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Lee Junho 이준호 of 2PM [Upcoming Drama "King the Land" 2023]


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of 2PM





Stage Name: Junho (준호)
Birth Name: Lee Jun Ho (이준호)
Birthday: January 25, 1990

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Hometown: Ilsan, South Korea

Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)
Hand Size: 22 cm

Shoe Size: 280 mm

Handedness: Ambidextrous

MBTI: INFJ | Advocate

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac: Earth Snake

Blood Type: A

Religion: Christianity

Fandom: Hottest (2pm)


Social Media & Links ☆

Instagram: le2jh

Twitter: @dlwnsghek

Youtube: 이준호다dlwnsghek

Profile | Daum Fancafe | DC Gallery

Wikipedia | Asiawiki | Hancinema | Mydramalist | Dramawiki

2PM: Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Vlive

Japan Site | Japan YT

JYPE: Site | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

-- Archived Soompi Thread --


His acting ability has been built up through

'blood, sweat, and tears'.

Now is the 'hottest' time for Lee Junho,

a current idol singer and actor


Here’s a professional entertainer in a boy’s mask. Lee Junho is a reliable lead actor of films and dramas, a lead vocalist and main dancer of ‘2PM,’ a K-Pop group, and a musician who is going on an overseas tour with his solo album that he wrote and composed all by himself. Now, we can’t imagine Lee Junho anymore who does not act nor stand on stage. What has completed him now is his challenge, effort, and passion. This is why the song, ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ suits him like his theme song. He never looks tired. When he smiles brightly like an innocent boy, covered with blood, sweat, and tears on stage and acting, all the pain glows while melting. This boyish smile is Lee Junho’s powerful and twisted weapon.


Lee Junho debuted as a member of the singing group ‘2PM’ in 2008 and made his film debut through Cold Eyes (2013). Cold Eyes is an intellectual chase by the special police squad ‘Cold Eyes,’ which follows intelligent criminals who dream of a perfect crime. Among the stars, such as Sul Kyunggu, Han Hyojoo, and Jung Woosung, who played an intelligent villain, Lee Junho played ‘Squirrel,’ the ace and youngest detective of the surveillance team. Just like the nickname ‘Squirrel’ indicates, Lee Junho played the character with agile and whip-smart, flying around among the veteran stars. From the cheerful appearance to the grim walkout, his appearance was impressive every moment.


The film took Lee Junho to his next film, Memories of the Sword. Jeon Doyeon, who watched Lee Junho’s performance in Cold Eyes, strongly recommended him to director Park Heungsik as a guard warrior ‘Yul,’ saying, “I found an actor who is cool when he stays still and looks like a boy when he smiles.” Even among outstanding actors, the boldness to stay relaxed, eye-catching acting skills, and the spectacular action set by acrobatic dance are bonuses. Actor Lee Junho definitely stood out.


With this momentum, Lee was cast in Twenty, the first film he starred in. Twenty is Director Lee Byungheon’s first commercial film, who also directed Extreme Job, which recorded the unprecedented No. 1 in the box office hit, receiving public recognition for its differentiated sense of comedy. Along with Kang Haneul and Kim Woobin, Lee Junho showed the ‘smile and tears’ of young people who just turned 20. Lee Junho proved that he can pull off comedies and human dramas as well as action. Later, starting with Memory (2016), he expanded his acting range by starring in five TV series. The characters ranged from a tired youth who endured life with trauma, the best Chinese food chef in Korea, to a lawyer whose father is a death-row convict.


Among them, Good Manager (2017) should be pointed out in Lee Junho’s filmography. Seoyul, who is cold-blooded, is a villain but eats food more deliciously than anyone else. The director ordered Lee Junho to play the ‘unhateful villain,’ and Lee Junho responded to the director’s order with his acting of enjoying food, a symbol of ‘greed.’ Lee Junho won his first acting award that year for his ‘glutton + sociopath’ character.


As you see, Lee Junho is an actor who creates opportunities on his own. His debut was also achieved by winning the audition show ‘Superstar Survival’ with a competition ratio of 6,500:1. After the two-year hiatus due to his military service, Lee is receiving love calls from films and TV series. His goal as a singer and actor is one. ‘Let’s be trustworthy.’ He was, he is, and he will be ‘trustworthy’ enough. 




