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  2. My delulu is what if pmy asked for permission to psj to give her freedom doing skinship with her co-partner so people will not think again that they are truly dating?
  3. ikr? i wonder the same thing myself.. in my imagination, PMY leaned on PSJ’s shoulder and played with his fingers while they were watching the scene.. that’s y namoo/awesome asked for that part to be removed from dvd muahahahahahaha. i know it’s not gonna happen in milion years (esp bcoz they were watching it with pd and the crews too) but man being delusional is fun fun fun.. and free too..
  4. I like to think KJW would enjoy being a guest on Busted. It's like live role-playing improv, quite different from most of the productions on TV. (I know I would love to be a player/detective on it!) Come to think of it, he and PMY seem to do a lot of role-playing improv on HPL.
  5. Thanks everyone for sharing the BTS! It was so adorable, Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young kept laughing and laughing. I love how they discuss and rehearse their scenes and come up with lots of ideas, and still have so much fun doing it. Also, how cute are they, playing stacking hands? I hope there is a continuation of the kiss scene at the start of ep 15, because in the BTS she cradled his head at one point, but that was not in the drama.
  6. The kiss at the last Ep 14 is hotter at BTS. Maybe we will enjoy that full kiss or "something" at the next week like the kiss at ep 9 & 10. I saw a long kiss at BTS, so we just hope. hahaha. They alway care each other after filming scenses even kiss scenses. So sweet!
  7. Sorry to upload this (just accidentally watch this on youtube).. but this drama was 3 years ago.. even b4 goblin.. she is superrr cute here.. many comments said that she is so good in this drama but i havent watch it.. looks interesting she prooved that she is still good being couple with younger men.. and i'm sure she has many many younger fanboys.. Its funny to read comments like she is one of vampire actrees bcoz her face was never changed while she is getting older.. lols.. I hope she will get many different roles as she said she wants to improved het acting skill.. but hey girl, ur acting is already superb for me.. I think d turning point for her was sunny role in goblin.. she was acknowledge by kim eun sook, one of d famous writer in kdramaland.. what to say else.. yin is indeed d best choice..
  8. wow she's so cool after kissing I remembered once where PSJ wiped GoAra's lips after kiss in hwarang, what to say usually guys who wipe it or make sure no awkwardness but she did it first LOL she surely lead the drama. What caught my eyes was the script. Gosh you guys can see how rush they are that they couldn't compile it one book. It is sometimes hard to memorise last minute and the last scenes on those episode, the dialogues are pretty much simple and short.
  9. I don't think Sindy knew. She only knew that the impression that she gave to Deok Mi wasn't a good one. The part when Sindy trying to talk to Sin-Nal-Gil was only trying to find out more from her but not knowing it's Deok Mi.
  10. Just look at how The Lion worked his magic hands.... +2
  11. Time flies. Only two episodes left. Hope there is happy ending. I will miss all the actors in this drama. Every action scene, comedy scene , kiss scene and romantic scene in this drama will always on my mind. Just take a look at the next episode preview. Jin Gab was singing and dancing. He worked so hard to get the warrant from prosecutor. What Doha is doing? Is he really going to shoot his teacher? next preview video
  12. A.C.E’s WOW will unfortunately be unable to attend HallyuPopFest 2019. On May 25, A.C.E’s agency Beat Interactive released a statement on the group’s official Twitter account to announce that WOW would be unable to attend the event in Singapore. Their statement reads as follows: Notice regarding WOW’s inability to attend Singapore’s HallyuPopFest 2019. Hello. This […] The post A.C.E’s Agency Announces WOW Will Be Unable To Attend HallyuPopFest 2019 appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. I just knew you're going to provoke me...!! Averted my eyes and skipped!! 828
  14. I still wonder what kind of 5 minutes moment has to be cut from wwwsk bts dvd when PJS-PMY sit together watching ep 4? Just 2 minutes instead of 7 minutes.
  15. I remember PMY standing up and/or getting far away from PSJ after their kiss scenes, but she's wiping her lipstick off KJW's lips. The contrast is stark lol
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