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[Drama 2022] ❤️ Bloody Heart ❤️ 붉은단심 ❤️


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"Bloody Heart" full of life Lee Joon vs motionless Jang Hyuk 


A midnight meeting of Lee Joon, Jang Hyuk, Heo Sung-tae and Cha Soon-bae was captured.


KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Bloody Heart" (playwright Park Pil-joo/director Yoo Young-young), which will premiere on May 2, is a blood-colored political romance in which King Lee Tae (Lee Joon), who has to throw away the woman he loves in order to survive, and Yoo-jeong (Kang Hana), who has to fight to survive. It is a bloody political romance that unfolds as they aim their swords at each other's necks.


In the play, Lee Joon plays the role of Lee Tae, a king who dreams of becoming an absolute monarch, and Jang Hyuk plays Park Gye-won, the most powerful person in Joseon. In addition, Heo Sung-tae will perform as Cho Won-pyo, the second-largest military judge after Park Gye-won, and Cha Soon-bae will perform as Heo Sang-sun, the head of the thorough power-oriented Nashbu. They are raising expectations for the drama as they draw various images of characters living in court life where power is fiercely confronted.


The photo released on April 29 shows Lee Joon (playing Lee Tae), Jang Hyuk (playing Park Gye-won), Heo Sung-tae (playing Cho Won-pyo), and Cha Soon-bae (playing Heo Sang-sun), who create a sharp atmosphere. First of all, Lee Joon's eyes are full of life and he is avoiding eye contact as if suppressing his anger. In front of him sitting in front of the checkerboard, officials in white uniforms are lined up on either side of him, stimulating curiosity..


On the other hand, Jang Hyuk's expression without even a slight movement evokes a strange tension. The dark night adds to his cool energy and makes him feel the power of the most powerful man in Joseon. Heo Sung-tae also has a face that can't be read, while Cha Soon-bae is looking around, making the story of their gathering in one place even more curious.


In particular, the contrast between Lee Tae in red Gonryongpo and officials in white official uniforms is further raising interest in this broadcast due to the relationship between those who are in political conflict.


The production team of "Bloody Heart" will have an unusual royal temple from the first episode. "It will be more interesting to watch the stories of those who can't agree. In particular, please look forward to the tense tension between Lee Joon, Jang Hyuk and Heo Sung-tae, Cha Soon-bae, who will adapt to the trend of power, and the exciting story they will portray." 





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Two days before the first broadcast, "Bloody Heart" released a behind-the-scenes video of the actors' first filming full of excitement.


KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Bloody Heart" (directed by Yoo Young-eun and Park Pil-joo) is a blood-colored political romance in which king Lee Tae (played by Lee Joon), who has to throw away a woman she loves to survive, Yoo-jung (played by Kang Han-na), and static them point a knife at each other's neck.


The video released on the 30th April (today) showed the first meeting of Lee Yoo (Lee Tae + Yoo Jung) couple Lee Joon (Lee Tae) and Kang Han-na (Yoo Jung). The two, who will show off their affectionate romance in the play, boast of their freshness to the point where they can't even make eye contact, causing viewers to smile.

On the other hand, actors such as Lee Joon, Kang Han-na, Jang Hyuk (playing Park Gye-won), and Park Ji-yeon (playing Choi Ga-yeon) introduce their own roles as well as dramas. They praised the composition and speedy development of the work together, and even told the point of observation, "It will be fun to watch the intertwined relationship of the characters and their psychological fight," signaling the birth of the "Nth must-see" drama. On top of that, Kang Han-na created warmth by taking care of Yoon Seo-ah and Seo Hye-won, who play the role of dunggeum, who boast of Yoo-jung and extraordinary intimacy.


Lee Joon said, "As always, it's my first time working together, so I'm very nervous and I think I should stay alert, and it's fun." I was surprised because the background was so pretty. I feel very good as if I'm on a trip," he said, exploding his cuteness by showing a dance of joy along with his first impression of filming. Kang Han-na also said, "I did the first shoot that I was looking forward to. The atmosphere is so warm and I think it's an exciting day because I can breathe on the spot with good people," he said, expressing the atmosphere of the filming site full of warmth.


Jang Hyuk said, "The atmosphere at the scene is fun, and since there is a density of lines, I am trying to convey the meaning well. And I'm filming in harmony with the staff." He then worked together with a smiley face, but when he entered the shoot, he showed a charismatic performance that impressed everyone, drawing praise from those who watched. Park Ji-yeon said, "I will look for it in the warm spring when the buds are blooming. I'll work hard on the shoot with tiger passion," he said, expressing his expectations.


