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[Drama 2024] Wedding Impossible, 웨딩 임파서블


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[Special pre-release] The chairman who knew everything? Jeon Jong-seo is so angry that he says harsh words.




[Episode 11 Preview Full] Moon Sang-min leaving Jeon Jong-seo after the press conference? “Hello, Lee Ji-han” #Wedding Impossible EP.11





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Here is the ratings for Episode 11! :).



"Wedding Impossible" Sees Boost In Ratings Ahead Of Finale

The fierce battle for Monday-Tuesday ratings continues!


tvN’s “Wedding Impossible” achieved an average nationwide viewership rating of 2.8 percent for its second to last episode, seeing a small boost ahead of its finale.



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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2024] Wedding Impossible, 웨딩 임파서블

Here is the ratings for Episode 12 *Last episode*! :).



"Wedding Impossible" Finale Enjoys Boost In Ratings


Wedding Impossible” has ended on a high note!

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of tvN’s “Wedding Impossible” achieved an average nationwide viewership rating of 3.7 percent. This is a 0.9 percent increase from its previous episode’s rating of 2.8 percent.


Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Wedding Impossible” and “Nothing Uncovered”!



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Wedding Impossible: Episodes 11-12 (Final)

by Dramaddictally

Wedding Impossible goes out with a lull, spending its time on questionably motivated separation, noble idiocy, and the easiest of side-story wrap-ups. But the central romance burns bright to the end — even if it takes its impossible wedding schtick a little too literally.



We ended last week with all our characters determined to the take the blame in order to protect each other. When Ah-jung hears Ji-han’s press conference, she runs out to find him, but she’s too late. He’s already gone. He’s prepared to break things off with her and hope she forgets about him, and so, our lovers are getting into their second separation (and I’m baffled at how to make sense of this).

The other big news last week was that Grandpa already knew Do-han’s (not-so-well-kept) secret. Now, Grandpa knows that Do-han is about to go public with it and Grandpa is set to stop him. He tells Do-han that doing so would only ease his own heart and wouldn’t do anything for Ji-han and Ah-jung. Poor Do-han! He’s selfish if he does and selfish if he doesn’t.


Ah-jung is in rough shape and hardly managing to keep it together. In a heartbreaking scene, she confesses to her family that the marriage was a fake — she just wanted to have the leading role for once in her life! And she really likes Ji-han. Then she sobs her heart out, Mom gives her a hug, and her supportive family is back to their normal selves.

Ji-han embarks on his plan to disappear by telling Do-han that he takes full responsibility for what he told the press, and now they should go their separate ways. Also, he just can’t bear to see Ah-jung in a state of despair after his decision to “save” her. So he runs off to the countryside alone, biding his time and pining over her, until the two of them are imaging they see each other at every turn, they’re so delirious with heartbreak.


Meanwhile, we get the chaebol-iest of chaebol scenes with Grandpa calling Ah-jung to his office to have a word with her. Except, rather than outright forbid her from seeing his grandsons, he implores her to marry Do-han. If she doesn’t, Do-han will publicly confess his secret — and does Ah-jung want to be the downfall of both his grandsons? Jeez, this guy with the guilt trips.

But uri Ah-jung is not our typical heroine. She gives her two cents, bravely stating that Grandpa should be nicer to his grandkids and stop saying he’s doing messed up things for their benefit. Then she bows and walks out the door, and I love this girl with guts who can just tell off the head of a conglomerate like it ain’t no thang.


When she walks out, though, Do-han has already gone ahead with his own press conference, where he comes out to the world and says the engagement was a fake. Then he’s at the airport, headed back to New York, and calling Ah-jung to say goodbye. It’s not about her, he says. He did it so he can live for himself. The important part is that they’re still besties — and even though we saw this coming from a mile away — it’s really great to see Do-han so happy and relaxed for once.


Ah-jung is on her own now, without either of the Lee boys to keep her company, but she wises up and realizes that Ji-han is probably hanging out in that seaside town where they had their awesome date. She goes there to find him and we’re walked through the most depressing date ever (I mean, when even sparklers seem sad, that’s saying something). They both know what’s going to be said, so they delay it as long as possible.

Then finally, Ah-jung comes out with it: “I think we’ll be miserable if we get back together. How can we get back together when Do-han did that for us?” (Huh? That’s exactly why you should get back together — so Do-han’s actions aren’t in vain.) Then she says she really liked him and bids him goodbye. All right, so we’ve got two noble idiots in the house.

