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  1. The filming is not an island, it's in Monemvasia on the Peloponese. Gorgeous place. I have to say, her Greek accent is 100% better than any English accent I have heard in any Korean drama. I almost fell off my chair.
  2. Well, this drama took a perverted twist, or should I say predictable twist. Now we will have the "abuse and humiliation of the daughter in law" episodes. Ugh, that scene where she is putting on his tie was a turn off. A competent woman doing that for a little boy. I loved her character and not they turned her into another martyred woman. But, that is what happens on these weekend shows. The character of the stop mom is deeply flawed, she was gone all that time comes back with no problem into the alpha seat. Yuck. At this stage the only interesting character is the oldest sisters boy child husband. He is hilarious. I hope that old man gets totally screwed by that wife and his family, get that geezer on his knees. What a dreadful evil man. What is this 40 more episodes of this ?
  3. Standard daily drama: They all will live together They all will work with each other But I will still watch it because the characters and the actors are likable. So, begin the standard plot ploys: Work sabotage. Someone will steal the pictures of Jenny as a little girl. The good mother, the one with dementia, will die with the secret knowing Jenny is her daughter. At some point the tenant will have to come up with the deposit because something will happen with the house. DNA tests will take place. Some toy, ribbon, thing will trigger memory recovery. Onward! 화이팅 hwaiting ( Morning drama connoisseurs.
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