Memory [2016 | tvN] - Jungjin

Good Manager [2017 | KBS] - Seo Yul

Just Between Lovers [2017-18 | jtbc] - Lee Kangdoo

Wok of Love [2018 | SBS] - Seo Poong

Confession [2019 | tvN] - Choi Dohyun

Red Sleeve Cuff [2021 | MBC] - Lee San / KingJeongjo



Boss 2 [2011 | Fuji TV] - Cameo as himself at Ep6

Uncontrollably Fond [2016 | KBS] - Cameo as himself at Ep4




Cold Eyes [July 3, 2013] - Detective Daramjwi ("Squirrel")

Memories of the Sword [August 13, 2015] - Yul

Twenty [March 25, 2015] - Dongwoo

Rose and Tulip [May 3, 2019] - Park Nero and Yoon DaeWon

Homme Fatale [July 10, 2019] - Heo Saek



White: The Melody of the Curse [June 7, 2011] - cameo as Music Fever Host

The Terror Live [August 1, 2013]- narration/commentary



2AM's No Good in Goodbye [November 1, 2021]

2AM's Should've Known [November 1, 2021]





2nd Asia Artist Awards: Best Celebrity

31st KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama [Good Manager]

31st KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Namgoong Min [Good Manager]


3rd Asia Artist Awards: Artist of the Year

3rd Asia Artist Awards: Best Emotive



2013: 22nd Buil Film Awards for Best New Actor [Cold Eyes]

2017: 31st KBS Drama Awards for best New Actor [Good Manager]

2018: 26th SBS Drama Awards for Top Excellence Award [Wok of Love]




Childhood & Family

He was born in Seoul, later his family moved to Ilsan, Goyang, South Korea.
His family consists of his mother, father, and older sister (Minhye), brother-in-law and nephew (Woojin)

He has a cousin who is a former professional baseball player named Kim SunWoo

He is a proud fur daddy of 6 cats: Wolie (Moon), Johnny, Qoo (Short for Cookie), Bokki, Ggomaengi (Little dude- from Chansung), Gaeuli (Autumn) & Lambo (Died Apr2017). Though only 4 lives with him, the other two lives with his mom.


At sisters Wedding:



His cat babies:





Hosu Elementary School | 호수초등학교 
Baekseok Middle School | 백석중학교 
Sewon High School | 세원고등학교 
Howon Universty - Bachelor of Broadcasting Entertainment (with Chansung and WooYoung)
Sejong University Graduate School for Masters in Cinematography (with Chansung)


Junho going to graduate school for acting exam:



☆ Body Profile ☆

Ear length: 6.5cm

Shoulder width: 50cm

Wrist: 17cm

Palm length: 20cm

Ankle: 23.5cm

Feet: 27cm


Pre-debut ☆
He was on “Superstar Survival” (Taecyeon and Chansung) which he won in 2006. Junho signed a contract with JYP Entertainment placing first out of 6,500 competitors.
He was almost kicked out of JYPE because of his attitude and him lagging behind fellow trainees.  His mother had to call JYP to beg for a second chance.

Due to his resemblance to Rain, he was often accused of getting plastic surgery. His training Period is 2 years. 

In 2008, he took part in Mnet's Hot Blood Men show that follows trainees to become a member of the boy band One Day, and would be 2AM and 2PM.


Junho at Superstar Survival



☆ 2PM member ☆

Debuted as 2PM a 2pm member with their first single ("10 Points out of 10 Points") from EP Hottest Time of the Day.

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Talent: Best Acrobat among members


10 out of 10



☆ Solo Career & Song Writing ☆

Debuted as a solo artist in Japan in 2013, and is the 2nd member to make a solo debut after Jun.K

He is a singer-songwriter, with "Give It To Me" being his first produced song 

for 2PM.

In the the Top 7th Kpop-idol with copyright songs with 101 songs (as of 2019)






  • What's in a Name?
    • His parents wanted him to grow up as “a great and excellent man that can even reach the sky” (“Jun” = to excel and “Ho” = sky)
    • Nicknames:
    • Twitter name is dlwnsghek - typed using a keyboard set to the Korean alphabet, it spells out “이준호다,” meaning “This is Lee Junho.”
    • 2PM
      • Beastly Idol
      • BiPM | Rain PM 
      • Fandom: Hottest - 2pm as the time signifying the Hottest time of the day 
  • Mannerism:
    • Handedness: Ambidextrous, Rights with writing but Eats with his left
      • Learning to eat with his Right Hand for the role in Red Sleeve Cuff 
    • Tends to cross his arms, lick his lips a lot and pull his pants
    • Can't Hold His Liquor, sleeps immediately when he drinks (?)
    • When embarrassed, makes water deer noises
    • When Frustrated, faces the wall with hands up in the wall (And plans his revenge against members)
  • Personality
  • Talents:
    • Singing, Dancing, Acrobatics, Beatboxing
    • song composing
    • Acting - considered one of the solid idol actors in the industry 
    • Instruments he plays: Guitar, Piano, Drums 
      • Learned traditional instrument Gayageum for Homme Fatale
  • Preferences:
  • Hobby:
    • Composing/writing Songs
    • Playing with his cats
    • Exercising/working out
    • playing PC games & Chansung is his game buddy
    • VR games
  • Work, Career and Ethics:
  • Language: Korean
  • Injury: The Fall
    • Injured Shoulder and fractured Spine while doing acrobatics, was feared to not be able to dance again [Link] [Video]
    • Needs constant Rehabilitation to make sure his shoulder muscles is strong
    • Injured index finger while doing a live fight sequence with Kim GoEun in Memories of the Sword
    • When playing arm wrestling, Taecyeon fracture his upper arm
  • Philanthropy and Activism
  • Relationships:
    • His first love was when he’s in high school but she cheated on him with his best friend. After this incident he promised himself not to date a girl without knowing her better.
    • His 2nd love was a long distance relationship. When he was a freshmen in high school, he dated but the girl had to transfer to another school. They dated for couple of month but then broken up.
  • Ideal Type [comments and mentions on his ideal type over the years]
    • "Scarlett Johansson"
    • “A woman with who I can talk to easily and communicate with well.”
    • a person that I feel good about.” He went on, “It's really hard to find someone like that. Even if you manage to beat the odds and meet someone like that, it's not easy to approach her.”
    • ‘Future wife’ with big eyes so that his children will have big eyes also
    • Girl who are best at taking care of kids
    • Style in girls he likes: I like simple style of skinny [jeans] and T-shirts
    • Message to Future Wife during My House Promotions: “Jagiya~ take care of your health for our children”
  • Enlistment:



--If any information is inaccurate or missing or needs updating, please PM me so that I can update it ASAP--


For any additional information, correction and iteration,
please PM me so that I can make the necessary changes ASAP. TY!
always be healthy, wealthy and KIND!!!

-- Please Follow Soompi Rules --

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Discography as a 2PM member, a Solo Artist and a songwriter.

Information on Albums, Singles and Tours

2PM SOOMPI Thread [Archived] | Lee Junho, the Idol SOOMPI Thread


2PM's Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer and best Acrobat
His first Japanese solo mini album, “Kimi no Koe” was released in July of 2013.
After his solo debut he went on a tour that ended in Tokyo, Japan,  on August 29th, 2013.
Junho released his second Japanese mini-album, “FEEL” in July of 2014, where he composed and produced all of the songs
He made his Korean solo debut on September 14th, 2015 with the album “One”.
As of February 2019, Junho is credited with a hundred songs with the Korea Music Copyright Association.



2PM debuted with the single "10 Out of 10" in 2008, but it was their single "Again & Again" that propelled them into super-stardom in mid-2009.

2pm had a 4 year hiatus due to the military enlistment of their member from July 2017 to June 2021





  • Korea
    • Hottest Time Of The Day [August 29, 2008] - single
    • 2:00PM Time For Change [April 16, 2009] - single
    • 01:59PM [November 10, 2009]
    • Don't Stop Can't Stop [April 19, 2010] - single
    • Hands Up [June 20, 2011]
    • 2PM Member's Selection [May 22, 2012] - compi
    • Grown [May 6, 2013]
    • Go Crazy! [September 15, 2014]
    • No.5 [June 15, 2015]
    • Gentlemen's Game [September 13, 2016]
    • Must [June 28, 2021]
  • Japan
    • All About 2PM [March 9, 2011] - compi
    • Republic of 2PM [November 30, 2011]
    • 2PM Best 2008–2011 [March 14, 2012] - Compi
    • Legend of 2PM [February 13, 2013]
    • Genesis of 2PM [January 29, 2014]
    • 2PM of 2PM [April 15, 2015]
    • Galaxy of 2PM [April 27, 2016]
    • 2PM Best in Korea 2 ~2012–2017 [September 18, 2019] - compi
    • The Best of 2PM in Japan 2011–2016 [March 13, 2020] - compi






☆Music Videos☆





















- under construction -

  • "Give it to Me" [2011 | Hands Up]  - first released composition
  • "Kimi ga Ireba" (If You Are Here)[ 2012 | Beautiful] - first Japanese released composition
  • "Sad Love" [2012 | Feast of the Gods OST] under MBC's Music and Lyrics show with actress Kim So-eun as lyricist
  • "Undefeated" [2012 | Ti Amo Chocolate OST] with Vaness Wu


Additional Compositions




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  • czakhareina changed the title to Lee Junho 이준호 | [Upcoming Drama Red Sleeve Cuff]




Shows where Junho is a member
Shows as guest and other appearances



Superstar Survival [2006] {{RAW}}
Meet Tokyo Girl [2009]
Let's Go Dream Team Season 2 [2010 | KBS]
M COUNTDOWN [2010 | Mnet] - with Wooyoung
Music and Lyrics [2012 | MBC] (with Kim So Eun)
JUNHO SAY YES Friendship [2014] Q&A


Hot Blood [2008 | Mnet]
Idol Army (Season 3) [2008/09 | MBC]
Wild Bunny [2009 | Mnet]
2PM Show! [2011 | SBS]    

Wander Trip [2012 | Tokyo MX] - with 2am

One Point Korean [2012-13 | NHK]

A Song For You From 2PM [2013 | KBS] [1] [2] [3]
Oven Radio [2015 | 1theK] Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5
2PM Wild Beat [2017 | K-Star]


Guest Appearance


Infinite Challenge [080712 | Ep166] P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7

