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[Drama 2022] ❤️ Bloody Heart ❤️ 붉은단심 ❤️


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Lee Joon, Kang Han Na, And Jang Hyuk Ignite Their Ambitious Spirits In “Bloody Heart” Poster

KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Bloody Heart” has shared a new poster!


“Bloody Heart” is a fictional historical drama about the bloody political romance between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), a king who has to abandon the woman he loves to survive, and Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), a woman who has to become the queen to survive. Jang Hyuk stars as Park Gye Won, the first vice-premier and the real head of power in Joseon.


In the newly released main poster, Lee Tae is standing near the throne in his majestic robes. Lee Tae, who dreams of absolute monarchy, looks resolved to achieve his dreams, but at the same time, there is mysterious sadness in his charismatic eyes, implying his lonely fate.


Yoo Jung’s expression is dark and cold, hinting her turbulent days in the palace. Her gaze is filled with complex yet subtle emotions as she struggles to survive the fierce political battles. Despite the difficulties, will she be able to overcome the difficulties on her own without giving in?


On the other hand, Park Gye Won stands sturdily near the front with furrowed eyebrows. He perfectly symbolizes the “kingmaker” of the country as he exudes both influential and lonely vibes.


The text on the poster reads, “I’ll climb up to the place that no one can reach,” hinting their fierce ambitions as they strive towards their own goals.





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Park Ji-yeon and Choi Ri expressed their extraordinary determination in 'Bloody Heart' 


Park Ji-yeon and Cho Ri will play Choi Ga-yeon and Cho Yeon-hee respectively, in KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Bloody Heart" (directed by Yoo Young-young/ scripted by Park Pil-joo/produced by G&G Productions), which will premiere on 2 May. The two are characters who do anything for love, and attention is focused on Park Ji-yeon and Choi Ri, who will portray the story of those who will fight fiercely in the court.


First, Park Ji-yeon explained the reason why she was attracted to 'Bloody Heart', saying, "I seem to have gained a lot of confidence while talking to director Yoo Young-eun. The director's belief that the softness and rigidity of his thoughts would surely melt into the drama, and the expectation that the script and 'we could fight in a fun way' naturally led to the work," she said. Also, “I thought the clash of ‘reasons’ that all characters have was attractive. So I really enjoyed reading the script, and I was so impressed that all the characters were unforgettable.”


Next, Choi Ri shared her feelings about participating in 'Bloody Heart', saying, "All the characters had their own narratives, and the fact that they understand each other's position is a great attraction and I wanted to participate."


The two explained the charms of Choi Ga-yeon and Cho Yeon-hee respectively, and showed their affection for the characters. Park Ji-yeon said, "In the drama, Ga-yeon's various aspects are reflected. I think the charm of the character is that those feelings are revealed honestly. It was heartbreaking and sad to see her lonely but enough life change.

Especially when Ga-yeon was sensitive and sharp, I could feel some kind of sadness in it. I like Ga-yeon's weakness and loneliness, as if she was sharp enough to survive. So it's very difficult when acting, but that's why I love it."


In addition, she said, "Yeon-hee is a character who grew up as a gold leaf and has no material shortage, so everything in the world may seem trivial from her point of view, but she hoped that the truth she had for the first time in love and the desire to achieve would be expressed purely."


Choi Ri said, "Yeon-hee is a very honest person with her feelings. In particular, it is a character who is more pure in love and generously expresses his feelings. While acting Yeon-hee, I was infinitely happy and in pain. And I’m grateful to be able to act,” she said, revealing her affection for the character.


Not only that, she said, "Yeon-hee is a person who grew up as a Geum-ok-yeop and has no lack of material, so from her point of view, everything in the world may seem trivial, but in love, it is hoped that the sincerity of the first and the longing to be fulfilled should be expressed purely. ” she said, conveying the acting point that the director and writer specially gave to her.

Lastly, Park Ji-yeon said, "I think it will be a wonderful historical drama. Please give a lot of love to 'Bloody Heart'. Thank you," while Choi Ri said, "This is my first historical drama challenge, and I'm working hard on filming with the great director, writer, and seniors. You can feel the four seasons of Korea that are not only fun but also beautiful through the work, so please look forward to ‘Bloody Heart’.”


Meanwhile, 'Bloody Heart' is the story of King Lee Tae (Lee Joon) who has to throw away the woman he loves in order to survive, Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), who has to become a fighter in order to survive, and the blood that unfolds as they aim their swords at each other's necks. political romance. The first broadcast will be on May 2nd at 9:30 PM.




