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Kim Yoo Jung 김유정 金裕貞 | Ongoing : Red Sky 홍천기

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Kim Yoo Jung Is Stunning In Profile Photos From New Agency - KpopHit - KPOP  HIT 


Kim Yoo Jung, actress born 1999 september 22


Drama List:

Lovers of the Red Sky: Hong Cheon Gi (SBS/2021) - Hong Cheon-Gi

Backstreet Rookie: Pyeonuijeom Saetbyeoli (SBS / 2020) - Jung Saet-Byeol

Clean With Passion: Ildan Ddeugeobge (JTBC / 2018-2019) - Gil O-Sol

Love in the Moonlight: Gooreumi Geurin Dalbit (KBS2 / 2016) - Hong Ra-On

Angry Mom: Aenggeurimam (MBC / 2015) - Oh A-Ran

Secret Door: Bimilui Moon (SBS / 2014) - Seo Ji-Dam

Golden Rainbow: Hwanggeum Moojigae (MBC / 2013-2014) - Kim Baek-Won (young)

May Queen: MBC / 2012) - Cheon Hae-Joo (young)

The Moon Embracing the Sun: Haereul Poomeun Dal (MBC / 2012) - Heo Yeon-Woo / Wol (teen)

Flames of Desire: Yokmangui Bolggot (MBC / 2010) - Na-Young (young)/ In-Gi (young)

Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho: Gumiho: Yeowoonuyidyun (KBS2 / 2010) - Yeon-Yi

Road No.1: Rodeu Neombeowon (MBC / 2010) - Su-Yeon (young)

Dong Yi: (MBC / 2010) - Suk-Bin (child)

Tamara, the Island: Tamnaneun Doda (MBC / 2009) - Jang Beo-Sul

Cain and Abel: Kaingwa Abel (SBS / 2009) - Seo-Yeon (young)

The Painter of Wind: Baramui Hwawon (SBS / 2008) - Yoon-Bok (young)

Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief: Iljimae (SBS / 2008) - Eun-Chae (young)

Formidable Rivals:  Kangcheok deul (KBS2 / 2008) - Yu Kkot-Nim

Beautiful Days: Ahreumdaun Sijeol (KBS / 2007-2008) - Jung Da-Jung

My Beoloved Sister: Nuna (MBC / 2006-2007) - Pink / Choi Ga-Eul

Thank You My Life: Insaengiyeo Gomawoyo (KBS2 / 2006) - Yoon Hyun-Ji


Movie List:

The 8th Night (2021) - Ae-ran

Golden Slumber: (2018) - Soo-A (cameo)

Because I Love You: Saranghagi Ttaemoone (2017) - Scully

Circle of Atonement: Bimil (2015) - Lee Jung-Hyun (Sang-Won's daughter)

Thread of Lies: Wooahan Geojitmal (2014) - Hwa-Yeon

Commitment: Dongchangsaeng (2013) - Lee Hye-In (Myung-Hoon's younger sister)

Possessed: Bulsinjiok (2009) - Ji-Eun

Paradise: Paradaiseu (2009) - Hwa-Ran

Haeundae: (2009) - Ji-Min

Unforgettable: (2008)

The Chaser: Chugyeogja (2008) - Mi-Jin's daughter

Rainbow Eyes: Gamyeon (2007) - Hye-Seo's daughter

Bank Attack: Maeulgeumgo Yeonsoeseubgyeoksageon (2007) - Bae Yeon-Hee

Hwang Jin-Yi: (2007) - Hwang Jin-Yi (young)

Four Horror Tales - Hidden Floor: Eoneunal Kapjaki Dubeonjjae Iyagi - Nebeonjjae Cheung (2006) - Joo-Hee

Lump of Sugar: Gakseoltang (2006) - Si-Eun (young)

All For Love: Nae Saengae Kajang Areumdawun Iljuil (2005) - Kim Jin-A

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance: Chinjeolhan Geumjassi (2005) - Jae-Kyung

DMZ, bimujang jidae: (2004)



Ongoing: Red Sky (SBS fantasy drama) 

Up coming project: "Twentieth Centery Girl" (Nexflix original romance movie) (have been offered the roll but not accepted the project jet)


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Lee Sung Min & Kim Yoo Jung’s New Mystery Film Will Be Screened on Netflix

by krishkim | images: Little Big Pictures


The new film The Eighth Night (literal title), starring Lee Sung Min, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Hae Joon, and Nam Da Reum, has eventually chosen Netflix over the movie theaters.