Star Golden Bell [081018 | Ep207] Part1 Part2

MBC Lets Sleep here Tonight [081226] Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 


Star Golden Bell [090425]

Pretty Boys Generation [090602] Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

KBS KJE Chocolate [090615]

KBS KJE Chocolate[090629]

Infinity Girl 2pm [090703] Part1

Love Escort with One Day [090721]


Strong Heart [100209 | Ep17] - with Taecyeon
Strong Heart [100216 | Ep18] - with Taecyeon

{{FanCam}} KBS YooHeeYeol's Sketchbook [100212]

KBS Win Win [100216 | Ep04] Part1 Part2

KBS Win Win [100223 | Ep04]

Happy Together [100520 | ep147] - with Nichkhun [1] [2] [3] [4]

Star King [100704]

Idol Star Athletics Championships [100914]

Haha Mong Show [100815 | Ep003] - with 2pm

We Got Married - Khuntoria [100601 | Ep01]

We Got Married - Khuntoria [101102 | Ep14|

We Got Married - Khuntoria [101214 | Ep18]

Strong Heart [100817 | Ep39] - with Chansung

Strong Heart [100817 | Ep39] - with Chansung

Invincible Youth [100827 | Ep43] - with 2pm

Happy Together [101104 | Ep171] - with 2pm

Quiz Expedition [101120 | Ep98]


Strong Heart [110607 | Ep84]
Strong Heart [110614 | Ep85]
Strong Heart [110621 | Ep86]

Happy Together [110804 | Ep208] with 2pm


God Of Victory - 2PM vs Shinhwa [120903 | ep01]
 God Of Victory - 2PM vs Shinhwa [120903 | ep02]

EBS Global Project Sharing [120227] | Ep01]

EBS Global Project Sharing [120305 | Ep02] Part1 Part2

EBS Global Project Sharing [120312 | Ep03] Part1 Part2


Happy Clinic [130222 | Ep269?]

Radio Star [130515 | Ep328] - with 2pm

SBS's Thank You [130607 | SBS] with Yoo Jitae

Gag Concert [130608] - with 2PM

Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook - with 2PM [130609]

Hello Counselor [130610 | ] - with 2pm

Running Man [130623 | Ep151]

Beatles Code [1307125 | Ep 63 | - with Jun.K and Chansung [Eng]

Barefoot Friends [130714 | Ep13]


We Got Married [140607 | S4E223 | 2Young-E19]

We Got Married [140614 | S4E224 | 2Young-E20]


Running Man [150329 | Ep240] With Twenty cast

Running man [150720 | Ep256] - with 2pm


SNL Korea [160910] with 2pm [Cinderella] [History] [3min BF]
Future Diary - with Taecyeon [161124] [video]

Radio Star [170419 | Ep523]

I Live Alone [170428]

Happy Together [170511 | Ep499] - with Namgong Min 

Masked Singer [170709 | Ep219]

Knowing Brother [171209 | Ep105]

Let's Eat Together [1712?? | Ep62]


The Fan [181201 | Ep02]

2019 - 2020



EBS Pengu Meets Junho [210430 | Ep182]

Emote FM: 2PM [2105??]

57th Baeksang Arts Awards Presenter [210513]

I Live Alone [210514 | Ep397] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Knowing Brothers with 2PM [ 210703 | Ep287]

Return of Superman [210704]- With Chansung [1] [2] [3]

Sixth Sense [210723 | Ep06] {{RAW}}

Loud [210724 with 2PM | Ep10] with 2pm

I Live Alone [210903| Ep411]





Radio Guesting/Appearances


Interview, Specials & Features ☆


Radio Appearance



Write Ups


Online News






2PM series, Vlogs

Instagram, Facebook, Vlive



Modeling Ads



  • 2008: Elite (with SNSD) • Exr • Santafe Coffee
  • 2009: Tourism Authority of Thailand • Hanami • Market O Real Brownie • Samsung Anycall • Paris Baguette • Cass Beer
  • 2010: Coca Cola • 10 x 10 • Spris • Calvin Klein • Oppo • It's Skin • Caribbean Bay  • Seoul • Spris Autumn Collections • Anycall Nori F • Anycall Galaxy • Hanami (Thailand) 
  • 2011:  Cass Beer Summer, Winter • Coca Cola • It's Skin • Look Optical • Lotte Duty Free • LG U+ Calling 002 • Eversense (Thailand) • Oppo (Thailand) • Caribbean Bay • Nepa Winter/Fall • Everland Horror Maze • Mr. Pizza
  • 2012: Coway • Eversense • Sempio Black Vinegar Drink (Japan) • Caribbean Bay • Look Optical • Coca Cola • Lotte Duty Free • Samsung Galaxy Team S III campaign (Nichkhun,Junho) • NEPA 
  • 2013 -> 2019: ?
  • 2020: Hiatus due to Military Enlistment
  • 2021




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Chansung and Junho



They meet when they entered SBS talent competition show "Superstar Survival" and Junho first impression of  Chansung was that he was older than him. But after learning from someone that they were same-aged, JH sought out CS. He introduced himself and asked for CS's age, and they became friends. When CS was eliminated from the competition, he cried so much thinking he was not going to see CS again, only to be surprised when he finally won and learned than CS was the first to sign up with JYPE.

