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  1. He is the man, love hearing that from the company, another 2 years wow. Posco is a high end business, I bet they are super picky to choose the artist to be their spoke person too.
  2. I guess this closed the chapter of this hit drama. Now we are looking forward to this new series "One Ordinary Day".
  3. He looks so manly in the military uniform. I feel like he gained so much served his military duty, he seems more mature and the way he thinking is so much positive.
  4. So nice to see him in CF in the meantime, until Nov for his new drama.
  5. I am so looking forward to this series. Yes, Han Ye Seul! she is pretty, they look hot together, but too bad, she won't be in the whole series if they follow BBC criminal justice format.
  6. I feel bad for her, all the sudden she got pulled into his mess. He should takes the responsible instead waiting and dragging a few women into his mess. On his apologize letter he didn't even mention her. That is awful. Seems like people are putting the blame on her. I hope she is okay and with her family and love one that support her. Mentally will be hard for sure.
  7. I can never say enough that "My love from the star" still my number one favor even pass "It's Ok" drama. Last couple days there are negative news about his costar, I hope people don't pull him in too.
  8. He is such a great and talent actor, his pay is well-deserved. I love his acting, when he cries, I can feel his pain and his eyes acting is the greatest. I bet GM won't says anything, with the high possibilities that is the true..hehe
  9. He sure ages backward. Saw a pic of him for the magazine shoot. OMG, he looks so hawwtt, can't wait to see all of the pic.
  10. I bet he had a great birthday, so many fans loves him around the world. It was so touching he posted a thank you video on IG.
  11. @swingbaby Yea I wonder who will play the girl who got murdered. And he possible has a hot sexy sense with that girl too before she got murdered lol
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