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  1. Daily drama watching is an art form, here are some things to watch for: The bad girl, is really bad and wears the most outrageous outfits. I bet people fight over who will dress the anti-hero in daily dramas. They are usually 120 episodes, five per week. So, each clump of five, is organized in clumps of 20-25 episodes where one suffering takes place. The heroine will not see any relief till about episode 110. Some of the good ones will give her some victories, but then they will grab the victory out of her hand with either amnesia, coma, or kidnapping. The girlfrie
  2. This was one of the few dramas recently that I did not fast forward.
  3. Epic makjang. It's quite an art form. We add cancer to her fate now, that is off the makjang scales. It's a true art form. The best part is the monster, mistress, will make that entire family suffer in a slow a painful way. Red headed monster is actually very good with the evil facial expressions. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about her. She will rise in power and torment many people.
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