They are the the members that are born in 1990 with 17 days apart, they are the maknae's of the group.

Junho usually picks and targets CS for abuse cause CS, the big baby that he is, just lets JH be with his little tantrums and fiery temperament. 

JH likes talking with CS, because the latter is a good listener.

They both have the same interest, even going to similar classes and graduate school course to pursue acting.






Jun.K and Junho

"Hyung and Dongsaeng"


When Junho first meet Jun.K, he thought he was a gangster, because he had so much swagger. He thought he probably lived and grow up in USA, specifically in Harlem. When he finally was able to talk with JK, he learned that he was from Daegu, SK.

And like all brattish younger brothers, JH will always pick on JK to tease, whether calling him Gangster, grandpa or teasing him in whichever possible ways. 

JK, the older brother that he is, loves his dongsaengs from 2PM, but he would always pick JH as his forever dongsaeng. and would shower him with adoration which JH cringes over.

They are both share their passion for song-writing, and JH would ask JK feedback. 





Wooyoung and Junho



Hottest calls them Twins due to different instances of confusion they get when they don't recognizable which one of the two sang parts of the songs. They are by far the best dancer in the group. There were also instances when both looked alike.

They are the most mischievous and childish members from the young boys line. Often pranking and teasing other members, especially the Hyung line.

Their most favorite target is usually the oldest, Jun.K. 





Nichkhun and Junho

"The patient mom and his little cute choding" 


As Junho usually gets sulky and loses his patience fast, and it's mommy khun to take care and be patient of this childish kid. 

Whatever Nichkhun tells, Junho, he will follow -- from who to drink with and to others things too. NK will be the one to guide and support the brat that is JH.

NK has been known to describe JH as the "choding" (elementary School Kid) for JH antics, tanrums, bratty self. He is also the first one to reign in JH in his moments of overexertion, like a "Mom"






Taecyeon and Junho

"Tom and Jerry"

"wacky and sulky"





Friends & Bonds


...outside of 2PM

  • JoKwon [2AM] - they were all trainees and part of the "Hot Blooded" show for JYPE. They are all part of the collective "One day Group"
  • Im Seulong [2AM] - they were all trainees and part of the "Hot Blooded" show for JYPE. They are all part of the collective "One day Group"
  • Jinwoon [2AM] - they were all trainees and part of the "Hot Blooded" show for JYPE. They are all part of the collective "One day Group"
  • Yoon Doojoon [Beast/Highlight] - was a trainee of JYPE and was part of "Hot Blooded" group that would pick out the members for the 2 groups of "One day". Sadly YDJ was eliminated but they still had their friendship even after YDJ debuted in another group.
  • Choi Minho [Shinee] - they both debuted in the same year, and had promotions that usually rival each other but they got close when they were both cast as permanent members of sports competition show "Let's Go Dream Team" as well as MC in a music show.
  • Lee Eunhyuk [Super Junior] - like Minho, Junho became close when they became members for the show Let's Go Dream Team
  • Park Jinyoung [Got7] - a hoobae group member from the same same company JYPE. They became close due to similar career paths of being idols and also with pursuit in acting
  • Song JoongKi [Actor] - became close after being part of  "Let's Go Dream Team". often send support to each other projects via food/coffee trucks 
  • Yoo Jitae [Actor] - got close due to similar interest in philantrophy. they are both ambassadors for World Vision
  • Namgoong Min [Actor] - after working closely and getting recognition with their bromance in 2017 drama "Chief Kim", it strengthened their bond
  • Song Jihyo [Actress]
  • Bae Suzy [Actress]



  • World Vision Ambassador
  • Animal activism
  • Donation
  • Speaking out against "Nth  Room"




 ☆ Awards & Commendations ☆
[2006] SBS Superstar Survival - Ultimate Winner
[2012]  49th Savings Days Commendation from Financial Services Commission Chairman

[2012.07] World Vision Ambassador

[2013] World Music Awards - Best Male Artist | Nominated

[2014] World Music Awards: Best Male Artist & Best Entertainer - Nominated

[2015.06] Multicultural Welfare Ambassador
[2016] 30th Japan Gold Disc Award - Best 3 Albums: So Good - Won
[2018.01.24] Tower Records Online Sales Ranking 1-3rd
[2018.01.27] Oricon Daily Album Chart - 1st Placed
[2018.07.17] Oricon Weekly Album - 1st Place
[2018.10] Singapore KBEE Hallyu Expo Ambassador



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 2PM’s Junho Officially Discharged From The Military

2PM’s Junho Officially Discharged From The Military

2PM’s Junho is back!


