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  1. @willenette Yes!! I am so looking forward this one and it is happening so soon too. I wonder what month they will start filming and first script reading. Lol now I am expecting more news about this.
  2. OMG that was fast, today he confirmed this upcoming drama. It sounds much more interesting and better than the previous drama offered. I am exciting.
  3. Yeah, I am sure there is a major reason behind. And people also said they keep changing the director which is not a good sign either. Rom-com is good, but do you think he will..? He has done some in the past, he loves to challenge himself, I think he wants something diff and unique. Dang, back to the waiting game for us lol
  4. The news confirmed he rejected the drama offer to him "Bloody fingers"... We trust you KSH, I am sure you already have other offers in mind you are consider. Hopefully won't take too long.
  5. Yea, being his fans is hard. He doesn't take on projects as often. I hope he will from now on, one project per year I still very happy. I hope he confirms the new drama "Bloody fingers" soon.
  6. @willenetteThanks for always updating his news. I can't believe today is "Dream High" 10 years anniversary. I hope he can work with Suzy again on the next drama.
  7. But JJH only thanks him, not dedicated the award to him..lol I think she probably intent to call him MGT, if she said KSH then it's so much like a confession with her whole speech...hehe Regardless, I am just happy shipping quietly and probably don't expect much to see them in one picture. Just need to be patiently waiting someday in years.
  8. When Yeiji gave her speech she won the best actress award. She dedicated the award to him as you can tell how much she appreciates and admires him. And how close they are in order to dedicate her first major award to him. I think that is very sweet.
  9. @boredadvocates Well said right to the point. As a hyunji shipper, we should now know that we won't be getting any crumbs, look at what happened during the AAA award, not a single picture together posted (publicly), they might took many privately that of course we don't know. Including GM had to post each of their picture separately. I am not disappointed that I'm not seeing anything, in fact I am more assure that them and GM try to protect their precious relationship.
  10. @HopeHyunjiisreal I saw on twitter, this is the protocol to be cautious more on social distance. With LJG he obviously broke the protocol and that why he explained on stage loudly why he walked with SYJ and walked back. Here are some posts I saw - [actually after watching, individual men and women in one category - it is the setup. 1. man 1st to enter the stage - followed by the woman. 2. man will give a speech - followed by the woman. 3. man will leave first while the woman is delivering her speech.]
  11. To prevent rumor... GM made them social distancing so obvious. Not even a single pictures of them together Anyhow, Congrats to KSH won the grandPrize and SYJ won the best actress. They both well deserved it!
  12. @denira2104 thanks for reminder of songsong. You are totally correct, the scenario totally match what Hyunji currently.
  13. Drinking too much is not good for health anyway..lol He sure is a good boy
  14. I feel like Seo Ye ji leaving her previous agency is a good move. Look at her now, she is popular oversea and has many CFs since IONTBO aired. I didn't know her before until I watched the show and I've always been KSH fan since MLFTS. I feel like she joined GM for a reason, most probable is KSH. They are already friends (more than friend) when they filmed the show. We all can tell the way they kissed and skinship on the show there is "love" between them. We all can feel through the screen. As for the manager, for sure they is nothing going on between them. He acted like the bob
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