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  3. After watching the two ep with the sub, i like how MR fight for herself during the conversation alone with her bio mum, one inside the lift, the other one is the ending part of Ep 18,.... she said : I am not leaving, I will stay right here (Thumbs up)...she was firm at that moment. I hate the way when her bio mum IS said "......you were raised by poor family", couldn't she remb she was the only reason why her daughter was raised up by poor family because she abandoned her.... I was sad to see MR often cry whenever she met her both mum....i knew these are their emotional scenes which are unavoidable, but i want MR continue to be strong in her role in this drama......she was lucky to meet TJ in the company in this drama, if this happens in real life with TJ role absence, she will be alone to fight against with the top management, or she will quite the job and find some other competitive MNC. With her competency, she is no doubt able to get one fast..... Back to drama, TJ will emotional support her all the way which can be seen in the next week EP. MR, fighting...to all the mum and sisters, fighting....
  4. Hareem is getting married! On May 19, the musician announced news of his wedding on his radio show EBS FM “Sunday Music Journey World Music, It’s Hareem” (literal title). During the one-hour segment titled “May Wedding Singer” where he introduced listeners to wedding songs around the world, he said, “Everyone, I’m getting married.” He explained, […] The post Singer Hareem Announces Marriage And Plans For Unique Wedding In Poland appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. 190519 #SEHUN Instagram Update: "From morning till night, you can brag about anything." ===== 190519 mihawkback Instagram Update with #KAI (1/2)
  6. 190519 EXO #CHEN x #BAEKHYUN, Youtube subscribers exceeds 1M subsequently. Once again a proof to their unrivaled popularity. ===== | 190519 EXO #SUHO, met with Cho Seung Woo X Park Eun Tae from 'Jekyll'.. "Thank you for the great performance"
  7. Kim Go Eun To Join Lee Min Ho As Leading Roles In Kim Eun Sook’s New Fantasy Drama May 19, 2019 by J. Lim Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook will be having another reunion in her upcoming drama! On May 20, production company Hwa&Dam Pictures announced that Kim Go Eun has been cast in a leading role for Kim Eun Sook’s next drama “The King: The Eternal Monarch” (literal translation). Kim Go Eun previously worked with Kim Eun Sook on the hit drama “Goblin.” A source from Hwa&Dam Pictures stated, “‘The King: The Eternal Monarch’ will be a fantasy romance drama that goes between two parallel universes of the Republic of Korea and the Empire of Korea. Kim Go Eun will take on two different roles, as detective Jung Tae Eul in the Republic of Korea and the criminal Luna in the Empire of Korea.” They went on to state, “It’s not easy to play two completely different characters of a detective and a criminal. We believe that with Kim Go Eun’s versatility as an actress, which she has shown in her various films and in her role in ‘Goblin,’ where she showed great depth as her character grew from a girl to a mature woman, she will be able to successfully take on the two different characters.” “The King: The Eternal Monarch” will be a fantasy romance of two parallel worlds where the emperor of the Korean empire Lee Gon tries to fight against evil by teaming up with detective Jung Tae Eul to close the door between the two worlds. Lee Min Ho, who worked with Kim Eun Sook on “Heirs,” has already been confirmed to play the role of Lee Gon. The drama is set to begin filming in the second half of the year, and will begin airing in 2020. Are you excited to see Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun working together with Kim Eun Sook? Source (1) Cr Soompi
  8. Congrats to Yoon pd, I had the weird impression that any of the pds on 1n2d long enough would have been married by now, though Hojin pd is still not married yet I guess. JH attended a event held by Narae this weekend, so you can say it's his most recent public appearance. Glad to see that he looks to be in good condition, though it's a pity he wasn't on the 1000th episode of Gag concert.
  10. honestly i dont attacking Jongah ever, i simply expressing my opinion stated that 'i wish them to have a public dating already, just 'liked' each other post didnt seems big issue to me"' lol (its not like i didnt appreciate it when Jong liked yura's post, in fact I DO, its just i dont really take it seriously, i hope y'all get what i mean here lol) but nvm i guess some people really cant accept others opinion, positively.
