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[Drama 2018] Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) 기름진 멜로


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SBS Presents

 Greasy Melo / Wok of Love

기름진 멜로




Park Sun-ho



Seo Sook-hyang




Broadcast Period

From 7 May ~ 17 July 2018, every Monday and Tuesday


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'Jugglers' Cha Joo-young confirms appearance in 'Greasy Melo' ... working with Lee Jun-ho · Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo-won


Actress Cha Joo-yong, who appeared in  KBS 2TV 'Jugglers' last January, confirmed her next drama as SBS 'Greasy Melo'.


According to the OSEN coverage on the 15th March, Cha Joo- Young recently decided to appear in "Greasy Melo" and is in the process of preparing her work.


In the drama, Cha Joo-young plays a plastic surgeon who has always been a "top" doctor thanks to the support of her father who runs a Chinese restaurant. She gets married to her first love, chef Seo-poong (Lee Joon-ho), but the marriage is troubled by her unfilled social desires.

'Greasy Melo' is written by scriptwriter Seo Sook-hyang who previous works include 'Pasta' and 'Jealousy Incarnate'. The drama is about the love, survival, and food story of a star chef who  goes from running the kitchen at the top Chinese restaurant in Korea to working at a dingy neighborhood restaurant on the brink of closing.


It will be broadcast following 'Should We Kiss First'.






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'Greasy Melo' 3 protagonists all confirmed.


Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo-won and Lee Joon-ho  are confirmed to appear in SBS new Mon/Tue drama 'Greasy Melo'.


Lee Junho is called "Bond hand" who always holds two woks with both hands. He ignores the others fighting around him and concentrates on making the best dish.


Jung Ryeo Won plays the daughter of a chaebeol, her hobby is horse-riding and she is an expert in equestrianism. Although she is the daughter of a wealthy family,  the chaos within her family caused her much pain.


Jang Hyuk plays an ex-convict who was convicted for 7 frauds and violence, spending 5 years in prison. He used to be the second head of a gangster society and is greatly feared by others. 


The broadcast will begin on April 30th, after the currently airing  'Should We Kiss first' ends.





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Jang Hyuk X Jung Ryeo-won X Lee Jun-ho, "Greasy Melo" together "April broadcast"


Actors Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo Won, and 2PM Lee Joon-ho converge on SBS's new monthly drama 'Greasy Melo'.


'Greasy Melo' is a hot love story of people who live like grasshoppers thrown in the hot frying pan. 


Lee Junho is called "Bond hand" and always holds two woks in both hands. He has a strong belief and ignores the people fighting around him, concentrating on making the best dish.


Jung Ryeo Won is born as a daughter of a chaebeol, and her hobby is horse-riding. Although from a wealthy family, the chaos within her family brings her much pain.


Jang Hyuk plays an ex-convict who just spent five years in prison, having 7 previous convictions for fraud and violence.  He was the no.2 leader in the gangster group called The Big Dipper. .


Three people who have accumulated acting skills through various works are gathering attention and it is interesting what kind of chemistry they are offering.


'Greasy Melo' is scheduled to air in end April following 'Let's Kiss First'.





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dragonhiplz.gif?1Hello to all my Money Flower chingus. I'm so excited to see what Jang Hyuk brings to this role. He really              doesn't rest.:o 


@yoeda I'm in heaven w/this cast. Love Junho, am very happy he gets a chance to work w/JH. I have really enjoyed watching Jung Ryeo Won in dramas too. 


Hey @triplem always happy to share a thread w/you:wub:


@Prettysup Thanks for opening this thread. When I read about the drama I just knew you would be on top of things:D


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Jang Hyuk, Junho, Jung Ryeo Won! Drama gods, what are you doing to me! One of my favorite actors, one of my new favorite actors, and the awesome Jung Ryeo Won. 


I like the writer too. Please be good, drama (and maybe change your title). The character descriptions already made me laugh. A gangster group called the Big Dipper. 

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Jung Ryeo Won Confirms Casting In New SBS Drama

Actress Jung Ryeo Won has confirmed her next project!


Titled “Greasy Melo” (literal translation), the upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama from SBS will be written by Seo Sook Hyang and directed by Park Sun Ho. Previously Jung Ryeo Won, Jang Hyuk, and 2PM’s Junho were said to be in talks for the lead roles.