According to Dailian, The Eighth Night will be released on Netflix. Though Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed the news, the industry insiders are saying that they are specifically aiming for the Netflix release in July.

The Eighth Night has finished filming in August 2019. Initially, the movie was scheduled to be released last year, but it was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19.


Earlier, Time to Hunt, The Call, and Space Sweepers gave up on the theater release and chose Netflix. In the end, all three projects saw successful results. Moreover, with the prolonged COVID-19 situation, more movies will be choosing OTT service over theaters.

Meanwhile, The Eighth Night is a mystery thriller that depicts the struggles against an unbound evil. It centers around the chaotic world through the infinite symbol, which looks like number 8 that symbolizes completeness, immortality, and reincarnation. Director Kim Tae Hyung will be making his directorial debut with the project.

Source (1)

Translator Kim Hoyeun: If you are a fan of K-drama, K-movie, and K-pop, I am your guy. I will continue to provide you with up-to-date K-entertainment news.



Occult thriller 'The 8th Night' to debut on Netflix in July

By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2021-05-27

Actor Kim Yoo-jung in a scene from "The 8th Night" / Courtesy of Netflix

"The 8th Night," a bizarre horror thriller packed with mystery and suspense, will premiere on Netflix on July 2. 

The streaming giant confirmed the film's release date on Wednesday, adding that it will be available in 190 countries from that date. 

Directed by rookie director Kim Tae-hyung, the film follows Park Jin-su (Lee Sung-min), a retired exorcist who wants to live in peace. However, the demon he put away finds its way back, and Park must make a fateful decision to prevent it from unleashing hell on Earth. 

Actor Park Hae-joon, who rose to fame after appearing in tvN's drama series, "My Mister," (2018) and JTBC's hit series, "The World of the Married," stars as a local police officer named Kim Ho-tae, who traces the demon and adds layers of suspense to the story.

Actress Kim Yoo-jung, who has mostly been seen in romance series such as KBS2's "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds" and SBS's "Backstreet Rookie," will appear as the mysterious girl who holds a crucial key to solving the mystery. 

"The film will feature occult supernatural forces beyond anyone's control. The harmony of actors and the sense of visuals will make the occult aspects of the film feel raw," the production team said in a statement. 





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KIM You-jung to Become TWENTIETH CENTURY GIRL in Netflix Original Film

by KIM Bo-ra | May 12, 2021

Romantic Drama to Co-Star BYUN Woo-seok


KIM You-jung will team up with BYUN Woo-seok for the forthcoming romantic drama Twentieth Century Girl (translated title), a Netflix original film. 
The project marks the feature debut of director BANG Woo-ri and principal photography is expected to begin at some point in the second half of the year. The film will follow a story that takes place in a high school in 1999 and intersects with the present day.

Though still only 21 years old, KIM You-jung is a veteran and the big and small screen, having debuted at the age of four and remained consistently active since then. She is known for the dramas Love in the Moonlight and Backstreet Rookie and films such as The Chaser (2008) and Because I Love You (2017).

BYUN Woo-seok appeared in the popular drama Record of Youth last year and recently shot his first film, a Korean remake of the 2016 Chinese film Soul Mate.

Director BANG first gained notice with her short films, Mrs. Young (2014), It’s a Visiting Day (2016) and The Cover Letter (2016), which have earned several awards, including Best Short at the Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2014. She was also the script editor for the comedy film CHEER UP, MR. LEE (2019).

Twentieth Century Girl is the third officially announced Korean Netflix original film, following JUNG Byung-gil’s Carter and PARK Hyun-jin’s Moral Sense. The film is being produced by Young Film, the company known for The Handmaiden (2016), Believer (2018) and last year’s The Call.

Credit: SBS, tvN


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Kim Youjung


A cute child star actor adored by the audience has turned into a gorgeous and romantic heroine


photo by Ahn Seongjin

Many successful child actors tend to have difficulties in the process of becoming adult actors, but that was not the case for Kim Youjung, as she made a smooth, soft landing.  Kim had her commercial debut in 2003 at age 4 and began acting in 2004 with the film Demilitarized Zone and the TV drama series Freezing Point.  After showing a cute and bold image in the movie All for Love in 2005, Kim often played the childhood roles of the main characters, as many as 20 times.  Kim played the childhood role of Lim Soojung in Lump of Sugar (2005) and Song Hyekyo in Hwang Jin Yi (2007).  In the TV drama series, Kim took the childhood roles of Han Hyojoo, Moon Geunyoung, Shin Saekyeong, Kim Haneul, Han Gain, and Han Jihye.  Kim Youjung won the Juvenile Award at three major broadcasting companies: SBS in 2008, KBS and MBC in 2010.  In particular, Kim showed a strong presence in the TV historical drama series such as Iljimae (2008), The Painter of the Wind (2009), The Great Queen Seondeok (2009), Dong Yi (2010), and The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012).