On March 20, Junho was officially discharged from the military. He enlisted May 30, 2019 as a public service worker due to a shoulder injury that he had to undergo surgery for. With Junho’s discharge, all 2PM members who were required to serve in the military have completed their duties.


Earlier this year, JYP Entertainment announced that 2PM was planning to make a full-member comeback after Junho’s discharge. In addition to original fans of 2PM, newer fans who were introduced to 2PM through the resurgence of 2PM’s 2015 hit “My House” last year have also been waiting for Junho’s return.


Junho held a V LIVE broadcast on March 21 to celebrate his return and answer questions asked by his fans. The other 2PM members also made appearances during the latter half of the broadcast (with the exception of Taecyeon who was unable to attend due to his busy schedule).

Welcome back, Junho!


Link: https://www.soompi.com/article/1460281wpp/2pms-junho-officially-discharged-from-the-military


  Discharge Video





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2PM’s Junho Shares His Core Beliefs, Thoughts On His Newfound Sexy Image, And More In 1st Pictorial Since Military Discharge


Apr 23, 2021 by M. Kang

2PM’s Junho teamed up with GQ Korea for his first pictorial and interview since his military discharge!

Junho, who completed his service back in March, has returned with an even more mature look than before. Despite the photo shoot being his first in a while, the idol-turned-actor seamlessly transitioned into a character befitting the day’s sentimental concept.


In the interview, he activated the artist within to discuss his upcoming music promotions. He stated, “Surprisingly, I feel calm. You could say it’s a change. I used to have a sense of having to prove something, but now, I have a sense of excitement for what I can do. I’m very excited.”


While he was serving in the military, 2PM’s 2015 song “My House” resurfaced on the music charts. It emphasized Junho’s sexy image, giving his 2015 phase performances the nickname “My House Junho.” Junho commented, “At first, I was a bit taken aback. We didn’t intend for that kind of response. Originally, the stages for ‘My House’ were meant to focus on our performance. So I tried to keep everything other than the dancing simple. Trying to look sexy? The sexy gaze? I didn’t even think of it.”


Reflecting on himself, Junho stated that something unique to him is that he lives with the beliefs that “it will work out no matter what” and that he can “make it happen.” He added, “I don’t think negative thoughts like doubting whether something will work out.”


Fans have also given Junho the nickname, “Ambitious Junho.” On this, he commented, “I like the word ‘ambition.’ In my dictionary, ‘ambition’ is a hundred times the passion of wanting to make something happen. It’s a thought I’ve had ever since I was little.”


Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1465666wpp/2pms-junho-shares-his-core-beliefs-thoughts-on-his-newfound-sexy-image-and-more-in-1st-pictorial-since-military-discharge


Other translated links: https://jlml718.home.blog/2021/04/22/eng-trans-2pm-junho-junhos-magazine-interview-in-gq-korea-may-2021-at-home/


Pictures: https://www.kpopmap.com/2pm-junho-for-gq-korea-magazine-may-issue/


Flashback Article

2PM Junho Named World Vision’s Honorary Ambassador


Jul 31, 2012 | by J. Lee

2PM‘s Junho has been named an honorary ambassador of World Vision‘s “24 Hour Famine” campaign. “24 Hour Famine” is one of World Vision’s most well-known programs that allows participants to experience famine and learn about lives of children and adults who suffer from poverty, diseases, and war in many third-world countries. Currently, “24 Hour Famine” campaign is held in over 20 countries, including Korea, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Japan, Germany, and so on.


As the honorary ambassador of the program, Junho will be promoting and participating in “24 Hour Famine” in Korea. If time allows, Junho is planning on participating in “24 Hour Famine” events in other Asian countries. World Vision is hoping that Junho’s participation in various Asian countries would bring more publicities and higher participation rates.


Meanwhile, Junho has been a continuous volunteer and donor at World Vision. In January 2012, Junho returned his first official vacation days in four years and visited Ethiopia with World Vision. During his stay in Ethiopia, Junho visited Elephantiasis patients and enjoyed singing and dancing with local children. He also got a chance to finally meet the child he has been sponsoring for over a year now. After his visit to Ethiopia, Junho started sponsoring another child in Ghana, Africa.


Moreover, Junho has been encouraging of his fans to join him in helping those who are in need. Previously, Junho tweeted about water pollution, lack of drinkable water, and ways to fund a filtered water pump in Ethiopia. His informative twitter post gathered 2PM fans from various countries to organize a fund together to donate two filtered water pumps to Jima-Geneti district in Ethiopia within three weeks of his initial post.


Junho stated, “I want the children I’m helping right now to grow up and be able to help others. As the honorary ambassador of World Vision’s ’24 Hour Famine,’ I want to share the joy and warmth of helping others.” A representative from World Vision Korea commented, “We would like to first thank Junho for always participating in many World Vision activities and campaigns. ’24 Hour Famine’ is an important event that allows teenagers to learn about the human race as one and the sufferings of others in this world. We hope to spread positive energy and the joy of sharing to the rest of the world with the help of Junho.”




