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  2. I hope the rumours are true. I have been missing her so much. I have not see any new dramas since ML ended and she had her baby boy. I hop eshe has managed to rest after giving birth and spending quality time with hubby and family.
  3. Wow I must be very old school with forums. Back in the old days, people would post so many pictures of themselves in public forums like Soompi including their "myspace", youtube, eventually facebook, etc... Instagram didn't exist yet back then but wow, it's now a brave thing to share those these days... Times have changed indeed (I just came back out of nowhere)...
  4. HOW TO GET DEWY SKIN LIKE YOUR FAVOURITE CELEBRITIES It’s not always just about the highlighter BY KAYCE TEO 20 MAY 2019 We know the Koreans started the dewy skin trend. We also know it doesn’t always work in a hot and humid country like Singapore. But as these celebs show, the dewy skin look is here to stay. So we rounded up some celeb inspiration and tell you exactly how to achieve their youthful radiance. Song Hye Kyo K-drama star Song Hye Kyo’s most recent outing as Korean luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo’s ambassador is another lesson on how to get dewy skin right. The 37-year-old actress credits her healthy glow to the brand’s First Care Activating Serum EX, but we say there’s life hack you can use: Spritz on a skincare mist right before a big event, and use base makeup that’s made to even out and brighten skin tone. Try Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Mist, an oil-water serum mist that helps rebalance dehydrated skin. It has the brand’s proprietary Jaum Balancing Complex to help improve skin clarity and turnover, while delivering nourishment and moisture to skin. $52-$92, from Sulwhasoo boutiques and counters source credit @https://www.harpersbazaar.com.sg/beauty/how-to-get-dewy-skin-like-your-favourite-celebrities/#
  5. yes they held hands but hjm grab his hand first.. and i think reporters ask for it.. i dont know if it just me,but jhi look awkward.. he even stand next to the pd at first ,then the pd move to the other side,so hjm can stand between them. Today is 21st May,its been a month since their first confirmation. A lot of drama confirmation here and there but HB-Yejin drama takes a veeerryyyyy long time to confirm.
  6. This is what google translations is saying to me: "love deep, the pillow is not complete. Tencent Video VIP #520 Love's official announcement day #勇勇说爱爱!". Boring...it's not like we were expecting the drama to be ready now. What a disappointment! At least they should have posted a picture of Zheyan or Liansong, if they didn't want to post a couple photo..meh
  7. @bebebisous33 & @Lalalaby Good theory. However, I am confused when you say, "real brother" as opposed to half brother? My grandmother had two sets of children, she was married twice, none of them act or feel as if they are not "real siblings" Do you mean you think they have the same mother and father? If so, I understand. Is it your theory that it was DM's mother who pushed RG away? Who left him at the orphanage? According to DM's memory she was playing with someone at the orphanage. Were they both, RG and SA, at the orphanage? Do you think that RG and SA are that close in age? SA knows his mother, remember she came to visit him at his apartment. RG's think his mother left him at the orphanage and she forcefully removed his hand from hers; therefore, RG does not like letting go of anyone's hand because when he does, he feels abandoned. It is my impression that SA and RG do not know that they are brothers. RG was adopted by a couple in the United States, I do not think his mother knows what happened to him and that is why she was in the chapel, perhaps she continuously pray for his safety and happiness. I think that much of RG's trauma comes from being separated from his mother which is why when he saw her paintings, he was traumatized he could not paint any longer. However, I do not discount your theory; because we never know where the story will lead us. Who knows, your theory might be right on all points.
  8. Also he licks his lips and his eyes become as if about to smile, but instead of he starts beating. Bloody ears, 'smiling' eyes, to lick lips, to tie around the neck, drag away and strangle - this is the Kouske's "belongings"? And, of course, 'daddy's' smile over the shoulder. I am not sure that DKW still controls Kosuke. I remembered his smile (while Big Boss was sinking) when he said to Song Soo Cheol 'I am only curious abt what you will say when you die.' Kouske likes watching dying ppl - what they say, how they are dying... And just for relax
  9. Noticed how wherever she moved, his eyes and hand moved the same movements as her. Talk about love. Idk y but a man like PSJ, I don’t see him as one who speaks a lot, but his eyes and actions said it all.