However, Kim did not always play someone else’s childhood role.  Her filmography with an independent character is quite impressive too.  Before being a teenager, Kim worked with famous directors in various genres such as Park Chanwook‘s Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005), Na Hongjin’s The Chaser (2009), and JK Youn’s Haeundae (2009).  Later, as she became a teenager, Kim began to move away from child roles and build her acting career, mainly playing characters with calm and sad stories.  Commitment (2013), Thread of Lies (2014), and Circle of Atonement (2015) are among these works.  Especially in Thread of Lies, Kim played a villain for the first time.  She also appeared in the American short film Room 731 (2014), and Because I Love You (2017) was her first comedy.


Kim Youjung also pursued some changes in TV drama series, and the web drama Love Cells (2014) was the start of it, and her performance in Angry Mom (2015) was well received too.  However, it was the historical drama genre on TV that emphasized Kim’s presence most, and with Love in the Moonlight (2016), Kim won the Best New Actress at the Asia-Pacific Awards and Best Icon Award at the Asian Artist Awards.  The actor is becoming more mature and captivating as she gets out of her cute child roles.  Recently, she mainly appeared in romantic trendy dramas such as Clean with Passion for Now (2018) and Backstreet Rookie (2020).  Kim Hyungseok



<Golden Slumber> (2018)
<Circle of Atonement> (2015)
<Thread of Lies> (2014)
<Commitment> (2013)
<Paradise> (2009)
<Haeundae> (2009)
<Unforgettable> (2008)
<The Chaser> (2008)
<Rainbow Eyes> (2007)
<Bank Attack> (2007)
<Hwang Jin Yi> (2007)
<Lump of Sugar> (2006)
<All for Love> (2005)
<Sympathy for Lady Vengeance> (2005)
<Demilitarized Zone> (2004)



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@Helena So it is confirmed that she will be in Twentieth Century Girl? Haven't been able to find any official confirmation from Kim Yoo Jung and her team.

Although the one I am looking forward too is The 8th Night. :partyblob:

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  • Yuui changed the title to Kim Yoo Jung - 김유정- 金裕貞 Up coming project: Red Sky (SBS) , The 8th Night (Nexflix)

Our Sageuk-fairy is also a eating-fairy :fullofhearts: 

my favourite moment though of KYJ eating though is still 2 days and one night episode. When everyone on seat got shocked of her apatite. :joy:




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FILA new CF resealed last month❤❤ Nature with You







March 20th 2019








Hi, what happened with Yoojung's old thread? 

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On 5/27/2021 at 6:34 AM, Yuui said:

@Helena So it is confirmed that she will be in Twentieth Century Girl? Haven't been able to find any official confirmation from Kim Yoo Jung and her team.

I didn’t see your question before, sorry.  I’m not sure, but agencies usually ‘deny very fast’ or ‘take a while to confirm’. 

On 6/2/2021 at 9:48 AM, CarlaStarSosuke said:

Hi, what happened with Yoojung's old thread?

When an account closes, threads under that member’s account are gone too.



[SBS Star] Kim Yoo Jung Shows Off Her Incredible Art Skills

Lee Narin  | 2021.06.04


Actress Kim Yoo Jung impressed many with her amazing skills in art.  

Recently, Kim Yoo Jung's fan compiled photos of the actress' artworks online.  The photos showed Kim Yoo Jung's different lanscape paintings.   Not just one, but all of the paintings were so incredibly painted that they almost seemed as if they were painted by a professional artist.  





Kim Yoo Jung is widely known as an actress with a great talent in acting.  With these photos, she proved that she not only is talented in acting but also in art.   As not everybody knew about this, a lot of people shared comments in astonishment.   Their comments included, "How are you good at everything, unnie?!", "I'm really impressed. They're so good!", "Her paintings make me feel peaceful." and so on.  

