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  2. Dom sent GH out the door with all the free stuff from the hotel room. DJ and Dom continued talking about stuff, about voices, and they ended up on the sofa with DJ asking Dom if he is in a love relationship. He smiled and said that there is someone he wants to fall in love with. DJ asked who and if she is pretty. Dom said pretty, while the screen cut to GH outside looking up to the sun. They talked about voices again, DJ asked Dom to call the girl so he can also hear what kind of voice that girl has. Then he handed Dom the envelope with money from his mother. Cut to DJ and Veronica Park the night before when they met. She is very happy and smitten by him of course. DJ get her to sign a form, as in preview. Cut to driver in all black at the office, talking to someone on the phone. Dom in the hotel suite, trying to sleep but cannot. He saw the slippers on the floor, then imagined GH picking up the slippers talking to him, saying thank you for the slippers. He tidied up the slippers and put them nicely under the bedside table. He walked out to the rice cooker, imagined GH talking to him again. He walked down to the swimming pool, took his phone and called sleeping GH. He asked if she is asleep, yes... She is annoyed and wants to hang up, but Dom doesn't allow her, and provoked her that she sat up on her bed all awake now. She started a tirade of scolding, but he fell asleep by the poolside chair listening to her. There is a voice over by Dom which I didn't catch.
  3. I'm watching the beach scene and it's so funny when WJ says "Are you angry with me?" He's like a little kid. Same with the scene after the island where she runs out after he accuses her of the murder and he told her "Don't be angry anymore". He can't stand her being angry at him.
  4. The viewer's predetermination for Spring Night is probably unfair, especially to Han Ji Min whose acting will immediately be compared to Son Ye Jin's in Pretty Noona. At the show pre-premiere press conference, HJM was gracious in response to comparison questions about the two shows, stating that she admired SYJ but their characters and shows are different. It will be very difficult for Spring Night not to be viewed (rightly or wrongly) as Pretty Noona Part 2.
  5. credit: Logo @rahma92: Hopefully, @autumnight can shed light on the reason...but even the ones tweeting from the event couldn't understand... I asked Bogummy the question during the YT live...
  6. Oh My God... Thanks a lot for giving me such a big love, dear!! I am so grateful to you! And yes, this is the best place on earth to talk about our beloved lover boy, Daniel!! I desperately miss him darling!! And I wonder why he isn't picking up his next project yet..??! May be he wants to have good rest til his fan meeting next month & then picks up a lead role right after!!! His all fans are missing him madly... He better return soon!! I miss this handsomeness so much!!
  7. I saw the same thing!!! But I didn't want to say anything. I was on instagram and saw that in one of the recent big picture episodes, it was assumed that jong kook was interested or is potentially seeing someone/ has someone in mind. The PDs of the shows were talking about how they think HaHa oppa is responsible for theem getting pregnant or having babies (obviously as a joke) and then HaHa said "then everyone should touch my nose (to bring them pregnancy goodluck I guess)" but jong kook added "I should avoid touching you then, because that will be big trouble for me" (something along those lines). I read the comments and people were saying why would jong kook say that if he is not seeing anyone etc. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that, yes this episode JK did seem to be trying to avoid contact with SJH. This could really be for many reasons but what I can definitely say is that he did not avoid somin like that (except for maybe when she fell after spinning and ks/sechan/HaHa helped her up lol). I am not saying what ppl might be thinking but I am just stating what I saw on screen. When HaHa won the game for them, you see jong kook's reaction was to turn to ji suk jin who he was leaning on (I can't remember if he was leaning on him, but they were standing very close) and cheered with him, but somin's instinct was to turn to her right were jong kook was standing but at that point he had turned to ji suk jin so she turned back....but then jong kook noticed and still grabbed her arm to cheer. With SJH, she was genuinely excited when they won the last game and tried to grab jong kook's arm but he moved it away. Also when the camera intentionally filmed jongkok and somin sitting together with their backs turned, and kwangsoo came to block them, the camera zoomed in on jihyo's face (she looked a little sad no? Don't know why but it looked like she was teary eyed...but obviously not for the reason we think but my question is why does the camera zoom in on jihyo's face when kookmin interact nowadays. Might be a coincidence but it's just interesting) I am trying to write this from memory so I can't remember the specific details but at least you get the idea
  8. Live recaps! GH's voice-over with Someone swimming... GH is running through a hotel lobby, just barely made it to the lift. Her brother alone at home, heard some noises, then he started doing some funny kung-fu moves because he suspected someone is in the house. And turned out that really the driver is in their house trying to find something. Person swimming is Dom. He got shocked by GH who appeared right in front of his face as he got up from water. She is trying to show him something on the tablet. He is not shy at all whereas she is all shy because of his bare chest. She covered him in towel after handing him the tablet, as in preview. Dom's mother threw water on DJ's face, followed by a white envelope too... gosh, are these two really married with an evil MIL?? LOL DJ in front of the hotel suite pressing the bell. He is surprised to see GH is the one opening the door with a very tired face. He asked what happened to her, and why the mess, and where is Dom? GH saw the TnT envelope that is in DJ's hand, so she took it and saw some unsigned forms. DJ wondered why she cared so much about all this. GH started whispering to him, but Dom suddenly appeared in the middle of them. Why are you whispering? Secret? Scheming? Love?~ hahaha.... DJ made a comment to Dom about GH's face that looks so tired. Dom looked more closely, and started gathering her stuff and asked her to go home. He is so concerned about her
  9. everyone knows that already.. hence shes called the queen of chemistry.. but its nothing to worry about.. really... NOTHING!
  10. She was trained so hard this time for ballet. From the photo I can see her knee was bruised and had some scars . She must been injured. Although we can see a professional ballet dancer through the drama, but she must had been through a hard time.
  11. Yes im grateful that u invited me to some place thank you so much Congratulations on nearly to 200 pgs Yes we will have so much fun thanks for calling me funny its just bc i love them both so much and its cute Yes im not letting my joy interrupt my studies. Im nearly done Thanks for worry about me ur like a big sis to me @gm4queen
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