  10. BTS will be appearing on the 2019 ARDYs: A Radio Disney Music Celebration! On May 20 local time, Entertainment Tonight published an exclusive report about this year’s event, which was formerly known as the Radio Disney Music Awards. The report shares that Sofia Carson will be hosting and performers will include Steve Aoki as the night’s DJ, Lovelytheband, and Meg Donnelly with […] The post BTS To Make Special Appearance On 2019 ARDYs: A Radio Disney Music Celebration appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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  12. Sad to say but I'm the same way. I have a perfectly functioning Nintendo Switch, PS4, the NBA playoffs is currently going on, I have tons of great shows/dramas/movies on Netflix/hard drive and all I do all day is check out HPL content or re-watch scenes. Dafuq is wrong with me lmao. Thank goodness we're only 48 hours away from the episode 13 subbed version to release.
  13. I'm like you. I do the same thing! I'm always thinking of Ryan and Deok Mi. And I think Ryan deserves Deok Mi's love.
  14. I didn't know Hjm and Jhi held hands during their presscon. I didn't follow their new drama because the teaser wasn't that interested to me and I'm not a fan of neither one. Looking at the pictures above, somehow I felt relief seeing hjm and jhi holding hands. I hope syj and hb are ok. I hope they will give us the official confirmation soon.
  15. VIXX’s Hongbin and MONSTA X’s Hyungwon have shared news of an exciting collaboration! On May 20, the pair initially started a broadcast on Starship’s V Live channel, but due to problems with the Internet connection, they also uploaded a video to Twitter with the caption, “A summer project that will come to you soon! Please look […] The post VIXX’s Hongbin And MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Announce Upcoming Collaboration appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Today’s episode was absolutely amazing, was funny how they were all celebrating and OSH is just smiling to herself like nahhh you all going down soon the breakfast was hilarious PSH pretending to be in shock and scared while secretly laughing knowing what’s about to happen, HY and KNJ faces were absolutely priceless KNJ playing the hero protecting his wife while HY just runs away was also absolutely brilliant poor KNJ got beaten up and is also suffering from a metal inside his head I guess karma is well certainly not favouring him Aw poor Choi Aera she’s about to get played in her own game and how stupid is she for giving those borrowed jewels to Chen the whole exhibition and the jewel thing is going to turn all against her basically they are all super broke now and are about to get punished, loved OSH smile when she was looking at her father in law painting the final piece was she’s like you’re all going down, can’t wait for the next episode Also let’s hope OSH can come up with a good story to tell HY why she calling him father a little slip up oopsie they’re all about to go down anyway so it doesn’t really matter I suppose
  17. I am not a good writer can't say anything
  18. HELLO, APOLOGIZE MY ENGLISH ... I would like to say that this last chapter was great ... what struck me most was that KJK throughout the program did not stop bothering JI SUK after he did not give space to JSM, he did not say anything but he sure got upset, because the whole program annoyed him so much that YU had to put himself in the middle. Another moment, well actually two was when he was sitting next to SJH in the bus, when she he sees a bus stop he touches KJK with his elbow as he warned them, he secretly removes his arm and raises the bottle of water a little, so as not to have much contact, he also went back to avoid contact in the seat ... it seems to me that now it looks uncomfortable, not before, and the surprising ending when she approached to enjoy the win and he avoided taking her hand and withdrew his arm ... incredible !!! Then those two sitting on the bench .. How exciting ... do not you think LKS tried to cover them? also why did they start recording if they were away?
  19. Kim Seong Ri’s agency C2K Entertainment updated fans about his health. On May 16, the soloist and former RAINZ member put a hold on his promotions due to pain he was experiencing in his pelvis. On May 20, his agency released a statement on the artist’s official Twitter. Their full statement is below: Hello, this is C2K Entertainment. […] The post Kim Seong Ri’s Agency Shares Update On His Health appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  20. yeah i hope she gets a well deserved rest before she comes up with another incredible project & ahh idk why something tells me that psj is definitely keeping track of her work & i hope i feel the way about pmy too when psj comes up with his work
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