In addition, attractive supporting actors were also spotted to double the fun of the play. Seo Hye-won (Hyanggeum) and Yoon Seo-ah (Ddonggeum) as well as Cha Soon-bae and Han Sang-gung, who played the role of Heo Sang-sun, boasted humor and announced the prospect of a "Bloody Heart"


In addition, Lee Joon, Kang Han-na, Jang Hyuk, and Park Ji-yeon encouraged to watch "Bloody Heart" live, and raised expectations for the first broadcast by giving them the trembling moment of the first shooting with a surprise cookie video.




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The KBS new costume drama "Bloody Heart" starring Lee Joon, Kang Hanna and Jang Hyuk will premiere on May 2. Before the broadcast, they all accepted the "Kterview" interview prepared by KBS. Challenge each other to speak plain language and interview each other.

The content of the interview between Lee Joon and Jang Hyuk was quite interesting. Although the two were wearing ancient costumes in the play, they were completely different from their characters, especially Jang Hyuk. Lee Joon honestly said that "Park Gye-won" played by Jang Hyuk is quite scary, and because he is very friendly in real life, it is even more frightening in the drama. Then Jang Hyuk asked him: "Did I beat you?" Lee Joon quickly tried to explain himself, drawing laughter from Jang Hyuk at his side.

Jang Hyuk's whole interview can be said to be witty. For example, he asked Lee Joon: "Which would you choose? The king who married the woman he loved but was forgotten in history, or the king who married politically but was famous in history?" Lee Joon chose the former. His explanation was: "Even if the name remains in the history, it will be gone after death, and it will have no meaning." When Jang Hyuk heard this, he immediately went into the drama character mode and said: "That's why I need to be next to you as the king-maker! This child has been like this all the time, he makes me  too tired. You need to be a good king!" Lee Joon couldn't help laughing.


When asked why one must watch "Bloody Heart", Jang Hyuk said solemnly: "Because it is "Red Heart", if it is "Yellow Heart" or "Blue Heart", I wouldn't ask you guys to watch. But because it is called "Red Heart", so you must watch it.” Lee Joon covered his face with laughter as he heard it.

Jang Hyuk's confidence in the interview is also very interesting. When asked to choose between "Tiger's face" or "Excellent strategy", Jang Hyuk chose "Tiger's face" without thinking and said, "I am an actor who relies on my face!" At the beginning of the interview, he also said that "I'm going to make a romantic drama after I finish filming this", but then said, "I didn't expect this to be a political historical drama, I came here because I thought it was a romantic historical drama."


Entire interview with Chinese subs can be watched here: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1AB4y1m7hf



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On the afternoon of the 2nd May, KBS2's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Bloody Heart" (playwright Park Pil-joo, director Yoo Young-young) held an online production presentation. Director Yoo Young-young, actors Lee Joon, Kang Han-na, Jang Hyuk, Park Ji-yeon, Huh Sung-tae, and Choerry of Ha Ha-kwon attended.


"Bloody Heart" is a blood-colored political court romance drama in which King Lee Tae (Lee Joon), who has to throw away a woman he loves to survive, Yoo Jung (Kang Han-na), who has to become a fighter to survive, as they aim their swords at each other's necks. It is a royal palace romance drama.

Director Yoo Young-eun said, "It is a fiction historical drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. It is a drama in which characters are woven into political melodrama and developed. The meaning of the title "Bloody Heart" is actually the title where red and Chinese characters "Red Dansim" are used as in front of the station. have the meaning of a red heart Dansim has a sincere heart that does not change. When that heart is dyed red, it will be interesting to see how it manifests itself and what kind of ending each character faces.” she said.


"The biggest thing to see in our drama is 'people.' Each character had his or her own personality and each had his or her own purpose, so the actors tried to capture his or her personality. It was directed so that people could be seen, and I thought that such a person would actually live in it, and I wanted to contain the beauty, reality, and lonely emotions of the Joseon Dynasty. I tried to put in aesthetic and emotional aspects," she said.


Actor Lee Joon plays the role of King Lee Tae, who dreams of becoming an absolute monarch for survival. Kang Han-na leads the disintegration play to Yoo-jung, the owner of a free soul. Jang Hyuk plays Park Gye-won, the owner of the actual power of Joseon, and Park Ji-yeon plays Choi Ga-yeon. Heo Seong-tae plays Cho Won-pyo, Ha Ha-kwon plays Jung Eui-kyun, and Cho Ri plays Cho Yeon-hee. Kang Shin-il, Ryu Seung-soo, Cho Hee-bong, Cha Soon-bae, Lee Tae-ri, Park Ji-bin, Yoon Seo-ah, and Shin Eun-soo will appear.


Lee Joon said, “I had a fear of historical dramas, so when I had an opportunity in the past, I thought I couldn’t do it. This time Jang Hyuk was the first to be cast. I had fun working with him in the past, so I thought he would help me, and I wanted to try a new challenge with the help of my seniors. I thought he would help me a lot,  I learned a lot from "Iris" 8 to 9 years ago. He knows how to do everything. He does action and drifts himself. He took good care of me and I thought I would learn a lot this time as well."


