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  2. So far, for HSDS I love the 2019 followed by 1986 For LOCH I love 1984 followed by 2017 The rest of other adaptations to me, are like not too bad but no deep impression You know what i love the most hahaha I love that ZR threatened to void the marriage agreement and WJ kept quiet lol, its like, "ok she wants to void it herself, even better, i better keep quiet in order to protect myself"
  3. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292566553831286
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwasSx7heYVQZhDtOAc4wDhcp5PqqPncF6bHBk0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=zefj5z389pw9 Hello! I saw this clip and see how joongkook and jihyo look to each other. This a bts fr ep 446. Credit spartace matchmade instagram
  5. Yep I hate the fake suicide trope, thats why I kinda happy that WJ stay silent and did not defend ZR, on top of it the first thing he did the next morning was to look for his MM
  6. I totally missed that troll, which is a good thing. Lol or else i would have totally given him/her a piece of my mind too. I guess that troll could be that same kookmin shipper in ig who shamelessly tag jk hyung and his friends in his/her posts. My advice to all sa shippers, let's just ignore such trolls be it in ig or in here. Let us show that we SA shippers are on a different level than them. We are respectful and do not wish to bring war to other ships. Let us not make up stories about SA just to feed such trolls (this statement is for one particular sa shipper in ig whom i saw replying to that kookmin shipper). Let us prove to other shippers that we, SA shippers only post about SA based on facts.
  7. Well said Everyone has their weaknesses and its normal to cry. Jinyong may not have indicate his protagonist weak side but it doesn't take a genius to understand that as long as they are human, human have emotions. I am sure Jinyong would have approved of the producer idea of showing the protagonists inner turmoils. Sometimes when you quarrel with a love one, and he or she ran out of the house. You feel regretful for being harsh. And it so happen that your love one who quarrelled with you in the morning, is still not back home at night. Your first reaction, its so late now, where is he or she now? Can't help worrying? At this moment, you are panic probably and thinking to yourself, As long as she come home now, i promise to be nice, i promise to say sorry. It's a few hours parting and one can already feel so much. Let alone years of separation. Both of them lost their families. They learnt to cherish and treasure each other. Years of separation, its already a blessing and relief to know the one you love is still alive, even more touching to know that he went through all odds and bear with the uncertainties to look for you endlessly. Hahaha being in royal family, her father may have many concubines haha one or two of the smart alec may used the suicide tricks before lol
  8. It was too short! Even when Jae Seok asked she said she isn’t as busy as it may seem. I feel the promotions lacked last year. She was only in that Lil Boy one! Normally you get to know facts about your favourites through these variety shows ... I feel SHS is still a mystery.
  9. Yup, it was like total SLAP to ZZR face. Well, who told her to fake suicide anyway, she kind of asking for it. I bet ZM has seen faked suicide attempt cases all her life with her background in royal family. So cheap tricks won't blow her away.
  10. Oops sorry for late response Somehow I missed your posting I think CJH’s appearance in ‘We Will Channel You’ was a part of promotion for The Last Empress as SBS owns WWCY. Btw I was curious why Song Ha Yoon hadn’t selected a new drama yet. But I just read that SHY left her previous agency and signed with a new one. Maybe she was in transition so she didn’t pick a new project. I guess soon we might hear about her new drama. http://star.mk.co.kr/v2/view.php?mc=ST&year=2019&no=243267 Hello thank you for the sweet video. Yes a few of mabbeum girls are still lingering around here hoping to hear any dating news about OTP haha
  11. @AppleBanana i have same opinion with above. I hope you give chance to watch this. It's kind of disappointing at the end but the middle is quite engaging.
  12. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4293260174067684
  13. or Maybe I don't have life that is why I am responding to you....I guess I only saw PMY's name on it....Yep I got lost. Let me leave the forum before you guys kill me ... I'll go do something meaningful like studying.