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hmm...the main poster


Lee Tae looks lonely and sad. Yoo Jung  looks ambitious. 

Gye Won is like an unsolvable riddle. 




This is the first time I've seen such a winter royal hanbok in a k-drama.    :D



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Jang Hyuk Discusses Why He Chose To Star In “Bloody Heart,” Chooses Keywords To Describe His Character, And More


Apr 22, 2022
by L. Kim

Jang Hyuk went in-depth about his character in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Bloody Heart”!

“Bloody Heart” is a fictional historical drama about the bloody political romance between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), a king who has to abandon the woman he loves to survive, and Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), a woman who has to become the queen to survive.

Jang Hyuk will play Park Gye Won, the first vice-premier and the real head of power in Joseon. He is a fierce but loyal member of the government who doesn’t want another tyrant to take over the country.

The actor talked about his reasons for starring in the drama, stating, “[‘Bloody Heart’] can be thought of as a drama about palace politics, but it exceptionally expresses the human relationships of each character and the conflicts and harmony in them as well as situations where they plan things according to their own interests. Those parts were attractive, and it was also very charming how Park Gye Won is not only a kingmaker as a loyal subject of the country but also acts as the role of keeping a balance between the king and people’s hearts.”



Next, Jang Hyuk shared the details about his character. He explained, “Park Gye Won might seem like a powerful courtier, but he is loyal to the country. He experienced tyranny during the era of Yeonsangun, and I think he is someone who has a yearning for that to not be repeated. While portraying him, I felt like he was psychologically damaged by it. Also, Park Gye Won had no choice but to include the woman he loved the most as one of the candidates to be the king’s woman, and all he could do was watch that, so he felt pitiful for her. I wanted to express [that part of him] as much as possible.”

He added, “Generally, one may think that the ideology and ability to act on court politics are important, but I think those are just basic. So I focused on presenting a fragile human figure in the scene where he had to bring his beloved woman to the palace, and I particularly put importance on expressing his inner pain.”



As for keywords that perfectly describe Park Gye Won, Jang Hyuk chose “loyalty to one’s country,” “trauma about tyranny,” and “”pity for his lover.” He commented, “First, loyalty is an indispensable part of him because he is a bureaucrat who serves the king and cares for the country. Second, I think his trauma is one the reasons why he seeks restoration of the country, and he also suffered psychologically from tyranny. Lastly, I chose ‘pity’ because it will show his pain as a man who has no choice but to send the woman he loves away, and this takes up a major part of the story.”

Lastly, the actor remarked, “I hope that ‘Bloody Heart’ will go to the viewers with an ardent heart. The violent action scenes and dramatic conflicts are all depicted in high quality, so please look forward to them. Until the day the shoot ends, all the actors and staff will work hard to fulfill their roles.”






I was interested in this drama before but Jang Hyuk convinced me to watch it. I love when the antagonist of the story has a good motivation and it is a complexed and tragic character. The other lead characters has their own story and motivation. I like that. Not everything is black and white in life.

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Actors Heo Sung-tae and Ha Do-kwon showed their affections for their characters in "Bloody Heart."


Heo Sung-tae and Ha Do-kwon will transform into Cho Won-pyo and Jung Eui-kyun, respectively, in KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Bloody Heart" which will premiere at 9:30 p.m. on May 2 (Monday), giving overwhelming performances.


Heo Sung-tae said, "I was usually interested in historical dramas, and I thought I could do a serious acting, especially in that it is a 'political historical drama'." This was also a challenge for me, but when I heard about Cho Won-pyo's character in the first meeting with the director, I wanted to act so badly, he said, explaining why he was attracted to "Bloody Heart"


Ha Do-kwon also said, "I was drawn to politics and love in the era of Bloody Heart. It was fresh and intense because it contains stories about women's participation in politics and love, not male-oriented politics," he said, further raising expectations for the show.


Regarding Jung Eui-kyun's character, he then said, "Jung Eui-kyun is an insider, a warrior, and a mysterious three-dimensional person. I really wanted to do it with that charm, and I am actually feeling a lot of excitement and fun while playing Jung Eui-kyun," he said, expressing his affection for acting as Jung Eui-kyun.


