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  1. @ailanthus Unfortunately, yes. I can only think of 4 dramas that could be classified as wuxia, and they are all lead by men. Moreover because of Chinas stricter laws around what is okay and not in dramas the chances to see her in a Chinese production is slim.
  2. @cherkell @Pinkdaisie46 @Ming Lim I would rader that the knetizens love the drama than them winning an award given out by the establishment. Awards are over rated.
  3. @Tuvi Girl it's hard to tell what they are doing, more than waiting. But it almost looks like Kim Yoo Jung has nodded off or is playing with her phone.
  4. On weibo it is floating around that LOF will be proadcasted in december, and that it will have 45 episodes.
  5. In the best of scenarios she has a meeting their as the stores manager, but it can be Seung Joon that is making a counter action towards Yeon Joo dragging Dae Hyun back. This is the reason I don't envoy famous people.
  6. @vankomysin I only got the awesomeness of ZYL answer after seeing on weibo that she was referensing WYB song 无感. ZYL is such a savage!
  7. At this point in time, and with this drama I will be happy with a real kiss, where we can see it all.. no botched lightning or angles. The running time would preferably be the whole episode 15, but if it is 30 seconds I can live with it.
  8. Well the trailer looked a bit better than PA, although I wished ZLY and WYB had dubbed their own scenes. After Ming Lan it's is a bit jarring hearing someone else's voice than ZLY.
  9. Finally got the time to watch the two first episodes and I am all To be honest I am stumped for words. I like the episodes, they are really good. But a lot is insinuated that can be just what they seem to be or they are misleading us. It's just too much to process and figure out. Maybe this is one of those dramas where you have to go with the flow and don't over think or over analyse everything that is said or done. I am already feeling like a headache is coming over me.
  10. Yea, I don't understand it either. I am trying to figure out if I have seen a Chinese drama with a really tomboy. But all I come up with is the pixie version or "The girl that is hiding her identity by dressing up as a man" version. If the love interests doesn't contribute to the main story line, why have them at all? If they are just there to fill out the space, I would have rader gotten the other cut out scenes. I am hoping that they are all having a purpose and that in the end I wont feel like it was so unnecessary.
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