  14. I'm rewatching ep 43 and just amazed how WJ actually fought ZR to protect ZM...lol...who could fight back against your bride if he's truly ...lovely ..willingly to marry her? True, he might not want ZR to hurt ZM even if he doesn't love ZM, but from how I saw it from that episode, WJ was thankful to ZM to be there on time to stop him.
  15. Definitely everyone has their own preferences, some might like whichever version while others don't. It's expected For me, this version surpassed 86. So, my lists of favorite HSDS now: (1) 2019, (2) 1986, (3) 2000, (4) 2009 (uugh, I was so excited when I heard the 2009 version as I quite like Deng Chao. But the editing and the ending ruined it for me. Ady An is good as ZM though. My favorite ZM: (1) this version sliiiightly more than Gigi Lai. (1.5) Gigi Lai (2) Ady An. (3) Kitty Lai. My favorite WJ: (1) this version, (2) Tony Leung. (3) Deng Chao. I also enjoyed Lawrence portrayal but he lack some charisma, I guess Now, regarding ZM that seems to be out of character, I think this version did good job to portray both the strong and weak sides of ZM and WJ. Sure it seems like it's out of characters since they are mostly portrayed as strong characters in previous versions with less display of weaknesses, but I feel that it is not really realistic to always be strong, especially in the midst of situations they are facing. They are human, but most importantly, they are still young people thrust into all the conflicts. When I was young, I associated strong with never shed a tear, never show desperation, and even never make mistake, but I guess now that I am older, and 10 years have passed since the last adaptation, I changed a lot of POVs, including what it meant to be strong. ZM is an example: she's strong, no denying that. She command her crew with confidence, wit, and she can foil Ming members plan with calculative shrewdness, but when it comes to her loved ones, she can cry, she can be desperate. But it is the fact that she didn't give up that easily is the strength that I like in this version ZM. I am not sure if her holding it against WJ at the finale would be better, but they have been through a lot, and it is indeed a lot, of hardships and sufferings. Long separation with no knowledge of how their loved others are doing is among the worst worst things to go through. They cannot move on, and they cannot stop wondering . Emotional turmoil is among the worst, sometimes even worst than physical hardship. In this case, WJ didn't know where or how ZM is, whether she is waiting for him. He is taking a huge risk travelling with such uncertainties, and their partings are not a happy one either. Not including the possibilities that his journey will end in extreme heartbreak. Similarly, ZM, I presume, might not know if WJ survive the war, or if he can ever extricate himself from the struggles and from his Ming sect responsibility. I guess these tortures, even though they are not directly shown or spelt out, are enough for me Sure this version dwell more on the melodramatic sides, but it doesn't change the fact, at least for me, that ZM, and even WJ are two strong people who shouldered their fates heads-on. They stumble and fall, but most importantly, they stand back up and march ahead. They even made mistakes as they are not perfect, but I feel it is part of their journey to grow up, to truly know what their hearts really want without just throwing away their responsibilities. But I understand that everyone has their own preferences and that's perfectly fine. Peace all
  16. it was actually a good ending where you walk away satisfied with the drama. you don't feel sad or bad for anyone. putting rest in spoiler 502
  17. to further clarify @Ivy-Blue post.. LG is the mother company of Sooryehan.. so.. you can add that on their list of coincidences.. ohh noo.. im not stressed out..LOL! but just like what @Matilda_Anne said.. you may be in the incorrect forum.
  18. My apologies....I'm PMY fan and not any particular crazy about co star of hers....I just want express my opinion that she is great....that is why we are here talking and fighting over where or when we should be expressing our thought. Fighting people...I will go get a life!!!! Peace out my Friends!!! Don't get stress out too much Zashi23.
  19. I really enjoyed the latest episodes. I like the way they edit the meetings of our candidates, lol at the contrast... I pity KJM as his campaign manager, LOL... the money politics ~ *I faint* And with the introduction of some new characters, the dynamics will be more interesting. I'm very curious about the 5 sisters, how did their relationship became like so. And we haven't been introduced to no.3. The preview also looks very interesting!
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