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[Drama 2021] Miss Monte Cristo, 미스 몬테크리스토


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Just saw the final episode and it sucked!


HR escaped punishment by committing suicide.  Despite all her evil deeds, she won an award!  Well i guess in real life, the world loved roman polanski and woody allen!  art imitates life!  SR escaped punishment by checking into the loony bin.  EJ escaped punishment by losing her memory (but she woke up from coma with heavy weight large eyebags!



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Okay I know that I should probably move on to the next drama for everyone elses sanity and all but I felt like I should wrap up a few points that were made or what I think might be the case. Then definitely moving on to the next show.


Okay so here goes




@LeftCoastOppa Thanks for clarifying that Fake Doctors dad didn’t commit suicide as we all thought but died in a care home. In that case I guess I can see why his death may seem more unfair/unjust. If I were to go by fake doctors’ logic, I can only assume that he was going by the cause and effect rule. Meaning that if his dad hadn’t been kicked out, he wouldn’t have ended up in that care house and thus lived longer. Still like you pointed out that still doesn’t justify killing of Papa Ju. We can all agree that Miss. Monte Cristo killed him out of spite.


@maribella Just to clarify a bit in regards to the bridge incident. I am not disagreeing with you about whether or not Giraffe dropped Eun Joo on purpose or that it was an accident. As viewers we knew that her intent to save her friend changed the moment it struck her that with Eun Joo gone/removed from the picture she could finally have Universal Oppa for herself. Granted things didn’t go as she planned and she had to take a page out of her mothers’ book to get Universal Oppa though that is a story for another day altogether. What I was trying to point out was that regardless of her intent that day Eun Joo was bound to fall from that bridge that night since she was trying to hold onto Eun Joo on her own as Serin was in shock. Even if she managed to snap her out of that state there is no guarantee that she could have held onto Eun Joo for that long. To make matters worse it was a stormy night therefore her hands slipping was even higher. Ofcourse like it was pointed out the intent changed and therefore Eun Joo had to die. Natrually they had to give the police false information where to search after that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they had to report her missing otherwise they would have been the prime suspects. Secondly if Eun Joo were to survive the fall she could easily reveal what they tried to do to her meaning that all their efforts would have gone to waste.


Now while they could easily explain the attempt on her life as Eun Joo being delusional/confused from the shock of the fall. After all, if they tried to harm her on purpose then why would they help find her. But the real problem that they would have faced was the fact that they had drugged her to kill her unborn child which would have clearly shown up in a test (even though they got rid of the evidence [drink/glass] that night). Though this being a K-Drama where the villains usually get away with their crimes especially if they are rich and all. In this case Evil Mom would probably simply way the lab to swap or falsify the actual report indicating that there was no foul play that night and we would have a very different story then but that is not important at this point now is it.


Some have wondered what will happen to Hoon now that Eun Joo has lost her memory and would they try and pass him off as the child that she lost aka Byul/Star. I actually feel that may indeed be the case after all we have to remember that this is the same old naïve Eun Joo before the accident. Therefore, she will easily believe any story that they give her sadly. Though to be fair whether or not they can even pull of this charade depends on a few things. Basically, we need to know just how far back has her memory loss taken her. For instance, we clearly know that she has lost her memory of the past 6 years and is around the time she was supposed to marry Universal Oppa. But it isn’t clear if this was before her engagement party or after (just before she was to leave for her ill-fated bachelorette party). The timing is key over here. Since if it was before the engagement party then there could be complications since she only became aware of the fact that she was pregnant after the allergy mishap if I recall correctly.


So, let’s assume that it happened after she discovered she was pregnant to avoid further complications and come up with a semi logical explanation. So, if she were to ask what happened to her child (which she surprisingly didn’t so it might be that her memory loss is before the engagement party sadly). The friends and family could easily present Hoon and claim that he is her kid. Remember since this is the naïve version of Eun Joo she would easily believe them as she has no real reason to suspect them at this point. Hoon just so happens to be around the same age as her child (just that he was conceived/given birth a few months later [probably a month or so at max]). So she isn’t going to get all that suspicious in regards to this. As for the matter as to why he considers Giraffe as his mother and her parents as his grandparents can also be easily explained to her.


They might simply tell her that since Universal Oppa was so faithful towards her therefore he was so busy nursing her to health. Since he had no time to look after their son Giraffe volunteered to do so because she was a great friend and all. She is an Angel remember and not a demon of any kind. Due to this reason Hoon is under the misconception that she is his actual mother and since they didn’t want to further confuse or hurt him, they let him believe that. You can be sure that Eun Joo is going to fall for this deception and be ever grateful towards Giraffe until her memory returns.


