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  2. The owner of the restaurant said they specifically cooked large fried squid for this scene which about 30 cm!
  3. For cable channel 2% above are not bad rating still average..5% above high..10% above a big hit..hpl really popular among idol fan and international..just like healer..pmy gain a lot new fan among idol fan..the successful drama not only base on rating but the content and audience target..hlp will still maintain around 2% until end..course of young people like to watch online..adult and older will not watch..even me not into this kind of drama just watch fast forward online..
  4. There appears to be some strategic move with CSH, NJ, and SW teaming up together to dump mean uncle and Mr. Jo. At one point, NJ even calls CSH "Mother", so I'm wondering if the SW "resignation letter" is part of the scheme. CSH is getting some of her fire back and confronts old uncle. What is maddening is the "flip-flop" by the writer with her character being vindicated and she is now going to save the company for her sons. Oh, well.... whatever.
  5. @lu09 I told you that LSH family is not bright. All they know is welcoming snakes into the family. LSH needs his own place like his dad. Then again, grandma is going to force herself on him and moved in like he's a kid. She was worse today. She acts like she's gonna breastfeed the darn grandson. Ridiculous! For once, I need SH mom to be as loud as possible. I see SH is back at the Park house to stir sh!t just like we love her lmao I really don't care if LSH stop working at that damn company. Let his grandpa worry about himself. He forgot that LSH basically revived Aura Bio and he got the public love mostly because he's a doctor. And he really needs to finish his residency or something instead of doing that corporate nonsense. Too bad, they didn't upload the clips with his parents. I have to wait after I go home to see it. Ugh!
  6. @Ameera Ali yes 1 minute late. I might claim your spot. Lawyerh, the h could be hwang @triplem @sushilicious plenty of rest for u sushi chingu. GWS! 558
  7. Omg. I love my Hae il. I may call myself Mrs Kim now I love my dark knight lollllll @ktcjdrama I’m sick lol 558
  8. I wonder who Oppa is buying those shoes for? Maybe his staff and crew helping with the fan meeting! Such a sweet sweet man!
  9. Ep.19 of FP? As in the episode today? Whyyy?? 556
  10. I’m finally watching the Ruyi drama since watching the Legend of Zhen Huan. It is so good so far but I’m only up til episode 4.
  11. To calm myself down, I shall post this cute fan art of our SS giving his peace offering of mandoo.
  12. Hi @Latifah_! Thanks for sharing your detailed account on your quick visit to Suseo. I can imagine what it's like to be there and wait for Minho. Good for you that you were able to squeeze that visit into your trip. And best of all, you saw our bb, even from afar. Hopefully, we'll see him in a project real soon!
  13. Here's a picture of the whole team. It looks like those wrap-up pictures, but I thought they were supposed to film until mid-June? And here's the BTS of the poster and teaser shoot. LHN is so cute calling LJW "oppa"
  14. When Hwang was begging Lee to sign, he was rather desperate. I think he knows that the signing cannot be delayed any longer. And he said something like he is like a son to Father Lee. Sorry not catching the words very well during streaming just now.
  15. Yes as per what @Lawyerh said ..let me know if you can't figure it out. Pali pali ...claim your hubby...I can see on FP thread you may have competition 554
  16. Still giving out KJR vibes!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BwcBp_LJEvK/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=rovvsmransk6
  17. Just started this drama yesterday. Really happy that I found this since I was missing watching a good Chinese drama. Can’t wait to see more.
  18. So, Hwang and the gang actually used by that devil chief prosecutor. Hwang and the gang feel bad in the end. Now I understand why Hwang never used violence when he's asking for the land to father Lee I'm sad when Hwang cried looking at father Lee got killed by that prosecutor.
  19. In twitter some solid PMY admins are angry at PPC shippers they said because of shippers fantasy some got angry at them for spazzing PMY and KJW. Fellow shippers I hope you understand they have no loyalty to PSJ they only like PMY and they do not believe PPC dating. Understand the solid fans or unfollow them if you are jealous.
  20. Sister Kim , lol...can still talk while the gun pointing at her head...not a good copy of the preview..but I think we will have a good ending
  21. Also, I don’t think they care even if she got taken away. They never did like her.
  22. Same feeling here. I think that sometimes people with no sense of morals and the willingness to kill is a prized asset for intelligence purposes. Once you are told to kill someone or many people, you can't afford sympathy or empathy. Hae Il had too much and so he had to leave even though he had the skills. And other times, people are able to hide their true nature under the guise that it's their job, which provides reinforcements for their urges.
  23. Omg ep 19 might be my favorite now. Omggggggggg. Gonna watch subs tmr after I go to the doctor lol. 552
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