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Guest pimpinelephant

woah 2 months

the automatic email says 3 weeks...but i guess they're busy

2 months would be the MAXIMUM amount of time you should wait. if you don't receive a response in 2 months time, than you should try again.

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Guest hanaxpi

does anyone know how to audition for the composition section?? and do they only accept compositions from korean citizens?

can you submit things online or is it better to actually go to the headquarters and speak to someone/personally hand in your compositions?

... do they even have a composition section anymore? i know it says so on the site, but how accurate is it on the site for the composition section?

if anyone has tried, some info would be greattttt thanks!!! :D

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Guest taimabu

Why cant i see anything on jype.com

It said the page was blocked

And, should i send a video file include both of my song and dancing, or an audio file and a video

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Guest Cissy911

I was wondering if anyone has auditionned at JYP Center in Korea.

Cause I'll be in Korea next weekend, so I thought that I'd try out.

I remember reading somewhere that youhave to register on their daum page, is that still true?

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It does that on mine too.. you have to "unblock" the page or use a different web browser to open it.. In google chrome (which i use) it transfers you to a new page where it sais that the page is dangerious, and if you still want to open it.. and you just click yes, and vola..

You should definitly include a audio file for your vocals.. about the video file, you should definilty have your dansing there, and possible your singing also if that's possible.. ;)


Yea, I'm pretty sure there's 3 rounds.. I think that's what all the companies do.. I think it's like Online, Screening, and the final test, or something like that..


Honestly, I'm not so sure about it.. Did you figure it out? I hope you got your audition =)


Now my question.. Does anyone here think they accept white ppl? Honestly.. I don't think I got what it takes, neither on looks of vocal.. but it's worth a shot right? then I can at least say I tried?

Check out my vid please.. thanks for any feedback, good and bad =)

Tiffany - By Myself (Korean)

Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss me (English)

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Guest NaNeunRandy


Not to be harsh or anything but I think that JYP Entertainment would not accept white people. If they have a voice that beats anyone in the whole world, then they will maybe accept her. But I think your chance is lower than 1%. 

If you want to get into the korean entertainment, go to YG Entertainment instead. If you auditioned for YG Entertainment instead of JYP Entertainment, your chance of getting into YGE is higher than JYPE. (Even though JYP Entertainment is better IMO)

Hope that helps. :)

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Guest theJAPANties

^Uh why would you think that?

SM actually had Isak (Half white) signed but YG doesn't even have any foreigners like Chinese people signed compared to SM and JYP.

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^What I mean is YG doesn't doesn't even have non-Koreans in the first place.

yg was now actually open for accepting

foreign trainees..

its just that..yg want's those foreign

auditionees who can speak korea...

yg is way too picky..

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Guest cloudsheep

Hey guys, i got this error when i tried to click upload vid after getting all screenshots etc already.

My video could be played and stuff, but when i click the last button, this pops up ._.

Please help me! and thanks! D:


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Hi,, can I sing in japanese although actually i can't speak in japanese XP but i'm planning to search for the meaning (translation) of the song of course XD

 thanks :D

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Haha, yea i know what you mean..

And I knwo I don't got no good voice.. But I figured if I at least try, then I can't regret anything.. hehe..

And I don't think YG would take me either.. even if I spoke Korean.. but that's ok..

Thanks for your input =)

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Guest ayadaokin

Hey guys! I'm still trying to backtrack on pages in the thread, but do you think there would be a 2010 USA Audition Tour for JYPE? I swear a couple of months ago I saw a schedule but now I can't find it.. and yeah I know they're really busy lately and they've opened up the online audition so the chances are unlikely like someone said earlier.. but I can only hope.

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Guest onlykhang

Hi! Everyone,

does anyone know if JYPe still accept mail-in auditions?

What is the address we should send it in?

I can't access their official website ><

Thank you.

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