Heo Sung-tae said, "Cho Won-pyo in the drama is a 'daughter fool' itself and has a thoughtful and sincere personality. In fact, I don't have any children, but since I have four nephews, I acted while recalling my worries and affection for them, and I felt that Cho Won-pyo's feelings when looking at his daughter Yeon-hee were in line. In addition Cho Won-pyo is a military officer, and in modern terms, he is the Minister of National Defense, so he is just cool.”


In addition, he said, "There are scenes of swordplay in the play, and I want to see the best martial arts I can do, so I often match the martial arts with the action team on the spot. And I'm trying to act in a variety of ways depending on the situation, not just showing consistent charisma, and I'm communicating a lot with actor Choi Ri, who plays the role of his daughter Yeon-hee in the drama, he explained his special emphasis on playing Cho Won-pyo.


Ha Do-kwon said, "I think that no matter what role you play, you need to have the personality or intersection you have inside the actor to understand and play the role. So as an insider, I prepared a lot to express the public appearance that Jung Eui-kyun should have and the various emotional changes in the character," he said, giving a glimpse of the traces of constant research and effort for Jung Eui-kyun's character.








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Actors Lee Joon, Kang Han-na, Jang Hyuk, and Park Ji-yeon revealed their resemblance with the characters of KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Bloody Heart'.


First of all, Lee Joon (played by Lee Tae) said, “I resemble Lee Tae in the fact that we have many affections. The difference from him is that rather than taking revenge, I just pay attention to ‘I just need to live well’, and I do not take revenge even if there is someone I want to take revenge on.”


Kang Han-na said, "Like Yoo-jeong, we are similar in that we both 'look gentle on the outside but is tough on the inside'. On the other hand, Yoo-jeong is resolute and clever in dealing with situations that can be embarrassing, but I tend to show on my face right away when I am embarrassed, so I think this is different (laughs).”


In addition, Jang Hyuk said, “Because I have to act, so I think that, speaking of the physical aspect, we look alike. (Laughs) I think that most of the differences are different, but I think that there is a difference from me, especially in the ability to cope with situations and how to think and interpret problems when faced with problems due to the different environments in which each person lives.”


Park Ji-yeon said, "I think both the similarities and differences are the code of 'love'. It is thought that it is only love that makes (people) move, stop, cry, and laugh. The difference is precisely the ‘attitude towards love’. I feel that Ga-yeon's love is really sad because that attitude comes from the days I've lived."





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the new trailer

wow...GW wants his niece to take  part in the selection for the Queen.

I wonder if he will achieve that.

Im not sure GW and the Queen Dowager are a team.  :unsure:

Lee Tae, fighting     :hwaiting2:




KBS drama IG story



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by lo_ve, April 25, 2022
35 11


KBS releases a new teaser clip for the upcoming drama "Bloody Heart" starring MBLAQ's Lee Joon and Kang Han Na.

On April 25th, KBS shared a new clip of the upcoming historical drama "Bloody Heart." It was also confirmed that the series will air on May 2 and will replace the timeslot of "Crazy Love." 

"Bloody Heart" is the latest work of director Yoo Young Eun ("Queen of Mystery") and writer  Park Pil Joo ("Naeil's Cantabile"). The series will revolve around Lee Tae, the eldest legitimate child of King Sunjong who eventually became a King and got the throne of Joseon after the rebellion. 

The series will be led by Lee Joon, Kang Han Na, Jang Hyuk, Park Ji Yun, Heo Sung Tae, Ha Do Gwon, and more. 

Lee Joon will be playing the role of Lee Tae, the son of King Sunjong. Jang Hyuk will play the role of Park Gye Won, the first Vice-Premier who is more powerful than the king. Kang Han Na will play the role of Yoo Jung, a daughter of a noble family whom Lee Tae considers as his wife. 

"Bloody Heart" will exclusively premiere on KBS2 at 9:30 PM KST. It will be out on May 2nd.




The teaser clip showcased hints of the fierce battle between Lee Tae, Yoo Jung, Park Gye Won, and Choi Ga Yeon. 

The video revealed Lee Tae heading to Jeongjeon to face Park Gye Won and the call of ministers to abolish him. Lee Tae's words were also highlighted. The new King stated, "Even if I tear my limbs, I will survive." 

The happy days of Lee Tae and Yoo Jung were also highlighted before a crisis strikes them.

The main trailer showcases the eagerness of the main leads to fight and survive for power and love.






Lee Joon And Kang Han Na Must Choose Between Love And Power In “Bloody Heart”

Lee Joon And Kang Han Na Must Choose Between Love And Power In “Bloody Heart”

Apr 26, 2022
by L. Kim

Lee Joon and Kang Han Na will go from lovers to enemies in KBS 2TV’s “Bloody Heart”!