Even then the rest of folks won’t think that they have done anything wrong since they are going to justify their actions by pointing out that no matter what grudge she held against his parents she did care for him genuinely and all and he also liked her so it harms no one if they lied like that. Frankly speaking if they also go down this route, they also prevent him from becoming another Disco Oppa so there is certainly that.


Not that any of this is important at this point, I guess. Though come to think about it her losing her memory and reverting her to this state is further insulting to this character because she becomes the same naïve and weak character that she was in the start. Meaning people can easily take advantage of her good nature. Had she retained her new personality she could have the best of both worlds. Meaning she could be kind when she needs too but at the same time, she wouldn’t let people take advantage or try to make a fool out of her. Oh well what can one say.


Hopefully if we know how the writer operates, we can assume that the questioning by the prosecution is going to make her get a full recollection in a matter of minutes. After all didn’t that happen to Universal Oppa. He was in shock just like her and fell back in the same memory zone as well. All it took was Giraffe being an idiot and forcing him to remember of sorts to snap him back to the present. Meaning he was out of it for what 2 episodes at the max if I recall correctly. Though this would mean that she isn’t going to get her Happily Ever After sadly.


@LeftCoastOppa My question as to who could have reported Miss Monte Cristo to the prosecution thanks for the explanation. Though I was trying to further narrow down the list based on probability and all. So what do we exactly have from that list I can only come up with Five Suspects at the moment if you get anyone else please add them to the list.


Crooked Lawyer: - She promised to reward him as much as his information was worth. Instead, she recorded his confession/gloating as to how he helped Papa Ju cheat her family and all. This probably further increased his sentence and ensures that even if he is ever released, he can never practice law. This will certainly allow him to have a grudge against her. But I doubt that he will be able to do much damage to her in regards to this since he probably wouldn’t have been aware of her actual agenda unless he overhears something while he is locked up which gives him some fuel for fire. Threat level 1 or 2 points.


Mr. Wang:- While is loyalty was certainly towards New Mom he did seem to care about her to some extent. So, I don’t see him revealing anything in regards to Miss Monte Cristo. By the end she had earned his friendship atleast. Not so sure about loyalty when she was there to take revenge on Mr. Na for abandoning New Mom. He pointed out that it was his job to avenge New Moms death and not hers. Therefore, it makes sense why he would take the fall for that as well. Once his debt to New Mom was over, he felt like he had fulfilled his duty and it was time to move on. Thus, I say that he probably had her friendship by the end since she tried to do something that didn’t fully concern her. Regardless of that her actions certainly moved him. Threat level 0


Chairman (Disco Oppa’s Dad):- Now he certainly may have been a possibility but if I am being honest I have my doubts regarding this as well. This is a man that is resigned to his fate and will accept any punishment meted out to him at this point. Though to be fair this is more in regards to his son’s reputation. As he pointed out that if he tried to hire the best legal defense team to allow him to get out of this mess then all of Disco Oppas efforts to make things right not only goes down the drain but it also makes him look bad. This will further prevent him from achieving other things in life and all. Thus to avoid all this the father decided to not only go with the punishments given out to him but also allowed Disco Oppa to arrange his defense team which will probably allow him to be proven guilty for whatever crimes that he is accused of. So, I kind of find it hard to believe that he will reveal Miss Monte Cristo’s involvement just to get a lesser sentence at this point. perhaps to clarify a few points but that is about it. Thus, Threat Level would probably be 1-2 pretty much the same as Crooked Lawyer.


Evil Mum:- Threat Level is debatable and can easily vary. But at the moment chances of her revealing Miss Monte Cristo’s involvement are quite high. She wasn’t someone that would go down quietly unlike her husband. Granted she seems to be in minor shock after her daughters death that she can’t seem to accept this fact. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t seem to remember how she may have ended up there (jail). But even then, she could have easily reported Miss Monte Cristo’s involvement at any time including her present condition. Threat Level 3


Fake Doctor:- While he may have initially been loyal towards Miss Monte Cristo and even helped her with her revenge his loyalty may have changed along the way and he may hold a grudge against her at this point. First of all, things may have changed in regards to how he feels about what he did or how the prosecution may have convinced him. Such as telling him that he threw away his career or life in the quest for his revenge. Initially that may not have been a problem since he was planning on going down with Papa Ju if he could successfully kill him and have his revenge until Miss Monte Cristo persuaded him otherwise. Secondly Miss Monte Cristo promised him that he wouldn’t be locked up behind bars for a long time and that she would help him get out soon. But a year has passed and he hasn’t heard a word from her and he could easily think that she may have abandoned him. So, for that reason alone he may have sold her out. Not that it was Miss Monte Cristo’s fault (completely) since she fell into a coma and once, she recovered she ended up with amnesia but it isn’t like he knows any of this. Threat Level 5.


