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  1. Omg, Youtube is going to be uploading the 55 episode Taiwanese version very soon! @Yui. Pig running means bed scene, Xiao Feng says in the novel that she may not have ate pig but she has seen pig running aka she has never slept with anyone but she has seen it happen plenty when she's out at the prostitution house (is that what it's called?).
  2. Yeah, YJ is closer to WB, but at this point, they're considered as comrades though, they fought together in battle, she trusted him with her life, and he knows her biggest secret. While Fukada, as nice as he is, still is the enemy and a source of danger for her considering her spy status. I also think Fukada wants to get command of the special police because of YJ and Hiroshi since he wants to be able to protect them, but he's also want to be more proactive and in the know because he knows Oda is against YJ and Hiroshi. He knows Oda had the housekeeper spying on YJ so he's not going to be fully trusting and truthful with Oda. Currently he's aligned himself with Hiroshi, but how long is it going to last when Matsuura digs up more and more dirt on Hiroshi plus YJ not reciprocating his feelings?
  3. Hiroshi seems really power hungry, I wonder if him setting Fukada up with YJ is also because of the promise he extracted from Fukada to be on his side when him and YJ needs it. I think he's much more dangerous than Oda and the police chief because unlike the other two, he doesn't make false moves, he goes right in for the kill and he covers his tracks. I think YJ understands his true nature hence why she is somewhat aloof/wary of him at times. YJ is such a complicated and mysterious character, I get why both Fukada and WB are intrigued by her. This is getting more interesting now that Fukada is trying to gain more power in his own way and that he's going to investigate WB. I get why he feels crushed though, that smile YJ showed to WB and her whole demeanor is so different from the YJ he knows, she seems completely relaxed with WB. Oof.
  4. I feel very torn about what happened to LJH today, I think I have to hand it to the actor portraying him because he really sold the character to me. From the reckless and hateful chaebol in the beginning, to the hilarious and goofy inmate in the middle, to someone who grew up after his father's death at the end. He really wanted to leave jail no matter what because he knows that he has to step-up to protect his mom and sister from his ruthless brother. Sigh, I think MYR is right, NYJ really lost himself and became even more monstrous than them on his path to revenge.
  5. So. Many. Twists! Nobody's really safe in this show, even when they have the upper hand, it usually gets topped by someone else shortly after. The stakes are getting higher, and with so many backstabbers and temporary partnerships and frenemies going on, it's hard to know who's going to be still standing by the end of the show. Director Seon is in trouble now, isn't he?
  6. I think she'll use him too, she probably doesn't want to but she's shouldering a lot of responsibilities so it's beyond what she feels and more of what she has to do in order to achieve her goals. ~ I like Fukuda, he seems like a decent man, I'm hoping he doesn't go raving mad like Gaksital's Shunji because yikes. Although it'd be interesting to see Im Joo-Hwan in such a role because he has such a gentle image and I can't imagine him going full out villainous.
  7. Dang it, why does Director Seon have to be such a weasel, trying to play both sides? I was enjoying his partnering up with NYJ and their scheming scenes together, they have such good chemistry lol. It will definitely not go down the way he intends because I think he's overestimating his own abilities a little too much. He thinks he can be the one to hold the strings with LJJ and NYJ, but those two aren't that easily manipulated, and Director Seon isn't the type to prepare to throw away everything like NYJ, nor will he go all the way to dirty his hands like LJJ. He's kinda half-baked compared to those two, so it's gonna get ugly. Also, NYJ is gonna have LJH "fake" his illness, I wonder if he's gonna punish LJH like he did the other rich psycho whose health he destroyed. Anyway, I am prepared for the upcoming rollercoaster ride of emotions now that the show has arrived to the climax and grand finale.
  8. Young Jin seems to have an awkward relationship with her adoptive father, their scenes together have this very unsettling, tense feeling.
  9. This show was disappointing because the first few episodes were great, however, the show was incorrectly categorized as a revenge thriller because it focused sooooooo much on the love story between the leads. I have nothing against romance but the writing ruined the lead -- he gives up on revenge and he doesn't even do his job as a prosecutor properly, destroying evidence and such. It was annoying to watch, and I found the chaebol family story wayyyyyy more intriguing, it was what sucked me into the show in the first place. I loved all the tension and underhanded tactics and craziness going on in the Tae family, the actors in that family were all good. It's my first time watching Kim Ji-Hoon, and I think he needs to play another villain asap because he was great as two-faced Min-Ho. Also, I gotta say I was underwhelmed by Jang Hee-Jin's performance, she was outshined by her co-stars when they shared screens with her.
  10. @mrsj3n I don't think Director Seon is gonna be really genuinely working for LJJ anymore since LJJ tried to pin the Assemblyman's murder on him. He said so himself, he knows LJJ was trying to get rid of him, and LJJ's just too dangerous to even try to use the Assemblyman's evidence of LJJ's corruption for leverage. LJJ would just murder him, so he'd rather work with NYJ for the time being to gain what he wants. This is just my take on it though.
  11. I kinda love that Director Seon and NYJ are working together, they all need to band together in order to take down LJJ. Also, the actor playing LJJ was absolutely superb in the entire scene where he was talking with the psychiatrist about his childhood and his mother. Especially the part where he was like having a spasm, it was so realistic and felt so raw that it legit made me uncomfortable. This is a really "fun" revenge drama to watch because everyone keep upping the other side so nobody stays on the losing side for too long. It makes for a very entertaining show, and a huge pet peeve of mine is when the good guys get beat down for forever before they start to fight back. Thank goodness the horribly sad backstory of NYJ only lasted for one episode because those are usually really sad to watch.
  12. I kinda get why people are so supportive of In-Wook, it's the same reason why Twilight's Edward and You's Joe are so popular. Somehow some people believe that being obsessed, possessive, and crazy are ~desirable traits in a lover. It's not though. Also, In-Wook's childhood trauma should not serve as an excuse for his treatment and abuse of Ma-Ri. I've missed two weeks worth of episodes because I am really not impressed with current Ma-Ri's acting. Does she get any better?
  13. Park Han-Byul's husband is getting investigated by the police in connection to Seungri's ongoing case.
  14. Yes, this is a live shoot drama. I remember reading somewhere that she's trying to work as usual so that this doesn't affect her costars and the production.
  15. The first healthy step for In-Wook would be to realize and acknowledge that having Ma-Ri around will not be the end solution to all his problems and issues. She is not the cure-all drug to his unresolved childhood trauma, he needs to know that only he can help himself. I don't think Ma-Ri can reel In-Wook in, if she could, she would be having a much different marriage, career, and life with In-Wook. The only way she can "calm" him down is to live according to how he wants, which is basically becoming completely and solely dependent on In-Wook. Ma-Ri is not In-Wook's stepmother though, she refuses to part with her own identity and self-esteem for the sake of wealth and status.
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