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[Upcoming Drama 2023] Numbers, 넘버스- Kim Myung soo& Choi Jin Hyuk


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Actor Kim Young-jae has confirmed his appearance in MBC's new drama 'Numbers: Observers of the Building Forest'.




Kim Young-jae joined the role of 'Kang-hyeon', an accountant in the play. Kang Hyun is a senior manager who is a manager-level accountant who values principles very much. Kim Young-jae will break down into Kanghyun with an upright personality and add immersion to her work by working in harmony with Kim Myung-soo, Choi Jin-hyeok, and Choi Min-soo.


Kim Young-jae played the role of 'Min Seung-yoon', a government official in charge of education for self-restraint in the school in tvN's 'Shrup', which was much loved by telling a touching story of empathy and emotion while drawing the special royal education of the 1% royal family of Joseon and the passion for education of court mothers. He showed off his outstanding presence with a heavy sense of weight by passionately acting as a trustworthy loyalist and a teacher who served as an example for princes. The master's model he drew warmed the hearts of many viewers, while his affectionate charm toward his disciples added fun to the play with special chemistry and focused attention.


In addition to this, Kim Young-jae took on the role of 'Jin Yoon-gi', the fourth son of a Sunyang family and the father of Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki), in JTBC's 'Maknae Son of a Conglomerate', which drew a lot of attention throughout the airing, and drew a character with his own warm eyes and sincerity. He shot the hearts of viewers by playing a strong role in the right place at the right time.


In this way, Kim Young-jae adds vitality to the work with his solid acting skills, mastering not only modern dramas but also historical dramas through his ceaseless work. He plays the role like a chameleon in his own color and permeates the work to bring fun. In the new work 'Numbers', expectations are rising as to what kind of passionate performance he will fulfill the expectations of viewers.



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Acttress Bae Hae-seon fills the schedule for the first half of the year with MBC's new drama 'Numbers: Observers in the Building Forest' following her performance in 'One Hit Scandal'.




On the 10th, Lead Entertainment announced that Bae Hae-sun will join MBC's new drama 'Numbers: Observers in the Building Forest', which will be broadcast in the first half of this year.


'Numbers: Watchers in the Building Forest' (Director Kim Chil-bong/Screenwriters Jung An, Oh Hye-seok/Producer Tiger Studios, A2G Entertainment) is a high school graduate accountant Jang Ho-woo (Kim Myung-soo) who fights against the absurdities of a giant accounting firm, the most like an accountant, but the most unaccountable. It is a human office action drama that realizes justice in a different way.


Bae Hae-sun plays the role of Ahn Seung-yeon, vice president of the audit department at Taeil Accounting Firm. Ahn Seung-yeon's character is an upright person with a special pride for the company. Bae Hae-seon's casting for 'Numbers: Watchers in the Building Forest' is a fast-paced move after the recent blockbuster 'Ilta Scandal'.

Meanwhile, MBC's new drama 'Numbers: Observers of the Building Forest' is scheduled to air in the first half of this year.





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