The upcoming historical drama is about the bloody political romance between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), a king who has to abandon the woman he loves to survive, and Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), a woman who has to become the queen to survive.

Lee Tae dreams of an absolute monarchy for his own survival. He believes that any means taken for this goal is justifiable, and if necessary, he will not hesitate to take an illegal or dishonest route. However, he is forced to choose between the monarchy and love once he falls into a heated political battle against Yoo Jung, his former lover from his younger days.

The free-spirited Yoo Jung has a mindset that is a bit ahead of her time. She is a bold woman who has everything, from excellent resourcefulness to innate intelligence. When she meets Lee Tae, she experiences more catastrophe in her already eventful life and gets caught up in palace affairs.

The newly released stills raise anticipation about Lee Tae and Yoo Jung’s turbulent romance. In one photo, Yoo Jung looks bright as opposed to Lee Tae who looks downright miserable. He’s leaning against something with bloodshot eyes, as if he has predicted his tragic fate.







Another photo captures Yoo Jung’s transformation. Her hair is up in a neat and tidy style, and her expression is nothing but solemn. The blue hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) is soft yet strong, showing her willingness to overcome the fierce power struggles of the palace.

On top of that, Lee Tae emits a cool aura with his icy gaze and and unreadable expression. He gazes  at someone with no smile, creating tension and piquing curiosity.






The drama’s producers commented, “Lee Joon and Kang Ha Na are doing their best to express their characters’ sorrowful love story, their poignant longing for each other, and the various emotions of lovers who turned into enemies. Please pay a lot of attention to the story of the two people who will present the ‘palace romance of the century,’ which will excite the all five sense of the viewers and present them with lingering emotions.”



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“Bloody Heart” Cast Shares Key Points To Look Out For Ahead Of Drama’s Premiere

With the premiere of “Bloody Heart” fast approaching, the main cast has shared key points to look forward to!

KBS 2TV’s “Bloody Heart” is a fictional historical drama about the bloody political romance between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), a king who has to abandon the woman he loves to survive, and Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), a woman who has to become the queen to survive.


To start off, Lee Joon shared, “All the characters in ‘Bloody Heart’ have charm and their individual narratives are clear, so I believe that you will be able to feel the most charm when everything comes to light.”


Kang Han Na continued, “While well-structured, highly dense stories unfold with urgency, ‘people’ and ‘love’ are breathing within that. Please look forward to all the moments that will passionately unfold in ‘Bloody Heart.'”


Jang Hyuk stars as Park Gye Won, the first vice-premier and the real head of power in Joseon. He answered, “The conflict and differing political ideologies within the royal court. Also, I think following the mentalities of the characters faced with different situations is a key point.” Jang Hyuk explained, “As you fall deeper into each character, you’ll understand the reason why they had no choice but to act in that way and it’s interesting to see how villains are viewed from each other’s perspectives. A [fictional] historical drama is second-hand experience of a generation [we] didn’t go through and adds imagination to historical truths, so I hope you enjoy this charm.”


Park Ji Yeon portrays Choi Ga Yeon, the elegant and ambitious queen dowager. She commented, “I think it will be fun if you watch while searching for the two sides of characters’ emotions as well as the light and darkness created by the lighting. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the visual beauty so I think it’ll be good if you all have your eye on that.”


Heo Sung Tae plays Jo Won Pyo and shared, “This is a project where each character’s goals and personalities are clear so you’ll be able to easily follow each actor’s emotions. Additionally, I believe you’ll be able to fall for ‘Bloody Heart’ out of the enjoyment of watching the actors’ acting.”


Lee Tae’s eunuch Jung Ui Kyun is played by Ha Do Kwon. He shared, “When each character must choose something depending on the situation and you search for the real meaning of the decision, the ambition hidden behind the decision, as well as their pain, you’ll be able to watch ‘Bloody Heart’ more enjoyably.”


Choi Ri, who plays Jo Won Pyo’s daughter Jo Yeon Hee, commented, “‘Bloody Heart’ captures the emotions we all inevitably feel while living. While it’s realistic, it’s pure and also desperate at times. Although it’s a historical drama, it will be fun to compare it to our present day lives and relationships.”


KBS 2TV’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Bloody Heart” will premiere on May 2 at 9:30 p.m. KST. 









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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2022] ❤️ Bloody Heart ❤️ 붉은단심 ❤️

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