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  1. I have a question about the ost, there is a song sung by a male vocalist that doesn't seem to be listed in the ost, but there are some lyrics that goes by "please don't leave me stay with me my love". It was played at the end of episode 6. It's driving me nuts, does anyone know what song it is? Thank you in advance! Edit: I was looking up info on the ost on weibo and the song is sung by 10cm and was supposedly to be a part of the ost. No idea why it's not released though. Boo, I really liked the song too. Actually, this entire ost and the instrumental are really good. This whole dr
  2. Nah, she won't fall out of love with him. Yes, there will be circumstances beyond their control that hinders them being with each other, but no, their feelings for each other won't change.
  3. Xuan Ji does love Si Feng though, it's just that her six senses are blocked that nobody believes her and she is half-oblivious of the fact. She's a bit cold right now because she doesn't know how to feel, but I read a comment on douban that suits her situation: just because she doesn't feel pain doesn't mean that she doesn't get injured. There's gonna be more sweet moments once they gather more pieces of the mirrors and her senses get recovered, although yes, also plenty of angst.
  4. LOL he totally sees himself as the good guy though, and he justifies all his actions to be for the goal of the greater good.
  5. Nope, there doesn't seem to be any respect. Even some viewers were confused, because Hao Cheng treats him with zero deference and worse. Plus, a lot of people in heaven don't seem to know about him or his identity, so there are guesses that he has a lot of siblings and isn't that special lol. But I do know that his identity in heaven is changed from the novel, so maybe there's some special reason for the change that will be shown later on in the drama.
  6. Hao Cheng is the no. 2 in heaven, and yes, he's obsessed with protecting the heavens. Everything he does, all his motivations come from trying to protect the heavens.
  7. I watched the first ep out of curiosity, there are some seriously polarizing opinions on this show, but I found that I actually quite like it. For one, the special effects are very well done, I can tell that they put a lot of money into the production. Secondly, the leads are quite good. Xuan Ji's character is hard to act out, but the actress done a good job, she's very natural at acting cutesy and innocent without appearing fake. Si Feng is interesting, haha, he's really shy with Xuan Ji but totally trying to mask it by acting cool. I think I will continue to watch this, although I wish kukan
  8. @suzy0604 So far, the only link between the assassins that are after Chu Yue and his brother's death is that the assassins mistake him for his brother. He doesn't know who the assassins are, he only knows that somehow they're after Chu Yue. I read some speculation/spoilers on the identity of the assassins and the leader of the assassins on douban. Edit: More on Xue Yao using the princess as bait and etc. after reading some more comments on weibo.
  9. @angelflower I think the link between the assassins and Chu Yue is that in the beginning, Xue Yao had absolutely no idea nor clue with what happened to his brother, however he knows that his brother went to the Guo Xi Pavilion before his death. The assassins know who his brother is, but he has no way to know who or where to find the assassins, so his best bet is to keep a close eye on Chu Yue, the one the assassins are after and oddly don't want to kill.
  10. Oh man, I read the character descriptions and ended up with some major spoilers. It's about Xue Mu, the general's dead brother and Tao Yao, the princess' maid. Also, Chu Yue is not only good at comedy, she's so effortlessly cute and adorable without appearing cringy, but she also made me feel her pain in the jail scene. From being interrogated by the general, to hearing with everyone a speech that amounted to her dad not caring about her situation, to apologizing to the general in order to save her brother... oof, it really hit me. Thank goodness there are people that see
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