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[Drama 2017-2018] Just Between Lovers 그냥 사랑하는 사이

Go Seung Ji

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JTBC Presents


Also known as "Just Between Lovers"

그냥 사랑하는 사이







Kim Jin Won

(The Innocent Man, Wonderful Days)



Yoo Bo Ra

(Secret Love, Snowy Road)


Episodes: 16 (TBC)


Broadcast Period: 

2017-Dec-11 to 2018-Jan-30, Mondays and Tuesdays 23:00 KST


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The story of two individuals who lost their loved ones in an accident and try to carry on with their lives as if they are not in pain.

Lee Kang Doo (Lee Joon Ho) grows up in a rich family and dreams of becoming a professional soccer player some day. But his life trajectory changes when a bad car accident kills his father and breaks his leg, ending his hopes of an athletic career. Kang Doo also loses his mother to cancer, saddling him with all of her debt. Kang Doo now lives out of cheap motels and tries to make money to pay back the debt. The winds of misfortune seem to shift when Ha Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah) finds him in an alley at the lowest point in his life. Moon Soo also harbors a lot of heartache and guilt over surviving a car accident that claimed the life of her younger sibling. After coming into each other’s lives, can Kang Doo and Moon Soo help each other overcome their respective hardships and find something to live for?



Won Jin-A was selected to play the lead female character after taking part in auditions with 120 other participants.

"Just Between Lovers" is the first JTBC drama series to air on Mon & Tue at 23:00.



Lee Joon-Ho - Lee Gang-Doo



Won Jin-A - Ha Moon-Soo




Lee Ki Woo as Seo Joo Won
Kang Han Na as Jung Yoo Jin


People around Kang Doo

Kim Hye Joon as Lee Jae Young
Yoon Se Ah as Ma Ri
Kim Kang Hyun as Sang Man
Park Myung Shin as Innkeeper
Na Moon Hee as Medicine Seller


People around Moon Soo

Yoon Yoo Sun as Yoon Ok (Moon Soo’s mother)
Ahn Nae Sang as Ha Dong Chul (Moon Soo’s father)
Han Seo Jin as Ha Yun Soo (Moon Soo’s younger sister)
Park Hee Bon as Kim Wan Jin (a webtoon writer)
Kim Nam Jin (김남진)


People around Joo Won

Nam Ki Ae as Joo Won’s mother
Tae In Ho as Jung Yoo Taek
Park Gyu Young as So Mi



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2PM’s Junho Confirmed For First Lead Drama Role Alongside Won Jin Ah


2PM’s Junho has officially landed his first lead role in a drama!

It was announced on August 21 that Junho will be starring in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Just in Love” (literal title) alongside rookie actress Won Jin Ah.

The drama centers around a touching message that people can give us hope and that love can patch up our wounds.

Junho will be playing the role of Lee Kang Doo, who goes through a lot of pain after losing his father to an accident. Furthermore, his dreams of becoming a soccer player come crashing down when he needs to undergo three years of rehabilitation for his injured legs.

Won Jin Ah will be playing the role of Ha Moon Soo, who loses her younger sibling to an accident. She hides her pain and tries to stay strong while looking after her mother. Once she meets Lee Kang Doo, however, she’s able to bring out her hidden emotions.

“Just in Love” is scheduled to air later this year.

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AUG 21 2017

Lee Joon-Ho and Won Jin-A cast in JTBC drama series “Just Between Lovers”


Lee Joon-Ho (‘2PM’) and Won Jin-A are cast for the lead roles in new JTBC drama series “Just Between Lovers” (literal title). The drama series will be directed by Kim Jin-Won (“The Innocent Man“)and scripted by Yoo Bo-Ra (“Secret Love“).

In the drama series, Lee Joon-Ho plays a man who dreamed of becoming a soccer player, but an accident ended those dreams. He meets a woman played by Won Jin-A who survived a fatal accident. Won Jin-A landed her role after going through auditions with 120 other participants.

“Just Between Lovers” first airs in the second half of this year in South Korea.


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JTBC’s Just Between Lovers secures leads in Junho and Won Jin-ah

by tipsymocha


I adored Junho’s redeemed villain role in Chief Kim, so I’m ecstatic to hear he’s coming back to dramaland this year, and as a lead at that! It doesn’t sound like his role in the upcoming JTBC drama Just Between Lovers will be anything similar to Yul from Chief Kim, but it’ll be nice to see him branch out into different genres, and especially as a romantic lead. Joining him as the female lead is rookie Won Jin-ah, whose credits so far only include small supporting roles in films like Age of Shadows and No Tomorrow......


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Good for Lee Joon Ho.  I see he's associated with Chief Kim, I guess that's his memorable role? I've never seen the dramas though. But  remember watching him in his first drama "Memory" which he showed good acting. I consider  "Memory"  of my top 3 drama of 2016. Ooh I see tall guy Lee Ki Woo also part of the drama. A reunion for the two. LKW also was part of 'Memory' drama. 

And because the writer previous works ecret Love (Jisung HJE drama)  and  that film Snowy Road...and Director is the one who did Innocent Man, two dramas I really like ( watched 2x both of them) I'm going to check this one. Based from story plot, we'll be expecting melodrama. Maybe heavy scenes.....like that of Secret Love.  I'm always watching action thrillers so it'll be nice to go back to kdrama basics. I hope this will be a good one.

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Kang Han Na Cast In Upcoming JTBC Drama


On September 1, Fantagio announced that Kang Han Na was cast as the lead in JTBC’s “Just Loving” (literal translation).

The drama will be about individuals who are ordinary heroes, living every day to the fullest. Kang Han Na will be portraying Jung Yoo Jin, a charismatic architect.

This is Kang Han Na’s first lead role since her debut in 2009. She has proved her acting ability in works such as “Miss Korea,” “Secret Healer,” and “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.”

“Just Loving” is being led by director Kim Jin Won, who has been known for “The Innocent Man” and “Wonderful Days.” Writer Yoo Bo Ra, who is known for “Secret Love” and “Snowy Road,” is also part of the production team.

The drama is aiming to air in the latter half of this year.


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Drama Starring 2PM’s Junho And Won Jin Ah To Be 1st To Air In JTBC’s New Drama Time Slot


Starting in December, JTBC will be opening up a time slot for Monday-Tuesday dramas for the first time ever, and the first production up to bat will star 2PM’s Junho and actress Won Jin Ah!

On September 12, JTBC confirmed that it recently concluded internal discussions on opening up a new drama time slot. In December, they will begin airing dramas on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 p.m. KST, on top of their current time slot for Friday-Saturday dramas. Details on changes to the scheduling of other programs will be decided on at a later date as more details are finalized.

The first drama to air in the new time slot will be “Just in Love” (literal title). Producing director Kim Jin Won, who has been recognized for his subtle direction in works like “The Innocent Man” and “Wonderful Days,” will be leading the project alongside screenwriter Yoo Bo Ra, who has cultivated a strong fan base through works like “Secret” and “Snowy Road.” The new drama will star 2PM’s Junho and rookie actress Won Jin Ah in the leading roles.

A source from JTBC’s drama department stated, “We will now have the opportunity to air two dramas a week following the latest changes. We will do our best to continue to create fun and high-quality productions that connect with our viewers.”

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