“Greasy Melo” tells the story of a star chef who goes from running the top Chinese restaurant in South Korea to working at a neighborhood restaurant on the brink of closing. Jung Ryeo Won will play a character named Dan Sae Woo, the daughter of a chaebol family who refuses congratulatory wedding money [money given by wedding guests to the bride and groom] but instead gets a big cheque from her father as “wedding allowance” money.


Dan Sae Woo’s hobbies include horseback riding, professional-level fencing, and other typical upper-class pursuits, until she undergoes a change in her life after tasting a bowl of jajangmyun [black bean paste noodles] at a local restaurant she happens upon.


“Greasy Melo” is penned by the same screenwriter who wrote rom-coms such as “Pasta,” “Miss Korea,” and “Don’t Dare to Dream (Jealousy Incarnate).” The director of “Greasy Melo” has previously directed another well-received rom-com, “Suspicious Partner.”


After a long hiatus, Jung Ryeo Won made waves last year with her portrayal of the ace prosecutor Ma Yi Deum in KBS’s “Witch’s Court.”


“Greasy Melo” will begin airing after “Should We Kiss First” ends in May.





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Actor Jang Hyuk transforms into a gangster debtor.


On the 21st March, Jae Hyuk's agency, Sidus HQ, said, "Jang Hyuk has confirmed his appearance on SBS new Mon/Tue drama ‘Greasy Melo’ (Playwright Seo Hyung-hyung / Director Park Sun-ho) scheduled to air in May."


'Greasy Melo' is hot love story of people akin to living grasshoppers thrown in a warmed cooking wok. It is attracting attention as a new work of a writer who wrote drama 'Pasta', 'Miss Korea' and  'Jealousy Incarnation' . Jung Ryeo-won also confirmed her appearance as the female lead.


Jang Hyuk will act as a kind debtor named Doo Chil Sung who runs a Chinese restaurant in the neighbourhood. He will present Jang Hyuk’s style of action and romance in this story of survival, food and love. In particular, he is described as one who is aggressively pro-active when he meets a girl whom he likes. 

Jang Hyuk said, "The role of Chil Sung is interesting because he is a gangster who is engaged in financial business outside the system. I think that I can add an interesting source of action that I want to try in the romantic drama genre. The ensemble of the actors seems to be good, and it seems to be a work that can be fun. I will study and prepare hard to reach the viewers. Thank you very much. "

Previously, Jang Hyuk took on the role of Kang Pil-joo, a secret master of revenge and birth secrets in MBC's weekend special drama "Money Flower," which was concluded in February. His convincing portrayal of the complicated main character has received much love, and it is worth looking forward to his 180 degrees change in this new work.


The SBS New Mon/Tue drama 'Greasy Melo' starring Jang Hyuk, who foresees a new character transformation, is scheduled to air in May.





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So all are confirmed?  JH in a  rom-com after dark drama :)  I always say whatever genre  hyukkie does..  we'll always get that good acting! Thb,  don't like story plot ( chef aka gangster) but it's Jang Hyuk and  I know I'll get good acting.


 Lee Jun Ho was very good in  Just Between lovers portraying the lead role. So he'll be the second lead here.


 As for the actress. She's good. I watch her previous drama.(I'll be honest again. I wanted to see Shin Hye Sun x JH Iin really well written well made drama.. but next time perhaps)


Thanks for update.

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Jang Hyuk And 2PM’s Junho Confirmed To Join Jung Ryeo Won In New SBS Drama


Jang Hyuk and 2PM’s Junho have been confirmed to join Jung Ryeo Won in SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Greasy Melo” (literal translation).



All three had been in talks to join the drama, with Jung Ryeo Won confirming her participation earlier in the day. Now, both 2PM’s Junho and Jang Hyuk have announced that they will be appearing in the drama as well.


JYP Entertainment confirmed Junho’s appearance on March 21. The 2PM member has made his mark as an actor through projects like “Chief Kim” and “Just Between Lovers,” and he will now be taking on his first leading role in a major broadcasting company’s drama. He will play Soe Poong, a talented chef who just needs two woks to create the greatest dishes. He becomes the greatest chef in Chinese cuisine in Korea before an unfortunate series of events leads him to be chased out to a neighborhood Chinese restaurant.


