miss Lee" On May 22nd Yoo Seung-ho's agency, Base Company, announced that the actor is currently mulling over an offer to star in "Superstar Miss Lee". The planned drama is based off of a webtoon of the same title, where the plot revolves around soul swapping between the female protagonist and an actress. No word is forthcoming on what actresses are being considered for the role. However, the prospects of the project will rise considerably if Yoo Seung-ho's name is attached to the drama. This would be his first project since "My Strange Hero" ended earlier this year. "Superstar Miss Lee" is also the first news released regarding Yoo Seung-ho's career since he changed agencies to Base Company. The move was likely prompted by the poor performance of Yoo Seung-ho's last two projects, "My Strange Hero" and "I'm Not a Robot". At present Yoo Seung-ho's only career plans are to go to a fan meeting in Japan. Written by William Schwartz
  5. The miserable empty thing!!?! Waeyooo!? You asked for it! 758
  6. Wedding bells were just alarms caution tape around my heart I love that portion too... caution tape...
  7. SULKY RYAN IS SOOO CUTEEEE I have some similar idea that I plan to write in my fanfic....hahaha
  8. Wookie is back to work! No caption needed, remember the last time he posted too on his account with that statement post before a concert?! It’s their private life after all lol
  9. Interested too about the character. How bad can he be and aren't these chaebols always redeemed anyway. LOL about the email to agency. I don't know why I was suddenly struck with image of hundreds of scholars outside the palace petitioning chona! Like in dramas. Don't let Yoo Seung-ho-ssi ruin his career! We beg of you! Don't let him play a terrible man who takes his shirt off! Not another rom com! Chona!
  10. KBS is reminding you all to remember to tune in to Episode 2 tonight because it's getting more exciting today. Dan is going to work for bad*ss Yeonseo and getting bullied and hit (?!). Gosh where did the kind Yeontae and cute Seori go!? Yeonseo is going to regain her sight and getting help from the ballet director. Happy watching Episode 2 together!
  11. @ktcjdrama hahahaha his sexual appeals too high I hate him @triplem hong jong hyun? Hahahah me too can not get the feel betwen him and min ah. Perhapa because they both are friends. A long time friends. Min ah first kiss in real is in front of the camera and it was HjH. She said HjH is like brother to her. HJH is too innocent lol. We can see What’s inside his thoughts. Acting is a bit difficult for him perhaps because of this. He said he is a person who needs acting to be able to express himself because he is an introvert person. But in the king loves with yoona I can tell you he really adores her hahahaha who is not btw btw even if you have big crush on him I don’t blame you hahaha. HJH is not a type of a hot namja. He is a cool namja instead and a very shy person. I love him too much @sushilicious I only know this song I hate you then I love you then I love you then I hate you then I love you I love you more wkwkwkwkwk @Ameera Ali he is the first actor who made me imagining of kissing him. Other actors I only admire them or I will be happy if they paired with my favo actress. But this guy is different. He makes girls fantasize. I hate him. 756
  12. Hey, I do recognise the 3017 gang. Together again. LOL. The plot is intriguing and it was time to try another rom-com...I still have yet to continue from Ep 2 for a rom com which I have said I am watching... hehehe
  13. The apron scene happened... so hilarious, because when DD asked him to leave her room and he turned, she was shocked he is totally naked under the apron The last scene of the episode was sad for me. Clearly the two still have feelings for each other... I think I'm on Team WJ-DD too... but whenever 0.9 flashed his smile, I just melted... maybe I'm on Team 0.9-DD.... ??? Arrghhh...... I'm scared at the thought of 0.9 going to be delivered to that psycho chaebol girl... Hyung, please protect 0.9 at all cost... Although I'm guessing he would definitely get delivered there somehow. That girl is scary!! She is obviously a lunatic....
  14. @tlireal sadly, the playground is not a playground anymore but a parking lot. The stamp coffee is ep 14, before the bookstore date. if you will go there... take subway line 2, get off at hongik university station exit 1 or 2. Cross the street and there is a street there, donggyo-ro?(?). The bus stop on the right side of that street is for bus #5, (left side for bus 6, which i took going back to hongik univ station) get off at the 6th stop... stamp coffee is 1 min walk. Address is 240-4 yeonamdong. Google map is always giving a route which is confusing and longer walk. This is the best one. bus stops at the corner of the street of stamp coffee. The youngpoong bookstore.... take subway line 1 take jonggak station exit 6 and as u exit there is the bookstore. Going there is easy. its near everywhere, just walking distance. Can't remember the name of the stream near that.
  15. Ta Gon and Taeilha are the characters I'm the most curious about but I'm sure they're all interesting in their own ways. I need to watch the drama to know if my first impression was the right one ^^. And you, which are the characters you're the most interested in?
  16. Me too! So nice to see you again! I haven't watched yet coz I'm waiting for subs and to watch ep 1 and 2 together. But I can't resist and keep watching those clips Nice to see you again too!! I'll be very honest too to say I'm watching it for Hyesun. But probably I would grow to love the show. Keep coming back ok!
  17. I love the word "rekindled" chingu it made my delulu mind active. I have read the article before too about Kyung Ho starring for TYH. I am just so happy that LDW & YIN were settled as leads of the drama. Speaking of the word "rekindled" with their meet-up gathering for Goblin, I personally thought (with my delulu mind being active), LDW & YIN maybe have this feelings for each other during Goblin days but tried to repress it and fought with destiny. However, fate brought them back together for TYH and realised they need not to separate themselves from each other. Though trying to hide their true emotions from the camera, they did not succeed as the idiom says, "action speaks louder than words" and as ninja shippers of the Pichi Couple we noticed their body language- sweet & lovely hidden ninja moves thinking they are really together and fated for each other.. I'm sorry for this delusional opinion about how they tried to agree in starring with TYH. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 최숭합니다 내 친구들..
  18. @Ameera Ali it seems. You and I we have similar taste. I don’t mind KW turning into Kousuke. I would loveeee my ML to go from good boy to bad boy. *cough cough*...got to keep...my positive vibe going *cough cough cough*cannot too negative...*cough cough* but of cause. Dramas ain’t like that, so gonna take it with a grain of salt and savor it when this scene comes 754
  19. NJ helps the father, by untying him, the mother is begging him to take the father in time for surgery, she is using the word " 수술, " and "빨리" means, surgery, quickly. NJ is not kidnapping him, he is escaping from the thugs, poor NJ I was right when I thought he is not totally evil http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/leftywife/pc/ preview: they operate on the father (I think without NJ's cornea ) Jo Aera learns about her son's condition, and is talking to his doctor. @newyee I was laughing so hard when you told me "NJ's filthy cornea "
  20. I'm curious about how the role of the second male lead will play out. When Kim Joon Han played second male lead last year in the drama Time, he was I am hoping that there will be a lot of dimensions to the role but I have to admit that my immediate reaction to him was worry.
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