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  2. https://ko.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/VIP_(드라마) Google Translate: upcoming event for VIP? 25-May Sat Reading & Co-editing offline meeting will be held in Seoul on the 25th of this month.
  3. Lol.. i also occasionally shipping detective couple tbh. But just small hint of romance will do. Too much of it, will disrupt the investigation. The pyschom is one of example.. when engrossed with the case, suddenly got bunch of romance. Lol, then I lost track ... Im easily get distracted type of person haha... at penguin madagascar pictures @Ameera Ali been an ages since ur last summon to lion thread In the mood of lion again? 682.
  4. It's better to laugh than crying I guess the poor girl is a plain Jane and the superstar is arrogant,haughty and superficial but extremely beautiful. Once their bodies swap up, the chaebol will finally notice the beauty inside of the poor girl and will fall in love with her without knowing about the body swap up. The superstar will learn to be modest and be more considerate while living inside the body of the poor girl. It feels like the synopsis of some dramas I've already watched. Everything is so cliché.
  5. I don't know how the real princess was drugged instead of the imposer i also read that her sister was one supposed to be in that arena , i don' know how he'd use her like that since she is in love with him & his follower anyway i guess it was the sister doing or RONG QI's mother doing
  6. 190522 Dongwan's Instagram update. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221543864135
  7. DM's mother calls her - she is sitting in her bed. I think DM's mother wants to celebrate RG's birthday for him (?) and I think Sindy says something about him being brought up in the US (perhaps he didn't have it celebrated? doesn't know when it is). Sindy is seated there brushing away at DM's father's stone. EG calls DI (who is working on her notebook), I think EG wants to ask her out for drinks. But she doesn't agree? And EG looks at his phone and realises he has no friend to call (?) RG is dressing up the next morning and receives a call. DM is at his doorstep, she jumps into his arms and he is happy to see her. She asks him to have breakfast together (a reciprocal gesture?). She has brought some sandwiches over. He teases her and she gets upset but he placates her immediately. DM is at work and she gets a call from SA, she is so happy to hear from him. He wants to talk alone with her. I think he asks her why he (RG) doesn't look too happy with him (SA)? I think SA explains to DM why the mother doesn't like the name Lee Sol anymore. SA explains that he is his mum's fan and he asks DM for her help (but unsure to do what). DI has sent a concept for the art exhibition to RG and he tells her that he is ok with it. It looks like an animation of bubbles. He again has a flashback of himself playing on the rooftop with bubbles and he calls out to his mother as he does so. Next scene, DM is trying to figure out the significance of bubbles to RG or why RG is so fixated with bubbles. She guesses that he liked bubbles as a child... She finds him seated in front of a painting. DM's mother has called him about a birthday celebration (DM's mother?) but he is sulky for some reason, (about her not telling him so he can be a good bf?) and is throwing a tantrum at her. I think he said he was alone last night, and he doesn't like it. So she says she will follow him around or be by his side all the time, including in the toilet??? DM asks RG when his birthday is, he gives her an answer but she asks him if that's his real birthday (vs his adopted birthday). DM has a flashback about RG's mom (Lee Sol) telling her outside the toilet that she can't protect that name or the drawings?
  8. It’s cute! I hope there’ll be lots of fluff and smut. I need some happy feelings surrounding my OTP. The last 1/4 of the series is too angsty as it is.
  9. I think cause they were working with each other so fans love them! Haha This is my first time watching his work! And V2! He looksss good though haha Anyways...I’m laughing so much with the crowd watching Benedict cumberbatch Saying penguins. Haha so cute haha 680
  10. Gotta ask KYK how he prepared his armpit warming scene LOL!! Special perfume?? deodorant??? @triplem I think I became obsessed before I even realised (just like the fact both leads loved each other from the beginning maybe). this drama improves my mood a loooot! Can't wait till they release the bts too!!
  11. DM misses Ryan, "But he wanna be alone...." Her mom calls to talk about her mom's bday. Her mom asks when are his bday and the exact time of his birth (must be for matchmaking LOLOL). DM hangs up, "Bye" =)))))))) Hyojin spills the bean that Ryan doesn't know his bday cuz he was adopted. DM mom looks concerned, "Thanks God he was." Dad consoles her that it's good he met good parents. EG calls DaIn, asking her what she's doing. They exchange some playful banter. Hmmmmmmm /too lazy to translate/
  12. 678. @sushilicious lol maybe bcos they look good together. The murder seems gross.. not a perfect background for romance i would say I watched him in romance before with Ha Ji Won.. Friendzone romance kind of...
  13. Posted by BillyRocks_13 |Part4| Captain said they looked alike but their guesses are hilarious.~ #MasterInTheHouse #LeeByungHun #LeeSeungGi #LeeSangYoon #YukSungJae
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