Link: https://www.soompi.com/article/412405wpp/2pm-junho-named-world-visions-honorary-ambassador

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  • czakhareina changed the title to Lee Junho 이준호 | [Upcoming Drama "Red Sleeve Cuff" 11/05 | 2pm Japanese Comeback "With Me Again" 09/29]

2PM’s Junho And Lee Se Young Confirmed For New Historical Drama

May 12, 2021
by S. Nam

2PM’s Junho And Lee Se Young Confirmed For New Historical Drama

2PM’s Junho and Lee Se Young are confirmed to star in the upcoming MBC historical melodrama “The Red Sleeve Cuff” (literal translation) together!


The new Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Red Sleeve Cuff” will be a record of an imperial court romance between a court lady, who wanted to protect the life she has chosen, and an emperor, who put the nation first before love. “The Red Sleeve Cuff,” which is based on a novel of the same name, will be helmed by director Jung Ji In, who worked on “Radiant Office” and “Hold Me Tight,” and it will be written by scriptwriter Jung Hae Ri, who worked on “Ruler: Master of the Mask.”


Junho will be playing the meticulous and proud Yi San, who was born as the direct descendant and eldest grandson of the King. Yi San puts in endless effort in order to become a good and wise king, but he has been traumatized by his father’s death. However, when he meets the ambitious court lady Seong Deok Im, he clumsily begins to show a romantic side he didn’t know he had. Yi San will one day become Joseon’s King Jeongjo, and in the process, he’ll be conflicted between choosing cold rationality as one nation’s leader and passionate love as just one man.


Through the dramas “Just Between Lovers,” “Wok of Love,” “Confession,” and “Good Manager,” Junho received praise for his stable acting and ability to take on any genre. “The Red Sleeve Cuff” will be his first project since his discharge from his mandatory service in March. Viewers are highly anticipating Junho’s transformation into Jeongjo Yi San as he goes back and forth between a level-headed monarch to a man in love.


Lee Se Young will be playing court lady Seong Deok Im, who wants to independently make decisions about her life rather than be one of the King’s many women. Seong Deok Im, who will one day become the royal noble consort Ui of the Seong clan, seeks out small moments of personal happiness inside the palace, in which pressing political matters often occur. Although her everyday life was once peaceful, her life drastically changes when she meets Yi San.


The actress has already impressed viewers with numerous projects including “The Crowned Clown,” “Doctor John,” “Memorist,” and “Kairos.” In her most recent project “Kairos,” Lee Se Young made a shocking transformation with her new short hairstyle, leaving a strong impression on viewers. Due to her detailed and skilled acting, viewers are excited to see Lee Se Young take on the role of the court lady Seong Deok Im, who will make even Joseon’s King fall in love with her.


The production team shared, “We’re excited and happy about the meeting of the greatest actors Lee Junho and Lee Se Young, who have exceptional acting skills and unique charms. We will greet viewers with a proper traditional romance sageuk (Korean historical drama) that is aimed precisely at the viewers’ hearts in the second half of 2021, so please look forward to it.”


source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1468622wpp/2pms-junho-and-lee-se-young-confirmed-for-new-historical-drama

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On 9/18/2021 at 3:56 PM, rocher22 said:


script reading for The Red Sleeve Cuff...     :cutekitty:

Nice seeing you here. My obsession with LJH has lead me to start the thread and start sharing anything and everything about him. So thank so much for sharing this here!!!! hehehe 



2PM’s Junho Discusses A Memorable Fan Comment, His Perfectionist Personality, And More

2PM’s Junho Discusses A Memorable Fan Comment, His Perfectionist Personality, And More

Jul 26, 2021
by S. Cho

2PM’s Junho sat down for an interview with Esquire magazine to discuss his group, personality, and much more!


Junho was officially discharged from the military earlier this year, and he was asked what’s changed since his service. He answered, “It’s been over 100 days since I was discharged, but they’ve passed really busily. These are days I’ve missed, but without even having the time to get emotional, I immediately adjusted. It almost felt like I had never left.”


He continued, “Rather than a drastic change, I think my mindset has changed a bit. Compared to the past, I now want to approach everything in a more relaxed manner. Rather than a rushed, difficult, and stressed manner, I want to do everything steadily. I think those around me can see that mindset of mine.”


During his military service, 2PM’s track “My House” blew up, with Junho especially garnering lots of attention. He revealed that he had learned of this news in fall 2019, soon after he enlisted. Junho explained, “Since I had a longing for the stage, I frequently looked up videos of 2PM and myself, so I noticed the views of ‘My House Junho’ slowly going up. I just thought, ‘It’ll pass,’ like some kind of event.”


Junho also talked about the comments on this video, sharing, “It felt like a friendly battle of who could leave the funniest comment. I found that interesting. One memorable comment was ‘I realized it was spring only after the flower had fallen.’ It was sad, but I felt good.” The comment is referring to the fact that Junho had already enlisted in the military when the commenter belatedly discovered his charms.