  11. hiiiii! what a beautiful BTS and good preview from TvN btw i just want to share: LAST NIGHT I HAVE A DREAM. AND KJW IS MY PROFESSOR !!! damn he is sooo sexy, picky, and super handsome. hahahahahahahahahahahah. i wish i can keep that dream for a long time
  12. you can buy it here Blu-ray https://global.yes24.com/Goods/62492657 DVD https://global.yes24.com/Goods/62651842
  13. Character posters are out! Eventhough the posters are colourful, imo it exudes mystery rather than normal romcom vibes. Hua3 ------ Seems like they are playing with colours. I suppose each colour represents a meaning. Gahhhh..gimme more cute Shin Sung Rok! The stern face still sends psycho vibes. Hahaha Kim Min Gyu and his wink is inseparable. Lol
  14. https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=241&aid=0002915790 Netizen comments :(+314,-46) I don't think she will fit together with Lee Minho..(+270,-89) I wonder if Kim Goeun is serious and know about the background. Or only because of her acting.(+147,-38) Lee Minho have a strong features..But again the female lead..(+141,-60) I will look forward to Lee Minho and Kim Goeun in The King ♡(+68,-13) Woah this is annoying(+85,-62) I like it!
  15. BTS for eps 2 - subbed I don’t ship actors iRL, but nice to know they enjoy working with each other I know someone brought up the sis , was it you @turtlegirl ? I thought that was quite irresponsible of her to run away like that . Especially when Gal Hee works her butt off supporting her .She’s young , I suppose She’s training / auditioning to be an idol or something right ? ( I can’t remember) . She’d better make good of it or it will really break GH & her brother’s hearts .
  16. https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=241&aid=0002915790 Netizen comments :(+314,-46) I don't think she will fit together with Lee Minho..(+270,-89) I wonder if Kim Goeun is serious and know about the background. Or only because of her acting.(+147,-38) Lee Minho have a strong features..But again the female lead..(+141,-60) I will look forward to Lee Minho and Kim Goeun in The King ♡(+68,-13) Woah this is annoying (+85,-62) I like it!
  17. After DM was throwing some flour to RG face, RG took revenge to wipe his full of flour-face to DM’s cheek(?) neck (?) dont know. Then DM said ‘what are you doing?’ As if she’s lil pissed by RG’s prank. The RG just keep picking at her by said: ‘do it, do it... (he keep trying to provoke DM to wipe it off to his face) .. ah so pretty (means with the flour in her face she looks pretty, just to make fun of her )’
  18. speaking of preview wasn't it nice to see WB concerned about YJ knowing too many high ranking officials? But he is right though 1 wrong move and it could fatal for her. but it just makes me think that there is something that gives her the confidence to do what she does without a flinch of an eye. This is intriguing and i love it.....
  19. last week's bts with english sub: bo young's interview with the abyss, also subbed: new stills:
  20. New JYJ FB cover and profile pics... [ALLDAY_XIA] ㅣKIM JUNSU (XIA) Backstage Tales From the Japan Concerts JUNSU_XIA Official [김준수] 드라마 녹두꽃 OST '흩날린다(Blows)' 녹음실 스케치ㅣXIA JUNSU_XIA Official JYJ CAFFEINE: J*J News Weeks of 5/6- 5/19/2019 https://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2019/05/jj-news-weeks-of-56-5192019.html?spref=tw
  21. HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA okhay.. let's party in the drama thread hahahaha.. btw you know my friends in fb keep tagging me like "Sejabin. our boyfriend will have a new drama. cheer!!" <--- she is a filipino who married a french hahaha I hope Kim Go Eun can leads him to the right direction wkwkwkkwkw +2 note: if I am Kim Eun Sook I won't let just anyone take leading role in my story xixixixixi I miss Kim Go Eun too on drama screen. it's been a long time since Goblin. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH my favorite actress with my boyriend
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