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[OFFICIAL] Song Seung Heon x Seo Ji Hye (Dinner Mate Couple / Destiny Couple)


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On 8/1/2021 at 8:17 PM, Siomara said:

Hi, people! I'm back and I bring to you a very interesting post for discussion. :)


Since last year, I had spotted a very suspicious photo on SJH bestie's ig, but I ended up not even commenting on it here on the forum. The photo was posted on August 17, 2020, the bestie was with her boyfriend (now husband) in a restaurant that the name is Grand Hiatt Seoul, but the picture of the couple was taken by a third person who was in the restaurant with them. 


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   In the bestie's pictures, there are two suspicious people with their heads cut off from the picture, wearing black aprons and waiting for the food to be ready, but what is even stranger is that the busts of the two people are very similar to SSH's and SJH's, including even their body language. 


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   I searched for pictures of SSH with this same pose (there are several pictures where he poses in the same way) and I saw that even the wax figure made in his honor also has the same body language. 


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   I did the same with the photos of SJH, she has a photo in ig with white shirts (in the interview after DM, she also wears a white shirt) and hair elastics on her arm. And the shape of the hands of the woman in the photo, are also similar to her hands.


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I would like to read your opinions about these photos.

Awesome @Siomara thank you!!!!


Just to make it more obvious i also notice SSH elbow. Soo Happy :heart2:spacer.png

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Seo Ji-hye, the current situation through a selfie.. Still pretty beauty [Star IN★]

Enter 2021.08.03. 9:55 pm
 Revision 2021.08.03. 9:56 pm
0002977793_001_20210803215608717.jpg?type=w430view original

/Photo = Seo Ji-hye's Instagram


Actress Seo Ji-hye announced her recent situation with a selfie.

Seo Ji-hye posted a picture on her Instagram on the 3rd with the words "It's been a while since I took a selfie".

In the published photo, Seo Ji-hye is wearing sunglasses and staring at the camera. It's like sitting in a cafe and enjoying your time. Seo Ji-hye, who posted a picture after a long time, still catches the eye with her pretty beauty.

Seo Ji-hye was caught up in dating rumors with actress Kim Jung-hyun in April, but said it was not true.

Meanwhile, Seo Ji-hye met viewers last year with 'Crash Landing on You' and 'Shall We Have Dinner Together'.

Reporter Mihwa Kim letmein@mt.co.kr

By Kim Mi-hwa (letmein@mt.co.kr)

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Throwback to when SJH won the Rookie of the Year / New Actress Award for “Shin Don”

MBC Drama Awards, 2005


She was the only Actress who won this category.

Well Deserved. She was amazing in “Shin Don”


2005 MBC Rookie of the Year Winners

Kang Ji Hwan: “Stay Strong, Geum Soon”

Daniel Henney: “My Name is Sam-Soon”

Seo Ji Hye: Drama 'Shin Don”

Lee Min-Ki: “Strong Up Geum Soon”













Seo Ji-hye, who received the Rookie of the Year award at the '2005 MBC Drama Awards' ceremony held at the MBC Public Hall in Yeouido, Seoul from 9:55 pm on the 30th, expressed her feelings of victory while crying with emotion.


Immediately after receiving this award, Seo Ji-hye was delighted, saying, "I am so grateful. I never dreamed that I would receive such a big award." Seo Ji-hye said, "I received this award with the help of many people rather than my ability."


Seo Ji-hye, who played a dignified performance against Kim Hye-ri in the role of Empress Ki in the play, caught the attention of viewers by showing a different appearance from the court lady shown in existing dramas.

In particular, Seo Ji-hye received favorable reviews for her hard work, such as showing off a cool sword dance in 'Shin Don'.



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@bmm serajim, yes it is all over the news


Seo Ji-hye X Yoon Kye-sang to star in 'Kiss Six Sense'? "Appearance under review" [Official]



0002977926_001_20210804112207351.jpg?type=w430view original

/Photo = Star News

Will actors Seo Ji-hye and Yoon Kye-sang work together with 'Kiss Six Sense'? 

On the 4th, Yoon Kye-sang's agency, Just Entertainment, told Star News about the appearance of the new drama 'Kiss Six Sense', "I have received an offer and are considering it." 

Seo Ji-hye's agency, Culture Depot, also said, "It is true that the work I received is correct," and "I am currently reviewing the appearance." 

'Kiss Six Sense' is the story of a female protagonist Art, who has the ability to see the future when kissed, accidentally kisses her boss Min-hoo Cha on the neck, and then sees herself in bed with Cha Min-hoo in the future and denies the relationship. . 

'Kiss Six Sense', based on the webtoon, is directed by Nam Ki-hoon of the drama 'Oh My Baby', and the airing channel has not been decided. 

Yoon Kye-sang and Seo Ji-hye acted together as siblings in the 2004 drama 'Sister-in-law's Nineteen'. Interest is gathered in the reunion of the two. 




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Watch: “Voice 4” Cast Picks Favorite Scenes And Shares Final Thoughts On The Drama’s Conclusion

Watch: “Voice 4” Cast Picks Favorite Scenes And Shares Final Thoughts On The Drama’s Conclusion

Song Seung Heon touches upon the burden of joining the fourth season of a project, but he adds that he is grateful for everyone who helped make him feel comfortable on set. Lee Ha Na shares, “‘Voice 4’ feels like a compensation reward after waiting for a really long time. Waiting for each season always feels long, but this is a season I wanted to greet viewers with especially soon.” She adds that it felt even more special to be able to take on two different roles.




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SJH’s InStyle Magazine Photoshoot gifs

December 2016




















































credit to owner


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