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  2. I'm just posting here in case other non-Jaemin shippers are feeling threatened over KJW and PMY's chemistry. I know you guys are looking at this thread, lmao. I'm not usually a fan of shipping (I've never shipped PMY with anyone before, even with her previous dramas, not Healer, and not WWWSK), but these 2, in this drama, are giving me serious STS.
  3. @seunhyelthank you chinggu. I will check it in spotify. It's always playing in my head LSS lol
  4. Thanks love....xoxoxo If only we knew what soap and shampoo he used, I would've asked my hubby to use it........Hmmmm I wonder what he smelled like since I cant afford the perfume. LOL
  5. ....off topic....with dance....i love you, noona...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. because dating news came out. if dating news of psj/pmy with other actresses/actors comes out, fans will start to hate the celeb too. remember the line in hpl. you can date with anyone. but you must not be caught.
  7. wasn't it the other way though? psj's neck must have been stiff that day from looking at pmy even when she wasn't talking ooh i feel sorry for taehwan as well. he is the maknae between them & then he unintentionally becomes a third wheel both on & off screen tag me along if your about to hurt pd nim so we both can beat hin up
  8. Videos from the roadshow 1.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375678632809588/4375679179583676 2.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375795741993706/4375795793511750 3.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375776343312264/4375776591420810 4.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375584764041747/4375586262636354 5.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375605123439504/4375606499912070 6.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375604242625058/4375605497406072 7.https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375853317216912/4375853498071770
  9. No Direction and Is It You by Rachael Yamagata Spring Rain by Osear Dunbar
  10. just a bonus but he was really good with speaking spanish with the locals in yoon's kitchen with little bit of tutoring & little bit of study on the plane. a really hard working guy when it comes to learning a new language
  11. Maybe YIN asked JKH if it's okay for him to turn down the offer as a friend so that LDW could play the part haha. Well we really don't know.
  12. ....i like this.... ...........I've already gotten used to your smell....... ............So, hypothetically speaking, which one do you like?.......this..?!!!!!!!!!!! ......or this...?!!!!!!!! ...anyway.....,I just had an impulse to say hello to you.... .....and....say...i love you, my familiar ibru
  13. i think pmy pronunciation is much better than psj! psj is good himself too but he just needs to be more confident. his voice gets a little heavy when he speaks english & i absolutely love it. i think it's cause of his busy schedule but if he gets into it he will be fluent in english in no time.
  14. Related to the armpit issue: As for our different ear odors, they came about because of a tiny change, just one little letter in the genetic alphabet that long ago granted an East Asian population a reprieve from both smelly underarms and sticky earwax. This mutation appeared about 2,000 generations ago, according to a study published in 2011, and became more common across Asia over time. Today most East Asians and nearly all Koreans lack a chemical in their armpits that bacteria munch on to make body odor, because they carry this variant of the ABCC11 gene. https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/gory-details/what-your-earwax-says-about-your-ancestry So, no fear of warming your hands in his armpit.
  15. I usually only watch bts's for dramas I really love but I don't think I've ever seen someone wipe their co-star's lips after a kiss scene. I've seen a few where they wipe away their tears, but that's usually only if they get on quite well. Usually after a kiss or crying scene, the actors just go off on their own to compose themselves or get their staff to clean up their face. KJW and PMY are on a whole different level of comfort than what I've seen before. I mean really, touching someone else's face is a fairly intimate gesture imo, but maybe actors are used to it since they're constantly getting their make up touched up and whatnot. Speaking of second hand embarrassment, that is something I have yet to experience watching our lovely couple together. I have watched A LOT of K-dramas and I've seen my fair share of cringe romance scenes and heard a bunch of cheesy lines, and sometimes the second hand embarrassment is so bad I have to pause the video and just stop watching. But not for LaBit couple, I can't get enough of their sweet cute happy scenes, they're just so natural. <3 I think what makes them really great is that they're not withholding with their affection. They are constantly holding each other's hands, hugging one another, giving small pecks, and just overall being really affectionate towards one another. They are acting how a couple who are falling in love with each other should be acting, they can't get enough of each other. So many k-dramas make way too big a deal about small simple loving gestures, like a back-hug, a forehead kiss, or even just holding hands, that are realistically just a normal part of a healthy loving relationship. There's certainly nothing wrong with making a big deal about the small things in life, but come on, I'm so over it, especially when the people involved are mature adults. Also, the way they're kissing in that BTS gif looks a lot like woodshop style~
  16. .........off topic...today...https://www.soompi.com/article/1327022wpp/han-ji-min-shows-support-for-ji-sung-and-his-upcoming-drama-with-special-gift
  17. @ktcjdrama There is only one reason I can think of that Da Hee would tell Seon Ho that JS was to blame for what happened to her. It is possible that she was sexually assaulted on her birthday after all, which could have happened after she was stood up and was all alone. That would explain why she was so traumatised since that day, and her blaming JS - calling him a bad person, saying it was all his fault, that he did it. In her mind, she could have felt that she would not have been a victim of sexual assault if JS had not lied about meeting her, then standing her up. That would explain why JS, after finally confronting Da Hee, was so stunned that he would turn himself in, and confess to everything that happened, both to Seon Ho and Da Hee. Nonetheless, there is no excuse for Da Hee to accuse Seon Ho of the same crime, unless she felt Seon Ho was indirectly also to blame for what happened, since JS would never have toyed with her if it had not been to get back at Seon Ho. My 2 cents... To be honest, the blackmail seems a little contrived, coming in at the 11th hour, which I guess could serve as OJP moving to rid his blackmailer, and being caught in the process, since Ki Deuk Cheol is already on the police's wanted list all this time. We'll see. Ultimately, I hope the last episode will give much needed healing to all who have suffered so terribly, allowing them a sliver of hope to finally embrace a Beautiful World.
  18. Fan little yellow duck At 16:04 on May 24 from the micro-blog weibo.com ........................Brightness: It describes a series of shades between white and black.......... Fan little yellow duck 10:20 today from ultra-words  Lee Jong-suk  because it is waiting for Lee so early ahcr.dc ..............Me and you make a pact...
  19. @kimdaehwi thank you so much. I am continuing the blog because of your encouragement. I am also looking forward to Zin Tae Hyun's next drama. It is so sad that all his previous works are not subtitled, except Monster and some short dramas where he had very minor roles Maybe we should learn Korean, most of his long works are available on YouTube with no subs. @newyee there is @Ameera Ali and @kimdaehwi too they both like NJ, but I am the more clear
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