To discuss Junho’s personality, the interviewer mentioned one of his lines from the film “Twenty” where his character said, “Do you know how hard it is to quit?”


Junho shared, “I haven’t thought a lot about wanting to quit, but if I was going to, I think I would quit so cleanly that I wouldn’t even have any memory of the situation. 0 or 100, I’m very extreme. I might not want to quit that much more because of this. If you quit, what you’ve done up until that point all becomes nothing.”


The interviewer responded that Junho seemed to be a perfectionist even in regards to quitting, and he responded, “In the past, this personality trait of mine was really tiring. Those around me must have been that much more exhausted too. In some moments, acting like that felt so obvious, because there is nothing wrong with being perfect. However, now I think that it’s okay not to be perfect. I realized that ultimately, I’m not doing everything on my own and there are people around me to help.”


During 2PM’s recent appearance on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Wooyoung commented that the resurgence of “My House” was all thanks to Junho. He shared, “Junho is careful every single day to not be an inconvenience to the members. He sacrifices himself for the team.”

Junho tried to explain this comment, sharing, “Since I’m simultaneously doing promotions as 2PM and as an actor, my schedule has to flow harmoniously. When a casting offer comes in, this creates a situation where I may have to give it up because of my 2PM promotions. I think he’s talking about that, but I think that’s a given. It’s the same as when I’m participating in a project as an actor and can’t do any other work. Even if I complete a variety of activities, that’s a problem I have to figure out. If I can’t get any sleep, I try not to make it noticeable that I’m tired and always want to have a good attitude.”


As Junho made his debut at a young age, he was asked whether he ever had a period of puberty. Junho replied with a laugh, “I obviously must have, right?”


He continued, “This is a different story, but both my parents worked, so I learned how precious they are at an early age. My father worked as a deck officer and I wouldn’t be able to see him for six months to one year at a time, so I missed him more. When I was in elementary school, I would visit my mom’s workplace and call her until she answered, crying and saying ‘I miss you.’ When I think about it now, I wonder how busy they must’ve been.”


Lastly, Junho shared what he does in order to protect and emphasize his personal uniqueness. He commented, “I like things that are light and natural. I want to become someone who is like a piece of drawing paper, that doesn’t stand out and isn’t provocative. Because I’m impatient and have a fiery personality, it’s hard to always be light, but I think this mindset helps to always ground me. Just like I showcased on ‘Home Alone‘ (‘I Live Alone’), hitting the wooden fish [wooden instrument used by Buddhist monks] is one thing I do to help. It helps me become comfortable and relaxed.”


Link for more pics: https://www.soompi.com/article/1480759wpp/2pms-junho-discusses-a-memorable-fan-comment-his-perfectionist-personality-and-more

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54 minutes ago, czakhareina said:

Nice seeing you here. My obsession with LJH has lead me to start the thread and start sharing anything and everything about him. So thank so much for sharing this here!!!! hehehe 


@czakhareinathanks for opening the thread, the previous one is locked..

I like that first post, its very detailed, I learned more about our actor...     :approves:





I first saw Junho in ''Memories of The Sword''...            










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23 hours ago, rocher22 said:

@czakhareinathanks for opening the thread, the previous one is locked..

I like that first post, its very detailed, I learned more about our actor...     :approves:


I first saw Junho in ''Memories of The Sword''...            


I knew of 2pm as a group, though I don't know much about the members. except maybe Taecyeon and wooyoung who was in Dream High. And like you he was the first saw him in Memories of the Sword. I love Jeon Doyeon and Kim GoEun, and was frustrated with an idol-actor being cast in their movie together. but he really really really did surprise me.... and he continues to showcase solid acting..


I was a bit worried that I may have overcrowded the first page and will overcrowd it cause I still have a lot to add. But I am glad that you learned new things about Junho with the post I did... 

will be updating it more in the incoming days...



Behind the Scenes of GQ Photoshoot [EngSubbed]




Essential Items for lee Junho shared during GQ photoshoot [Eng Subbed]








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These are the 8 idol-turned-actors chosen by the Korean Film Council to represent the 'Korean Actors 200' campaign


Beginning in January of 2021, the Korea Film Council has promoted its brand new 'Korean Actors 200' campaign, visiting the careers of 200 selected actors and actress who represent the present and future of South Korea's film industry.


A total of 100 actors and 100 actresses were chosen by the Council, with criteria ranging from the success of major big-screen productions, to notable participation in independent films, participation in global productions, etc. A total of 8 idol-turned-actors/actresses were selected as part of the 'Korean Actors 200'. 


2PM's Junho




link: https://www.allkpop.com/article/2021/05/these-are-the-8-idol-turned-actors-chosen-by-the-korean-film-council-to-represent-the-korean-actors-200-campaign

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  • partyon changed the title to Lee Junho 이준호 of 2PM [Upcoming Drama "King the Land" 2023]

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