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[Drama 2021] Seen from a Distance, Green Spring, 멀리서 보면 푸른 봄


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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally finished this show. I really enjoyed it. 


I think these last few episodes didn't really have much for Sobin to do, but I still liked her character overall. I thought her and Jun were cute. I liked the scene with her and Chan ki, but are they still friends? I wasn't sure if that was a goodbye for now or a goodbye for good. 


I don't think they ever explained where Mi-joo went. I think they mentioned that she was going to try a different college, but no other details than that. I liked her character. 


I was happy that Young-ran and Soo hyun did not end up together. I think a last min get together wouldn't have been satisfying. I'm glad to see her trying to let go and a friendship with Chan ki. 


I liked it better that Soo hyun's life was still hard, but that he felt like he could breathe. However I did not like that they mentioned he might quit school and go home, but left it open ended. I choose to imagine that he stayed in school and him and Jun are still roommates.


Overall this was a good drama, and 12 episodes was the right amount of episodes. 

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