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[Drama 2021] Seen from a Distance, Green Spring, 멀리서 보면 푸른 봄


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Does the title of the drama has anything to do with the saying "The grass is always greener on the other-side!"

I'll assume it as such in that the other party thinks of the other as having more than what they have.


Atleast I'm glad that Soohyun did not just let Soobin and Yeojun to their own devices and let Soobin lug around Yeojun. Thank's for his conscience that he came to help as soon as his shift was over(?)


Yeojun thinks his brother is a psycho when other's think of him as a psycho. And is he trying to find out if Soohyun is another psycho.


I feel he don't want Soobin to be downtrodden and he finds her a kindred spirit just like him who puts on a mask to delude the world into thinking that they are very happy people.



Hehehe. These two are too funny for their own good!





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Geez the secretary and her big mouth tsk! Couldn't she lie & said it was for the eldest son?! Poor Yeo Joon hurt..again..

    I like Soo Hyun's lil bro with the "Anne of Green Gables" girl LoL. Ugh their hair colors why LoL. They remind me of McDonald's ha-ha! Red + Yellow eheheh. 

    I don't think Yeo Joon make a nice couple with So Bin, I want her with Soo Hyun instead. Yeo Joon need a friend that he can count on. The poor dude need stability tbh. 



Yea you can say that. 

That some things viewed from a distance appear much better than up close. Or be happy with your own strengths as that is what make one unique LoL. 

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This show is aesthestically pleasing, especially the colors and camera shots, although it's moving weirdly in closeups lol. I suppose they want to show that they are shaking??


I focus on those, however, when I don't really like the plot.


Like Jun. He knew that Chanki was going to see one of his girlfriends on that day when Sobin would visit him. He knew everything, yet he didn't tell her and let her be embarrassed in front of her crush. And then he gets what he wants, he tells her to fakedate her. Honestly, from the three main characters Jun is the most problematic and the one I don't feel sympathetic for. 


Jun is rich: at least he doesn't have money troubles. Yes his family has issues, but who doesn't in dramaland? Yes, he has no true friends, but that is his own fault. He's basically the department's ATM and he LEANS INTO IT. Is he really popular? I say no, because people only look for him when they want their coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks paid. 


This drama is being too extreme on "poor rich Jun has no friends and only those who see $$$$$ in him". Like seriously, nobody is going to be THAT blatant when wanting their "friend" to pay. 


I don't like the fake dating scheme either, especially that Jun ruined the heart bracelet of hers, and then Jun basically implies that she can't be friends with her CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND anymore. It should have beeen HER who cuts off the bracelet, but now he just looks like a bully to me. 

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Jun slowly managed to get closer to Seo Hyun.

Clearly he took the opportunity with that watch. That was deliberate.

Seo Hyun knows it but he doesnt mind. He seems to remember all their conversations.



behind the scene..   :wub:




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33 minutes ago, jongski said:


Want to see Bae In Hyuk in lead role..dramatic role like a break out role.


This is basically story centered on both


this series would be so much better if they focused on Soohyun x Jun instead of Jun and the girl. The latter are boring, the former are sizzling: literally immovable vs unstoppable. 


Their dialogue is so much better than Jun and the girl. In reality the girl sees Jun as just some kid, whereas Soohyun and Jun see in each other all the things he doesn't have, so their confrontation makes a much better impact. 






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Did Soohyun try  a little better to understand Yeojun and try to explain why he is the way he is. When he said it's hard to correct habits , it triggered Yeojun and scared him coz for him it's always him going home even if he get's verbally abused by his mom.


For one who says he is not interested to know YeoJun ,Soohyun is curious about Yeojun and YeoJunwan if they are related or not.


This episode I related to Soobin so much it hurts when other people make judgements about you without even giving a chance to explain yourself. I hate that sunbae of hers who works for the professor who pushed Soobin's research as his own. What's wrong with this professor though! Atleast she got an answer from the professor thanks to Nam Soohyun's advice.



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Hello all. Haven't been to Soompi forum in forever, but I had to return for this drama. It's not perfect in any way, but I find it and the characters so interesting. Yet it's not talked about much, it seem like.


@angelbeast90 I feel like in episode 5 SooHyun realized that he was too hasty with his judgment on Jun, and while he's still not quite sure about the mysterious relationship between Jun and JunWan, he (quite involuntarily) feels drawn enough towards Jun to learn more, to understand the love-depraved junior. Like he said, Jun reminds him too much of his own younger brother. On the other hand, Jun is so sensitive (due to his trauma and flaws) that he reacts quite harshly in retaliation to those he genuinely has feelings for, romantic or otherwise. As for SoBin, I'm glad that they're showing more backstory, since it's really her early childhood experiences that shaped her into such a meek girl. But we are seeing some growth already in this episode when she rejected Jun, as well as when she confronted the professor.


In short, seems like all three main characters are flawed in different ways, and it looks like from next episode onwards they're ready to really grow as an individual and as friends with the support of each other. I'm so excited for this aspect of the drama!

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I find it shocking, heck even appalling that some are defending Joon's actions in other forums. I mean are we watching the same drama?! 

    I get Joon is lonely & longs for friendship but dude.. bein' calculative ain't it ok? And if he's turned off by others who leech or cling then what makes him different with the way he forces or wears down both So Bin, Soo Hyun? Why is that any different LoL?

    What if he got the whole Chan Gi/So Bin situation wrong? Then what. He's lucky So Bin is a people pleaser so she forgave him easily. And I find it funny now when Joon is closed off, Soo Hyun & So Bin are looking for him LoL. 

    All 3 are flawed, and in next ep. they embark on a new journey of friendship together. Although why are they pushing for a romance with So Bin/Joon?


Joon did so much running in ep. 05 LoL. 

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  • ferily changed the title to [Drama 2021] Seen from a Distance, Green Spring, 멀리서 보면 푸른 봄

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