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  1. NK has reached the peak of K-Drama evil. Wow. This notion I conspired to kill and destroy everyone else to survive, where in the universe is that a forgivable offense?
  2. I have nicknamed this drama: the long and boring stares. 80% of the drama is two people staring first category: at each other. Or, sitting and looking out a window, or crouching in a room staring at the cell phone. Sitting and staring at the sister in the hospital bed. Now let's add staring at the father. Oh, and how long did she stare at the datebook? Shoes, rings, or other inanimate objects (aka any actor in this drama)
  3. That is some makeover. Best laugh I had in a long time. Look, if they are going to bring the Emperors back, they can certainly do the makeover. Don't forget he still has the bullet in his head: Kaboom.
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