Jang Hyuk will play Doo Chil Sung, a moneylender with a human touch who is extremely forward when it comes to his first love. Through his agency, Jang Hyuk said, “I am very excited for the role because I found the character of Chil Sung intriguing as a gangster who is outside of the law, and I think it will be interesting to mix an action drama with components of a romantic story.”


With a stellar main cast, “Greasy Melo” is set to begin airing in May as the follow-up to “Should We Kiss First.”






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Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo-won, Junho to star in SBS’s Greasy Melo

by girlfriday


The writer of Jealousy Incarnate, Miss Korea, and Pasta is back! Writer Seo Sook-hyang, known for quirky romantic comedies and hilarious ensembles, is penning a new series for SBS called Greasy Melo (melo as in melodrama), and actors Jang Hyuk (Money Flower), Jung Ryeo-won (Witch’s Court), and Lee Junho (Just Between Lovers) have signed on to headline.

The series will take place in a Chinese restaurant, which I guess makes it the jajangmyun counterpart to Pasta. It’s about a chef who goes from being a star chef one day to the cook at a failing neighborhood Chinese restaurant the next, and will tell stories of love and survival through food. As expected from this writer, the world will be full of colorful characters:

Jung Ryeo-won has been cast to play a chaebol heiress whose name, Dan Sae-woo, means “sweet shrimp.” She lives a life of privilege and leisure—she accepted no gifts on her wedding day because her father gave her a check for 300 million won, and she enjoys horseback riding and fencing. Her greatest moment in life happens to coincide with a random bowl of jajangmyun, which leads her to undergo a big change and begin a new life.

Jang Hyuk will play a loan shark gangster who’s served his time in prison, and somehow ends up running a Chinese restaurant. He’s an intimidating character but he’s also overflowing with humanity, and we’ll get to see everything from action to romance to comedy in the role.

And as far as I can tell, Junho will play the main character, though I don’t know if he’ll be top-billed. He’ll play the talented chef once known as “Hands of Bond” who falls from stardom and ends up the head chef of the neighborhood Hungry Wok. What a name.

I’m expecting a cross between Strongest Deliveryman and Pasta, but the thing to really look forward to is this writer’s hilarious dialogue and inventive situational comedy. Jealousy Incarnate is still one of my favorite dramas of recent years, so I’m excited for whatever antics we get in this new workplace with this new ensemble. All three of these actors have proven their comedic chops (and obviously their dramatic chops too—that goes without saying), so the crazier the characters, the better!

Greasy Melo is scheduled to air on Mondays and Tuesdays in May, following Should We Kiss First. I would advise putting jajangmyun delivery on speed dial (if you’re lucky), or stocking up on the instant kind before watching this drama. I know a food porn trap when I see one.


cr: http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/03/jang-hyuk-jung-ryeo-won-junho-to-star-in-sbss-greasy-melo/

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Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo Won & 2PM Junho Confirm New SBS Drama “Greasy Melo”


Greasy Melo whirls the story of a star chef who reaches rock bottom, leading him to work in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant.


If you love dramas Jealousy Incarnate, Miss Korea and Pasta, the chances are that you will save the date for the new project of Writer Seo. Her clever writing usually mixes perky storytelling that highlights the comic and emotional sides of characters evenly. She also has a knack on sketching strong heroines.


Hence, with her working with actress Jung Ryeo Won who was amazing in her last drama Witch’s Court, this latest drama is to be much anticipated by K-drama fans. The latter is set to play the role of an heiress who loves fencing and horseback riding. She also loves jajangmyun on the side which leads her connection to the characters of the story.


PD Park who worked on last year’s Suspicious Partner will direct the series. The eat-pray-love concept is something which actor Jang Hyuk (Money Flower) looks forward to. He will suit up the role of a gangster money lender who runs the Chinese restaurant.


“The casting seems to be good, and it looks like a fun project. I will study and prepare hard to please the viewers”, Jang said.


Lee Jun Ho, who recently wrapped up the melodrama Just Between Lovers, appears to be taking the central character as a once popular chef. The 2PM member has also been busy with his acting career and music ventures.


Greasy Melo is slated for May airing, replacing Should We Kiss First.





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Count me in from episode 1! :wub: No doubt about that. Lead lady was impressive in Witch's Court. Junho is my new found star. Jang Hyuk doesn't need anyone to vouch for his acting chops. I loved the writer in Jealousy Incarnate. 

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