(Credit= 'you_r_love' Instagram)  
(SBS Star)    

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The 8th Night- Teaser Poster and Teaser Trailer Released

06 June 2021


SEOUL, JUNE 7TH 9AM KST, 2021- Netflix, the world’s leader in streaming entertainment service, has released a teaser poster and a teaser trailer for its mystery thriller The 8th Night, a chronicle of an eight-day battle fought to prevent breaking the seal of “That Which Must Not Awaken.” Once unleashed, “it” will cross seven stepping stones to bring the pains and suffering of hell to Earth.

The teaser poster features Lee Sung-min as Park Jin-su, the fated guardian. He is sitting in a dark room with dim candlelight casting its glow on his face that is impassive but has an intense and wary gaze that commands attention. The overpowering shadow behind him appears to be the one he must restrain, the personified image of “That Which Must Not Awaken.” This bizarre and menacing form piques interest as to how the story will unfold.


Simultaneously released is a teaser trailer that opens with the monk Cheongseok, played by Nam Da-reum, asking, “What will happen when the sarira casket is open?” This innocent question sets the stage for the ensuing mystery. “That Which Must Not Awaken” has previously been separated into the Red One and the Black One and sealed in a sarira casket never to be reunited again. A series of mysterious deaths occur as “it,” as the hair-raising Red Eye, tries to stir back to life. Those defending the seal belonging to “it” have their fates hanging by a thread in spectacular and suspenseful battle scenes. Jin-su armed with prayer beads and an ax to carry out the fate he was born with — to deter the one that cannot be annihilated by preventing the reunion of its parts — provides an eye-catching visual befitting the genre. The grotesque corpses and the entity of the seven stepping stones that “it” needs to cross to bring hell to the world provide additional elements of intrigue to the denouement of the night with an unknown ending. The powerful scenes appealing to the senses promise audiences around the world a novel and chilling mystery thriller from Korea this summer.

Viewers can look forward to stellar performances from the cast: Lee Sung-min as the “Guardian” Jin-su; Park Hae-joon as the Violent Crime Unit detective Kim Ho-tae; Kim You-jung as Ae-ran, a girl harboring a secret; and Nam Da-reum as the monk Cheongseok. These diverse characters add well-woven drama elements to the undercurrent of suspense in an unconventional story of a life-or-death battle to guard the seal of “That Which Must Not Awaken.” An ensemble cast of actors blessed with charming appeal and talent will not disappoint the viewers awaiting in anticipation. The mystery thriller The 8th Night will be released worldwide on July 2nd only on Netflix.

Teaser poster link
Teaser trailer link

Production Information
Title: The 8th Night
Written / Directed by: Kim Tae-hyung
Starring: Lee Sung-min, Park Hae-joon, Kim You-jung, Nam Da-reum et al.
Produced by: Gom Pictures
Co-produced by: Gogo Studio
Distributed by: Netflix
Release Date: July 2, 2021

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On 6/4/2021 at 2:34 PM, Helena said:

I didn’t see your question before, sorry.  I’m not sure, but agencies usually ‘deny very fast’ or ‘take a while to confirm’. 

(sorry for cutting your post)

:heartxoxo:  True, but Netflix is usually quite fast with their casting announcements. 

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Netflix Drops the Photos of 5 Characters in ‘The 8th Night’

by kim yeo un


Netflix unveiled photos of 5 characters in The 8th night. The film depicts the eight-day struggle to stop the resurrection of the mysterious beings, ‘the one who shouldn’t wake up.’ 


In the released photos, we can sense the subtle tension of the five characters: Jin Su (Lee Sung Min), Ho Tae (Park Hae Joon), Ae Ran (Kim Yoo Jung), Cheong Seok (Nam Da Reum), and Dong Jin (Kim Dong Young). Together, they are in the same loop of fate by the demon, which will make a world filled with pain and darkness upon its resurrection. With the stills, the actors shared their thoughts on their new mysterious project.

First, Lee Sung Min said, “I talked a lot with the director about what karma the character has.” Secondly, Park Hae Joon shared, “I wanted to show a passionate, stubborn detective who shows his kind heart to deputy detectives.” Thirdly, Kim Yoo Jung said, “I tried not to express my emotion and become a mysterious girl who doesn’t say much but has something that she wants to say.” Nam Da Reum said, “I tried to raise my voice tone and use much facial expression to play the bright and pure character, ‘Cheong Seok.’ I made sure so that the audience could easily assume what’s he like.”

Source: Netflix
Translator Kim Y.U: Welcome K-pop, K-drama, K-movie, K-culture fans. I hope you enjoy our news about K-entertainment.

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On 5/27/2021 at 6:34 AM, Yuui said:

So it is confirmed that she will be in Twentieth Century Girl? Haven't been able to find any official confirmation from Kim Yoo Jung and her team.

