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  2. Hello! haha, No problem sis. The story is interesting enough and I think there is good chemistry, but quite agree with the HJW's acting. Not her best here. Maybe it is harder for her to tone down the aegyo in "lighter" roles because it is her most natural self, hehe. Will definitely have to check out Chronicles of the Blood Merchant. Agree that is so great we are able to interact and discuss more about Jiwon's acting, dramas, movies and a glimpse about her personal life. Like most of you pointed out, I admire her for choosing anti damsel-in-distress roles and usually opt for strong female roles especially with a male-centric society in Korea. Her being a multi-awarded actress both in dramas and movies is a testament to her passion and love of her craft. Till now, number of junior actors name her as the actress they aspire to be. In my opinion, at this point of her career, she has nothing more to prove but enjoy her work, and be the cool boss of her agency, True, her male partners usually become more famous and sought out after they partner with her. The magic of HJW.
  3. You miss one more girl... Dr. Heo Im... 798
  4. hahaha I am just admiring the beauty of being loved and inlove. oppp I immediately scrolled down as we have several gifs and I am currently working.
  5. An enchanting view with the beautiful and refreshing sound of flowers, the wind breeze and perfect features and voice of Wookie.
  6. This Attitude, what makes we love and attached to them. Keep humble you two credit to the owner
  7. @cenching I only have cups and needles when my back starts hurting haha 796
  8. 792 @sushilicious like @cenching picture... we can just scratch using money coin in our back. 1 dollar coin will do, cheap & easy lol. Don't know which one is Alladin's favourite method lol
  9. @sushilicious @Lawyerh I love getting a massage. I tried almost everything, Thai Massage is incredible. You feel like you are being battered by Jacky Chan or Jet Lee but the next day is heaven.... +2
  10. Just finished epi. 3 of Different Dreams. Everybody is wearing bespoke suits and this is in Korea and then China. and it's just the turn of the 19th century. The story seems slow and the lead actress is never messed up. I remember her other role before where she is an executive in a company and she paired with this guy who develops cosmetics and she knows judo in that drama. They always put her in those roles like this drama. She is always powerful and elegant in all her roles. I like to see thing get out of hand and get her out of that mould.
  11. It’s painful at first, as it sucks up your flesh into the cup. But after awhile it feels better. Then next day, blue black cup marks will be on your back 790 @cenching goosebumps gahhh
  12. @Lawyerh @Sejabin Instead of Ventosa, Indonesian got this.... Recommended for Alladin too... +2
  13. Guasha... or coining (kerokan) also can cure colds (masuk angin) Never tried that cupping before. Seems scary.. 786
  14. ARe u all bent on making this thread 800 page at the end of next week?.... i salute your dedication Not sure why, i've downloaded WWWSK again yesterday. Crazy... i know i have downloaded it last time but I dont know where I place my hard disc.
  15. @cenching never knew it was called ventosa. Cause I always calls it suction cups haha 784
  16. Hello dear... Nice to see you here after a long time!!! Hope you are doing fine! Thanks a lot for the link for his new movie trailer! Still no uploads on youtube or any other site!! Hope fully we will have more... And the trailer is definitely on the dark side of the moon... I can't even see any faces in my monitor! But I got him at once when I saw him!!! Looking so handsome in short hair!!! A perfect detective mode And there is no release date yet, only that it's slated to release in next month! Have you any leads, dear..???! I can't wait to see him! No matter he is only a support actor!! I am totally on board for this movie! It is so intense already so I really hope it hit the market on the best spot!! Fighting, Daniel!!! Can't wait to see you at the press con!!!
  17. T @Lmangla @sushilicious & @cenching i dont know why they make genie with this hair style always , he making wish to come true , can’t he plant hair for himself -2
  18. Is it just me who thinks he lost more weight? I hope he's getting some rest in between his busy schedule still handsome and dreamy as always though of course I don't know if it's already been posted but looks like another drama, The Best Era, has been added to MyDramaList. I don't recall seeing this one when I last checked.. I only remember The Last Prince and Love in a Forbidden City as his next listed projects but understand Ethan Ruan is headlining Love in a Forbidden City. Glad we are seeing more dramas though!
  19. No English term for "masuk angin".... It's translated literally "the wind/air goes inside body".... 782
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