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  2. The friendship between former Wonder Girls bandmates Sunmi and Ahn So Hee remains strong! On April 26, Ahn So Hee took to her Instagram and shared photos with the caption, “Without telling me.. Thank you, friend. You are my left arm, and I am your right arm.” The idol-turned-actress also included the hashtags, “Welcome To Waikiki 2,” […] The post Sunmi Supports Former Wonder Girls Groupmate Ahn So Hee With Special Gift appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  3. I wonder how long this drama would be since most of ocn dramas are typically shorter
  4. And the man who killed is...!! I just have someone i love, and he loves me. The last goodbye #tears #cry
  5. SBS 'Nokdu Flower' Production Presentation Live *** Dday *** Forestella` Mung Bean Flower' OST First Runner Foresutella also presents a special stage for the drama production presentation. The song "Bira Saha, Blue Bird Night" by Foresutella was actually called at the time of the Donghak Peasant Revolution, which was the background of the drama. It was reborn as a combination of rich orchestra and epic percussion. Foresutella added a beautiful chord to it. https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019042541644
  6. Guys next week on jongmin's show "mafia game in prison" defbear will be the guest inmate! if you missed them together check it out! (btw check that sho out too jongmin is so funny in there)
  7. Park Hee Soon plays a father of Park Sun-ho (Namdaemu) in the JTBC drama 'Beautiful World' (play Kim Ji-woo, directing Park Chan-hong) and plays a person who feels a sense of distance as a teacher in the current high school. At the same time, it is necessary to solve the case of the son who is a victim of school violence, and at the same time to understand, Dong Dong-soo (Seo Young-ju). The audience wonders how the realistic distress of Moo-jin, who feels confused in his role, will have an impact on his future actions. (Google translation) https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019042670904
  8. I love the “Grassland reunion” I like your translation too. Waiting for part 5. i agreed with you the bed scenes will flow in your head all day & night. Hahaha many thanks Lauren for translating.
  9. I guess its something light-hearted to look forward to?? considering the amount of heavy tragic and intense historical dramas focusing on the royal politics and tragic endings they had in the recent years. I also love that GSY has another tomboyish character LOL! She's good at it.
  10. First script reading Director Roh Do-cheol, who directed the first season as well, said, "I feel tremendous and lustful as it is my season drama that starts with the expectation of many people at the recent scenario reading of the script." "I feel the weight of responsibility, but I am very glad to be with good actors" And introduced the staffs and actors who gathered at the scene of the reading. Jung Jae-young, Jung Yoo-mi and Oh Man-seok, who were the main characters of Season 1, showed intense concentration, and immersed themselves in the character, further heightening the expectation for "Investigation couple 2nd Season". https://www.mk.co.kr/star/hot-issues/view/2019/04/264504/
  11. hahahahah i may just faint first Let me "Try it out" after I finish my "Grassland reunion" Translation ok? Otherwise i will have bed scenes all over my mind when I do the Romantic "Grassland reunion" hahahahaha Sidetracked: How would Yukee and Joseph react if they read those "Hot" Fan Fic?
  12. Mi Hye (Ki ha Kyung) and Woo jin (Ki Tae Young) stills KBS2 Weekend drama 'My beautiful daughter in the world' Mi Hye and Wpo Jin make a real contract. Kang Mi-hye (Kim Hae-kyung) has lost his confidence in himself because he can not write in the slump. In the appearance of Kim Woo-jin (Kita Tae-young) who visited Kang Mi-hye who left the café part-time job and escaped, he wondered what the inside would be. https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019042677754 ***** I like that there is a smile on Mi Hye`s face. things will go much better for her in the future. ***** Mother of Mine`s Kim Hae-sook, feels soaked with tears to the house theater Last week's audience rating was 32.1% (Nielsen Korea's national standard), and KBS 2TV weekend drama 'The Beautifulest Daughter in the World' (screenplay, directing Kim Jong-Chang, production JNJ Productions, Take Two) '), Kim Hae-sook (Park Sun-jae) has shown a deep empathy for viewers by drawing a picture of Korean mother who has dedicated her life for her child. As a mother of three daughters of the dramas, Kim Hae-sook perfectly assimilated to the character of Park Seon-ja who lived in a haphazard way to avoid poverty. Even though the nagger is laid out, the inner part of the acting which melts the warmth and warmth is drawn in real and realistic and adds fun. (Google translation) http://sports.chosun.com/news/news.htm?id=201904260100213490014411&ServiceDate=20190426
  13. tvN will be creating a new music variety show! On April 26, sources in the broadcasting industry reported that tvN would be launching a new music variety program titled “Super Hearer” (literal title). The show is directed by producing director (PD) Min Chul Ki, who previously produced MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer.” After transferring […] The post tvN To Launch Music Variety Show Headed By PD Behind “The King Of Mask Singer” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. @tok-soompi Thank you so much for sharing these clips. I somehow miss these two very much after just finished rewatching Hyde Jekyll, Me with my friend because she is a die heart fan of Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. They somehow seem to grow on me as a couple. They make my heart flutter seeing their BTS clips. Waiting to see them at the Baeksang Art Awards. I hope both win the grand prize.
  15. Who knows MS will get pregnant after a binge drinking night and JS will stay home to be a full time nanny per @sadthe1st's prediction.
  16. 692 @Sejabin ~ so I checked out her private life ep 5 and all I can say is "hmmmm. " hahahahhaha.... honestly, it was like every other TVN drama that I find disappointing. it has lots of gloss but no substance. without watching any of the other episodes, I understood ep 5.. there's an essential ingredient missing to what makes a drama fun -- conflict! without a central conflict/problem that the character is working through, a drama ultimately feels meaningless and lacks heart.. so maybe it is because I can't relate at all to her fangirl problem?... and I agree with you -- lion is super hot and smoldering and she just stands there. @triplem ~ this girl seems to have a special talent for making the men smoulder while she stands there with the same exact dazed expression in every single drama. so basically people don't notice her and only notice the smolder of the man. hahahaha... she was so annoying in city hunter that I dropped the drama even though the story itself was interesting...
  17. EXO’s Chanyeol has been receiving a lot of love for his first solo track “SSFW“! The track was released in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese through the third season of SM STATION on April 25. Only a day after its release, it topped iTunes albums charts in at least 14 countries including Norway, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, […] The post EXO’s Chanyeol Tops International iTunes Charts With “SSFW” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  18. @taeunfighting TVB already confirmed 50 eps, same as mainland. @jackieusa It's smut, hahaha @LaurenPanna will die of combustion translating that. Writing smut and reading it is totally different thing. Always appreciate authors who can write it well
  19. This is what i do when my fav drama ended. Go to mdl to review and give 10 stars for it. U do the same Great mind think alike lol Ssshhh not even my full list tbh. Haha havent chingu.. What he do this time? Hes pretty lovely and swooning material indeed. 694
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