Twentieth Century Girl’ filming: October ‘2021 to January ‘2022.

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Netflix’s ‘The 8th Night’ Drops Intense Main Poster and Main Trailer

by krishkim


Netflix’s The 8th Night released the main poster and main trailer, heralding an intense mystery thriller.

The 8th Night begins when a millennia-old spirit reawakens. The event causes mysterious deaths as it tries to assume a form. A group of people joins forces in a chilling battle to extinguish it in 8 days, lest it should destroy the world.

The main poster showcases a clear contrast between red and black as if to symbolize the “red thing” and “black thing” that should never come together. The copy that reads “Don’t ever open your eyes” adds to its mysterious vibe. On top of that, the image of the seven stepping stones on the bottom completes the horror of the poster.

Also, the stern expressions of the four characters raise curiosity as to what kind of a battle will ensue: Lee Sung Min as Park Jin Soo, who protects the seal of “what can never be awakened”; Park Hae Joon as Kim Ho Tae, a detective who investigates the mysterious deaths; Kim Yoo Jung as Ae Ran, a young monk who follows Park Jin Soo; and Nam Da Reum as Chung Seok.


The main trailer also catches the eyes with breathtaking tension. The video begins with Monk Ha Jung’s prophecy of “what can never be awakened” crossing the stepping stones to find its other half. Soon, each character shows up to play his or her role in the chilling battle that’s about to come, raising tension. Especially, Park Jin Soo’s struggle to chase “what can never be awakened” to stop the world where “the living and the dead will fall into anger and despair” captures the attention.

The 8th Night will be released on Netflix on July 2nd.


Source: Netflix
Translator Kim Hoyeun: If you are a fan of K-drama, K-movie, and K-pop, I am your guy. I will continue to provide you with up-to-date K-entertainment news. 

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  • gm4queen changed the title to Kim Yoo Jung 김유정 金裕貞 | Upcoming Drama 2021 : Red Sky 홍천기, Upcoming movie 2021 : The 8th Night 제8일의 밤 (Nexflix)

The 8th Night Press Conference


▲ From left: Lee Sung-min, Nam Da-reum, Kim You-jung, director Kim Tae-hyung, Park Hae-joon, Kim Dong-young












Lee Sung-min

Park Hae-joon

Kim You-jung



 Nam Da-reum



Kim Dong-young


director Kim Tae-hyung

cr: Netflix/Naver


Demonic Thriller Starring Kim You-jung Set for Release on Netflix This Week

June 29, 2021

Actress Kim You-jung will appear in Netflix's new mystery thriller "The 8th Night" set for release later this week.

The unique religious thriller, bringing in Catholic priests and Buddhist monks, depicts a group of exorcists' eight-day struggle to prevent two demonic spirits from destroying the world.

Kim plays a mysterious girl who possesses a secret that is the key to unfolding the story.

"It is a dark and serious story, but filming was fun," Kim said during a livestreamed press event on Monday. "I was happy going to the set and having a good time with my co-actors and the staff."

"The 8th Night," which also stars Lee Sung-min and Park Hae-joon, will be available for streaming on Netflix in about 190 countries from Friday.



Kim Yoo Jung Revealed Why She Was Drawn to ‘The 8th Night’

by Kim Da In

On the 28th, Netflix hosted an online production press conference for the movie The 8th Night. Director Kim Tae Hyung, Lee Sung Min, Park Hae Joon, Kim Yoo Jung, Nam Da Reum, and Kim Dong Young attended the event to talk about their new movie.

Kim Yoo Jung revealed why she decided to join the movie. She said, “I was drawn into the movie since it is about something difficult to come across. Most of all, when we first met, the director explained in detail about the work. Listening to that, I wondered what it would be about.”

Kim Yoo Jung made a witty comment, saying, “The film set was very environmental-friendly and peaceful.” And added, “Lee Sung Min was a very warm and welcoming on the set. He even bought us some tasty snacks.” Moreover, director Kim Tae Hyung lavished praise on Kim Yoo Jung, “Her interpretation of the work was perfect.”

When Kim Yoo Jung was asked what it means to star in the movie, she answered, “It is one cruel fairy tale within one’s heart.”

The Night of the 8th Day is a movie about a chronicle of an eight-day effort to keep the seal of “The One Must Not Awaken” intact. Once unbounded, “it” will cross seven stepping stones to deliver the hell’s sufferings and torment to Earth.

