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[OFFICIAL] Shin Hae Sun ❤️ Kim Myung Soo (#SooSunCouple or #DanYeon)

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Shin Hae Sun  Kim Myung Soo     They Met At The Beginning Of This Year (2019)     They made our hearts beat by uploading selfies with each other on their indiv

How beautiful these two look?    Also so they are matching!   

So sorry I'm late to the party, children. Thanks @immorethant for always remembering me, and for making the early version of the video available for the growing number of the addicted.   @jakey09 I ca

Hello guys! 

Please vote on this poll!

I managed to nominate our couple in all certain nominations here, but only one was counted. And it was for Couple of the Year!

Just scroll down and you can see the poll, click their names and click vote. I think it's unli-voting so you can just click "return to the poll" and you can vote again! 

The voting will end on Dec.25, let's create a solid lead! 



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