Serin:- Depending on how lucid she is and whether or not anyone believes her at that moment


Then again, I may be totally wrong in my assumptions and it can easily be someone else altogether. Not that it matters at this point I guess especially since the drama has ended and we can believe what we want after that ending.


As for me this is the weird ending that I will be going with for the time being until someone comes up with something better.


Eun Joo survives her trip to the prosecution but she now seems to hear voices (remnants of Miss Monte Cristo and others during her time aka New Mum). She is afraid that she is losing her mind but her family convinces her otherwise and persuades her to focus on her wedding to Universal Oppa.


She attends a Fortune Teller so that she can get the perfect dates for her wedding only to be informed by the Fortune Teller that she can see dead people around her and that to be free she must return to where it all began. Cryptic as usual. Regardless Eun Joo somehow finds herself at the ill fated bridge in the middle of Winter and as she is standing on it she is hit by a vision of a woman that looks just like her but in more of a darker shade (Miss Monte Cristo) who tells her to release her. When she asks her who she is she gets the equally Cryptic response “I am you and you are me”

Miss Monte Cristo then appears to fall of the bridge and Eun Joo tries to grasp onto her to save her but she is then visited by another vision of Giraffe. “Spare me and the truth will set you free” she also jumps after Miss Monte Cristo.


In leaning over to rescue them both Eun Joo ends up taking a dive “Again”. But as they say Practice Makes Perfect thus Eun Joo not only survives the fall, she does so without any kind of injury but also retains all of her memories. (Remember that this is Winter so there is ice instead of water). Thus, when she falls, she cracks the ice and falls in the cold freezing water. We think that she is done for when suddenly a hand emerges from the hole. Soon Eun Joo is seen coming out of the whole but she is differently dressed. (She was initially wearing light-coloured clothes but she is now in a darker shade aka Miss Monte Cristo. But just when the viewers think that everything is over, we see Spirits swirling around her. They then enter her and just as each of them does so/after we see who they are. People that have somehow been influenced by her in some way. Ie Giraffe, New Mum, Ga Eun, Mr. Na, Papa Ju (add anyone else one likes). For special effects her face glows and a beam of energy seems to come out of her eyes and mouth before returning to normal.


Guess what folks it is time for the birth of the actual Detective X and now a new saga begins in the life of Eun Joo. Where each of her separate identities pops up at times sometimes to cause havoc and other times to help her solve cases of different kinds or just plain help her without her being aware. For instance


Miss Monte Cristo shows up whenever there seems to be any kind of injustice to helpless people especially women.

Giraffe shows up whenever another psycho personality is in the neighborhood or to confront said personality and Miss Monte Cristo may be taking a little nap from her last trip out. She also pops up a couple of times in the presence of Universal Oppa and Hoon. Confusing the both of them like crazy whenever that happens.

New Mum can’t help herself and pops up every now and again to make a good investment or leaves a tip for Eun Joo to find (perhaps Universal Oppa). Thus, Eun Joo and family always live well.

Not so sure for Ga Eun’s spirit. Perhaps she just comes out for an occasional good time and if they need someone that can speak foreign languages.

Mr. Na will probably show up whenever Detective X needs information from criminals and thugs. He will use his connections to help solve the cases. He will also pop up to check up on Serin after all you can’t stop true love now can you in this show.

Papa Ju will be the Drug Identifier and help catch Drug Smugglers and whatnot. he will also be the Class Clown and perhaps show up if he needs to cause a distraction while the cops or the Oppa Brothers investigate the matter. He will also check up on Top Knot Mum if he is able and play 20 Questions with his Doppelganger.

The spirit of Byul/Star may also show up at Random Intervals and will help with missing children’s cases or children that have been murdered and ensures that their perpetrators face justice. And if the law fails to do their job, then they shall face it from Miss Monte Cristo herself.


Just to make sure we know which character is being played we can have each of the actors that played them take over the body by said actors. Thus, we can leave it at the point whether the other people see the same things ie Mr. Na or they see Eun Joo acting out in a weird way. Frankly I would say that both can happen at the same time unless we want to check out the acting skills of the actress of Eun Joo.


Either way this is how I would have perhaps ended the show. Though this is probably something other people wouldn’t be interested in watching.



Well, I guess this covers most of my points for the time being. Thankyou all of you that were here for a great ride and now it is finally time to move on to the next show. I guess Miss Otoke hasn’t started yet. Though after her last drama am not so sure if she is ready for the lead role and perhaps, she will have better luck as a second female lead after all they generally get to shine far more than the female lead. Hopefully it will be a better drama than Man In The Veil.


So, I guess it is Red Shoes for me. Hope to see all of you over there.


@LeftCoastOppa glad that you enjoyed my DS9 reference wasn't sure if people would have been aware of him so left that a bit vague hoping for the best. also happy that it didn't go to waste. Thanks.

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