The movie will premiere on July 2nd.

Source: (1)
Translator Kim Da In: I will provide exciting news of K-pop and K-dramas and Korean entertainment-related news.

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In 'The 8th Night,' exorcist races against time to defeat demonic spirits


By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2021-06-28

From left, actors Lee Sung-min, Nam Da-reum, Kim Yoo-jung, Park Hae-joon and Kim Dong-young pose during an online press conference for "The 8th Night," Monday. Courtesy of Netflix


Netflix's new occult thriller "The 8th Night" shows that not only Catholic priests, but Buddhist monks too have the power to exorcise demons, according to the filmmaker.

During a press conference for the film on Monday, director Kim Tae-hyung, who is making his feature directorial debut with "The 8th Night," explained the hidden meaning behind the film's title.

"The title carries several meanings. The story unfolds during the space of eight days and implies that something will happen on the eighth night. Moreover, the number 8 becomes an infinity symbol when it's turned sideways. This signifies the concept of eternity, karma and fate," he said. 

The upcoming film follows retired exorcist Jin-su (Lee Sung-min) who returns to work alongside a young monk named Chung-seok (Nam Da-reum) and detective Ho-tae (Park Hae-joon) to stop two demonic spirits. The team must stop the demons within eight days before they destroy the world.

Kim shared that the idea was derived from the Diamond Sutra, one of the most influential Mahayana Buddhist scriptures in East Asia. "As you can guess from the setting and characters, the film embodies Buddhist philosophy," he said. 

Actor Lee said he had insatiable curiosity about shamanism and the spiritual world. "My character has the ability to sense the unseen and unknown world, so it felt like stepping into another world. Because the concept was so new to me, I had to consult with a shaman and a monk to get ideas on how to play the character. I also learned Sanskrit," he said.

On how "The 8th Night" differs from other mystery thrillers, Lee said "Usually demons or Satan are placed at the center of occult movies, but the most important part of our film is spiritual enlightenment. It contains fundamental teachings of Buddhism related to pain and suffering."




Actor Lee Sung-min in a scene from "The 8th Night" / Courtesy of Netflix

Park, who shot to fame through JTBC's hit drama "The World of the Married," explained that the film illustrates how one's regrets and worst fears can open the gates to hell. The plot consists of a tale of the past and hope for the future, according to him.

On playing a police officer, Park said, "It felt great to play a powerful man. Ho-tae is very passionate, but that's the reason why he misses some important evidence."

Actress Kim Yoo-jung, who stars as the mystery girl Ae-ran who becomes crucial to solving the mystery, said "The 8th Night" was her first film as an adult.

"The subject matter was so fascinating and unusual. Director Kim surprised me on our first meeting because he had such a clear idea about the film and each of the characters. He was part of the reason I decided to take part in the project," she said. 

Nam, who plays the role of the young monk in the film, said he tried to display a positive character who holds onto his pure nature. "I raised my (vocal) tone and tried to look cute by raising my eyebrows," he explained. However, the actor hinted that the audiences may find a more mature, masculine side to his character as the story unfolds. 

"The 8th Night" will premiere on Netflix, July 2.




Buddhist monks-turned-exorcists save the day in ‘The 8th Night’

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  • 2 weeks later...

Netflix Drops the Behind-the-Scenes Photos of ‘The 8th Night’

by Kim Da In


Netflix released the behind-the-scene stills of the movie The 8th Night.

The released photos gave a full glance of Lee Sung Min, Park Hae Joon, Kim Yoo Jung, Nam Da Reum, and Kim Dong Young.


Since each character has a unique background story, it was vital for them to depict the characters’ state of mind within the film. So, in the released pictures, they were seen full of passion as they check the storyboard and footage. Furthermore, even though the shooting took place on a tense set, all the cast were warm and welcoming.


The 8th Night is a mystery thriller film released on July 2nd. It begins with a story of Buddha 2500 years ago. Once upon a time, Buddha separated and locked a ‘thing that shall not be unbounded’ into the Red and the Black because it tried to open the hell to bring pain and suffering into the world. The film goes beyond giving the entertainment within the genre and provides an ‘enlightenment’ that breaks agony and anxiety inside our minds. It is an impressive work with an attempt to deliver profound questions and messages.

Source: Netflix
Translator Kim Da In: I will provide exciting news of K-pop and K-dramas and Korean entertainment-related news.

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  • Yuui changed the title to Kim Yoo Jung 김유정 金裕貞 | Ongoing : Red Sky 홍천기

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