He continued, “I’m comfortable filming with Kang Han-na. The hanbok goes well with it and I feel comfortable in my heart. I like to lean, and I lean on it mentally.”


Kang Han-na said, "When I read the script, I read it in one sitting. It was fast paced and fun. The character Yoo-jung is a friend who has many things I want to resemble, so I wanted to express it well.” “I wanted to work with director Yoo Young-eun. I've seen all of the director's previous works, and I really liked it. I felt like I wanted to try it once,” she said.


She continued, “The hanbok is really beautiful. The 'Bloody Heart' costume is beautiful. I was so intoxicated with the beauty while wearing it, I thought I would try on a prettier hanbok this time. There are parts where you have to be careful because they wrinkle easily and are vulnerable to water, but you are filming happily. It's my first KBS drama, and I'm glad that KBS is famous for its historical dramas. I feel pressured to express my character well, but I'm doing it with a happy burden," she said.


Also, Lee Joon and Kang Hanna talked about each other's chemistry, saying, "It's so good. It's really serious," he said, "not to mention breathing. It gets better every day,” he said. Then, he trembled jokingly, saying, “Now, I can see it by just looking at your eyes.”


Jang Hyuk said, “When I read the work ‘Bloody Heart’, it was a script that was well expressed as the title suggests. It is said that has such a  part, solidarity between characters, goals are achieved fiercely, and because it is a turbulent period, people express emotions in their lives rather than in court political historical dramas, and the director's use of space, people's psychology, and Korean colors are so good. That's why I did it, and I'm appearing satisfied. I'm having fun filming. I'm not a villain with a straightforward side, but a character with diversity, so I'm going to express it with variety and compassion," he explained.


Park Ji-yeon, who is starring in her first led role in a terrestrial channel TV drama, said, "When I had a meeting with the director, I liked the work, the director's tone and contents were so good. I think it's because it's a work done by people. In that sense, I was looking forward to this work. I really enjoyed reading the script. Except for the characters here, I was very curious about why and what happened to all the characters behind the scenes.” she said.


The actors expressed their trust in director Yoo Young-young and Jang Hyuk. Heo Sung-tae said, "I decided to do 'Bloody Heart' and met Jang Hyuk for the first time. I'm younger than him and he was my favorite actor. After confirming starring in this drama,  I added the "Chuno" OST "Stigma" to my playlist and listened to it to the point where my manager was sick of it. A charismatic image of my brother was drawn. I did image training until I met him in person, and when I saw him in person, I really liked him, and he acted comfortably because he had a great sense of humor. I just had to follow what my brother gave me,” he said.


Regarding this, Jang Hyuk said about Heo Seong-tae, "Actually, I met a different person than I thought. Somehow, the roles he played were rough and are often that of villains, so I thought that it would be the same, but I was confused as he was so nice and soft. He was such a nice guy. We talked a lot about the work. The moment we filmed together, he was very good at concentrating. I thought the colors were really good, and I’m having fun filming them.”


Kang Han-na also said, “I learned a lot while filming with Jang Hyuk, and every scene was amazing. He showed me more than that, so every time I see him, I want to think and think about it more. When he shoots, he is serious, but when he cuts, he talks about the work in a soft tone,” she added.


When asked about his target audience rating, Yoo Young-eun said, "Yesterday I made a bet on the audience rating. I know everyone participated. I will bet 20%.”  As a pledge, Heo Sung-tae said, "If the 'Bloody Heart' exceeds 20%, I will dance a sword dance," and Lee Joon said, "I will do it together with you."


Finally, when asked to express "Bloody Heart" in five letters, Ha Ha-kwon expressed confidence, saying, "I won't look at it,". Heo Seong-tae said, "It's an acting restaurant," and "If you follow the actors' performances, you'll be able to enjoy watching it." Kang Han-na also added, "Time goes by smoothly, and there are so many things to talk about, so I will experience the time being erased to the extent that it's already over."re various things to see, so I will experience the time being deleted to the point where I ask if it's already over."


"Bloody Heart" will air at 9:30 p.m. on the same day.






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It had a good start, Lee Joon is back again.


Oh wow you can see the chemistry already with Yoo Jung & Lee Tae. You can tell their story will be intense, I just they will get a happy ending.


Oh wow Episode 2 will start the more intense story oh boy.

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I'm missing Jang Hyuk drama plus I haven't watch any historical genre  for some time now. I see Jang Hyuk here so. I'll watch this plus I also like the leads. I last watch Lee Joon in  I forgot the title  but has many episodes.  I'm not familiar with female lead though. Count me in this thread. Lets watch this.

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2022] ❤️ Bloody Heart ❤️ 붉은단심 ❤️

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