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  1. and @backstreetboysfan I would never rule out a love triangle in Asian drama land. But I have more faith in this one, because of the darker tone they are going for.
  2. @whiteybao Yea, you have to stay away from weibo and bilibili to not get spoiled. It would have been better if the raw and subbed releases of the episodes were released simultaneously.
  3. I don't like "Red Sky" so I am going to go with Hong Chun Gi or HCG (maybe would have had a different feeling for Red Sky if it was more than just a translation of Hong Chun Gi's Chinese characters.) Oh, no... I don't want to ship the second lead male but now that you planted the idea in my mind it is a real probability.
  4. I also love the no nonsense I love you and am not doubting your love for me. It is tiresome how many times dramas repeat the "romance intrigue" plots. It is really nice to see them staying away from it. kekeke, it is a nice way to force XY to be more straight forward and not hide behind "I am dying soon" I don't get it either. Some are trying to claim that their getting the feeling of mother and son relationship between them. I really don't think they are watching the same drama as us.
  5. I think it will be a good quality drama, it is just that if the CGI is bad or over used it can ruin a drama. But going by the teaser I am getting the feeling of them using a lot of practical affects enhanced by CGI.
  6. I have a bit more confidence just going by the teaser. hopefully they have confidence in the drama and want to give people time to plan around their worktime, to be able to watch each episode.
  7. Todays two episodes were not easy to watch, loved them but I just want to hug ZF and comfort her. I love and need the sweet moments between XY and ZF, without them it would be two really heavy episodes to get through. episode 23-24
  8. and @Jillia so it is a literate translation for the Chinese character of the name. It is really pretty, but I would rather they then stayed with Hong Chun Gi and not give it a translated version of her name.
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