Then we’re off to a one-year time skip where our leads have gone their separate ways. Ji-han has started his own company, breaking off from LJ Group, and finally gets the validation he needs from Grandpa. As it turns out, the Choi siblings’ father was the cause of their mother’s death, but Grandpa takes full responsibility on himself because when he got to the scene of the accident, he pulled Ji-han out of the car just before it exploded into flames and his only daughter perished inside.

Ji-han learns that Grandpa just couldn’t look at him because seeing his face reminded him of what he did wrong to lose his daughter. He’s finally ready to settle the matter by telling Ji-han that if he had to do it again, he’d still save him.

more https://www.dramabeans.com/2024/04/wedding-impossible-episodes-11-12-final/


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Wonderful World: Episodes 11-12

by solstices


At long last, the full extent of the tragedies that struck our leads is brought to light. Forced to confront the devastating truth, they join hands in understanding, empathy, and a shared resolve to punish the true perpetrator behind these awful crimes.



In the wake of his mother’s passing, Seon-yul is met with an unexpected discovery. It turns out his mother had been in the habit of recording her phone conversations, including the one she’d had with her husband on the night Soo-hyun approached him. Now, Seon-yul must confront the truth of his father’s callous cruelty, and the overwhelming grief Soo-hyun had been in that night — the same grief that envelops him now.

Reeling from the revelation, Seon-yul locks himself in his room for days, barely moving from his bed, until Soo-hyun pays him a visit. She knows all too well what he’s going through, and so she gently coaxes him into eating at least a little of the porridge she’s brought.

It takes a while for Seon-yul to pull himself together, but when he eventually does, he reaches out to Soo-hyun through a phone call. When she answers, she’s met with the phone call recording, in an indirect admission of the truth Seon-yul now knows and an unspoken apology for the vitriol he’s directed towards her. Quiet and contrite, Seon-yul admits that he’d blinded himself to her suffering; hating her was the only way he could hold on to a reason to live.


While Seon-yul recalibrates, Soo-hyun continues her investigation into his mother’s accident. She’s amassed a fair bit of incriminating evidence — the onsite skid marks demonstrate that the collision was very much intentional, and CCTV recordings show the driver lying in wait for Seon-yul’s mother to cross the road. When Soo-hyun tracks the perpetrator down, she learns from his destitute widow that he’d been lured in by Joon’s foundation, with the tempting but ultimately unfulfilled promise that his daughter’s hospital bills would be paid for.

Then, it’s revealed that Seon-yul had also done his fair share of detective work, having traced the evidence to the widow too. He’s known about Joon’s involvement all along; he’s simply been biding his time, because Joon had been watching him closely while his mother was still alive. To prove his point, Seon-yul notices that someone has snuck in and searched through his house, just a few days after he’d told Joon that he wanted to look into his mother’s accident.


Before Hye-geum moves away for good, she confesses to Soo-hyun that she’d seen Geon-woo leave the house with a tablet in hand on the day of his accident. At the same time, Soo-jin relays his mother’s last words to Seon-yul — she’d mentioned a tablet with her dying breath. Realizing that his mother’s treasured necklace may harbor a secret within, since she’d given it to him a few days before her accident, he removes her photo from its locket to find a SD card beneath. In it is a photo of a pawn shop, and a transaction receipt detailing the pawning of Geon-woo’s tablet.

Soo-hyun retrieves the tablet, retreating to the comfort of her son’s room as she watches the video Geon-woo had filmed for her birthday surprise. It had inadvertently recorded the accident; Joon’s scornful voice plays over the speakers, admitting to his drunk driving and sneering that he can’t let such small fry taint his political success, all while Geon-woo whimpers weakly. With an ingratiating deference, Seon-yul’s father had offered to take the blame as long as Joon protected his son. Then he’d gotten behind the wheel, revved the engine, and hit Geon-woo again — to kill the only witness off for good.



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Top 5 K-Dramas On Viki In April

Apr 30, 2024
by S Kim

April has been another month filled with diverse K-dramas that kept us on the edge of our seats. Here’s a recap of the top five K-dramas that were the most-watched on Viki this past month so you don’t miss out!

In no particular order.


Wedding Impossible


“Wedding Impossible” is a romantic comedy starring Jeon Jong Seo as Na Ah Jung, an unknown actress who agrees to fake a marriage with her longtime friend Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan). Moon Sang Min stars as Lee Do Han’s younger brother Lee Ji Han, who is desperately opposed to his brother’s marriage and tries to prevent it from happening at all costs.



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